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When Virginia became seriously ill while writing the Casteel series, she began to work even harder, hoping to finish as many stories as possible so that her fans could one day share them. Since her death many have wondered whether there would continue to be new V. Beginning with the final books in the Cast Novels that were truly written by Ms. Beginning with the final books in the Casteel series they worked closely with a carefully selected writer to organize and complete Virginia's stories and to expand upon them.

The identity of this writer was kept a secret from the general public at the request of the Andrews family for years. The ghostwriter has since been identified as thriller and horror novelist Andrew Niederman. Everything after Dawn was written by Neiderman. Nov 04, Ashleigh rated it it was amazing.

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Even though this wasn't written by the great V C herself, I still loved every bit of this. There was, of course, that little spark missing - that special style that only V. She had a magical way of weaving beauty into every scene, every turn of phrase. Even the most shockingly sentimental lines seemed romantic when she wrote them. I'm afraid nobody can replace that. However, this was a great imitation, and fed my hunger to discover how Heaven's tragic life story continues. I just can't get enough of these southern gothic melodramas.


Dark Angel

The need to devour these books remains as strong as it did when I picked up Flowers in the Attic as a 12 year old girl. I felt the story stayed true to the first two books and was every bit as trashy, dramatic and surprising as any genuine V. Truly, I was pleasantly surprised. Gosh darn it, Hev' Leigh! May 09, Courtney Schafer rated it liked it. Tony Tatterton the master manipulator. Eh to the crap character of Logan and yes to Troy and Heaven!

Jan 26, Amy Mueller rated it really liked it. The installments in this series just keep getting better and better. I can't believe I didn't read this when I was younger! Apr 07, Lori Anderson rated it liked it. May 19, Leigh rated it liked it Shelves: I haven't quite finished reading this book yet, but am beginning to wonder if I ever will. I can't say I hate it or that I love it just have some mixed feelings about it. It has seemingly taken me forever to get through Fallen Hearts. I told myself at first it was because during the course of reading it, my condo flooded and I had to move out for a few days while the place was being dried out.

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But that can't be right. My temporary home had no access to my computer with all it's games, videos and I haven't quite finished reading this book yet, but am beginning to wonder if I ever will. My temporary home had no access to my computer with all it's games, videos and other distractions, and I also had no access to some of my favourite TV channels and shows, so what better time than to sit back and forget about the stress of being without a home than with a good book.

That's when it began to dawn on me that this isn't my idea of a good book. As I said it wasn't all bad. While the premise was there, the continuation of Heaven's story, her marriage, moving back to Farthy, there was plenty of drama going on, especially with Fanny in the story, but it just didn't seem to be well put together. I know this was the ghostwriter's first crack at VC Andrews style and tried to give him leeway on some things, but as when I first read this when I was a teen oh so long ago I didn't enjoy this book and couldn't get into it.

Here's some of what made it tough to read on. Heaven was not the same person I remembered her to be and said and did things totally not within her character from the first two books. Logan, I hated Logan since the end of Heaven when he ran away from Heaven. How stupid are you that you think your girlfriend being taken advantage of, basically raped, by her foster father is her betraying you with another man?

Casteel - Book Series In Order

I'm still not totally sure why she not only took him back but also married him and as the book goes on I question that decision more and more and look forward to what I know will happen to Logan in the next book. I really wish Fanny would've either grown or matured a bit, or at least that Heaven would finally give up on her. She has broken her trust and broken her heart so many times but yet she won't give up on Fanny.

There were inconsistencies in the book as well, like Troy and what exactly happened to him in Dark Angel, and Jillian and her fate which I don't think fit with her character from Dark Angel. Tony remains the same and unfortunately I think he stays that way for the rest of the series. I'll continue to try to get through this just a short bit to go. I seem to remember I liked Gates of Paradise a little better so hopefully I'll soon be able to put Fallen Hearts away and let it collect dust, should I ever get an urge to read this book again I'll remember to read this review first and stop myself.

Wow, these books are legit a soap opera in written form. I also found Heaven less likeable in this story. Dec 16, Alena rated it did not like it Shelves: It's not like the first two books in this series were fine literature, but when the ghostwriter took over, the quality really went downhill.

The same phrases and themes cropped up over and over, and got really repetitive. Plus, I thought the characters were out-of-character. At least this one had less incest. Aug 14, Amy rated it liked it. I read the earlier V. Andrews books when I was growing up. I think they helped to prepare me for what I could find behind closed doors while completing assessments as a social worker Dec 05, Nora KnyguDama added it. Netikras senelis Tonis taip pat atrodo paslaptingas. Feb 04, Larissa Katarina rated it really liked it. Fanny makes me so freaking angry. Can she just disappear? Logan also made me angry as well like come on man!

The only character that I can sometimes stand is heaven. She makes a lot of stupid mistakes but she's not that annoying.

Fallen Hearts : The Casteel Series : Book 3

Oct 27, M. Strawberry Reviews rated it really liked it Shelves: Doubtless Fallen Hearts might have been a bit different if VCA had been able to finish this story before her untimely death. However, this is still a decent continuation of the Casteel saga. Having the truth revealed that Leigh wasn't the little tramp that Troy made her out to be felt good.

I know some Doubtless Fallen Hearts might have been a bit different if VCA had been able to finish this story before her untimely death. I know some VCA fans might disagree, but it felt somehow appropriate to me that Heaven would be with Troy one last time.

I was disappointed that Luke suddenly died, though. It seemed like such an 'convenient' death so Neiderman wouldn't have to work with him anymore. Dec 29, Sandra Durand rated it really liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Ok, the plot was good for this third installment of the Casteel series. It started out just a bit slow, but then things started to get pretty interesting in the middle of the book.

I have to say that most of the storyline was unpredictable. I like Heaven's character. I think she's not afraid to speak her mind, but sometimes she shows a softer side. For instance, she was too soft when it came to Luke's character. The man whom she thought was her father never loved her, yet she put t Ok, the plot was good for this third installment of the Casteel series. The man whom she thought was her father never loved her, yet she put that man in som kind of pedestal.

Then her husband Logan cheats on her by sleeping with her sister Fanny. Had that been me, I would've said bye-bye to this Logan. So, in my opinion, Heaven is a good person, but sometimes i thought she was stupid on some aspects. Can't wait to read the next installment. Mar 20, Rossy rated it really liked it. The plot thickens in this third book of the Casteel saga. So many twists, surprises, drama, mystery, you name it! There were times when I wanted to cry, others when I wanted to throw something to the wall, and of course others when I wanted to close the book so the drama would stop.

Heaven goes through SO much in this book yes, so-much! I hated Fanny more than ever, that obnoxious, selfis The plot thickens in this third book of the Casteel saga. I hated Fanny more than ever, that obnoxious, selfish and I-won't-use-other-words girl. I just want to Feb 07, Michelle rated it liked it. I can't really put my finger on Logan's character--first book he's sweet, second book he acts like a jerk, and then this third one I do love that Troy is still alive and he magically knows that Annie is his daughter. Oct 05, Pati rated it it was amazing. Andrews personally oversaw the creation of the first two books in the Casteel series, her passing impelled Andrew Neiderman to continue her work, picking up the story from the third novel, Fallen Hearts, all the way to the end.

While Andrew Neiderman contributed to the latter half of the Casteel series, the novels are credited to V.

Andrews, with the ideas Andrew utilized in completing the series inspired by the dead author. He has also contributed immensely to many short stories inspired by V. The Casteel series is told very much within the vein of V. Andrews has always grouped her works into five novels per series. Andrews also tends to place special emphasis upon the incestuous elements of her stories, consensual or otherwise, another plot that is also visible within The Casteel series, in this case referring to an occurrence of rape between a father and her step daughter.

The first book in the Casteel series, Heaven was published in Within its pages we learn of the Casteels, the scum of the hills, the lowest folk of the mountain shacks.

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We are quickly introduced to the hero of the series, Heaven Leigh Casteel, a girl far smarter, prettier and more determined than her ragged clothes seemed to suggest. We also come to learn of her mean father, weary stepmother, Brother Tom and the little ones. Throughout the hardships, Heaven clings to her pride and the hope of escape, the day they can finally get away and prove to the world their true worth. That is until her step mother runs off, leaving the children behind with a father suddenly scheming something vicious, a plan that will shatter any dreams Heaven and her siblings have forever.

Heaven makes for quite a grand entrance into the Casteel series. It is a twisted story of hardship, heartache and survival. Dark angel is the second book in the Casteel series, published in It is the last book to directly chronicle the story of the primary protagonist. New friends, the best schools, great clothes, Heaven entered the world of the rich and wealthy with the express aim of assimilating with culture and making something of the Casteel name, possibly even find her siblings in the process.

However the world of the rich proves to be anything but peaceful as strange forebodings and forgotten secrets give way to cruelty and dark passions. Many fans of V. Andrews commend Dark Angel as one of her best works ever, oozing intrigue, drama and romance, making it worthy of the title of V.

If you see one missing just send me an e-mail below. Scott Bolton is an indie author who after 14 years away, returned to his H. Scott Bolton has a lot of plans for new books this year and the first book in the H. Fist series is free on the Kindle.