Haarp: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy (Mind-Control Conspiracy)

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Not so with this book.

HAARP - The Ultimate Weapon Of The Conspiracy (03 of 07)

Smith's style is often conversational, and yet always authoritative. He keeps the reader interested throughout the book, and gives hooks at each chapter's end telling us what's coming up ahead. He's easy with the science, thank goodness, since I was no star in high school or college science.

He does refresh our memories of what scientific knowledge is necessary for understanding HAARP and it's potential uses and effects. Even if HAARP is an innocent little scientific research toy that our tax dollars are making possible, it can inadvertently do our environment irreparable harm. And if anybody decides to take advantage of the capabilities that Mr.

Smith proves it has, it can affect our weather, wipe out the user's enemies real or fancied , and--according to the technological evidence presented, affect our thinking, our perceptions, our minds. Smith examines possible conspiracies. We're quite aware of the New World Order. Some feel this projected world government would better the world, end war, enable us to solve Earth's problems.

Others fear the emergence of leaders and controllers who are more concerned with wielding power than with the public good. HAARP has the potential of giving such a leader these powers. Many of us feel such a leader or group of leaders would be inevitable in any New World Order whether or not one gives any credit to Biblical prophecy.

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There are many other conspiracy theories detailed here, some being wildly speculative. Smith explains that in this section of the book, he is merely pointing out possibilities that many see as threats regardless of his personal opinion. Finally, we're inspired to action. Smith tells us just what each of us can do as individuals.


HAARP : The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy by Jerry E. Smith (, Paperback) | eBay

Each of us has a sphere of influence in which we can influence others, and each person one of us influences will in turn influence others, so each individual can make a difference. The writer shows ways to do this. Smith urges that we need to encourage debate and lobby governments and agencies -- whether we want to stop the project or at least insist that appropriate safety controls are put in place.

The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy to be informative The chapter on inventor Nikola Tesla is well constructed, as is the description of what HAARP may be capable of -- everything from weather modification to mind contol. The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy , is based on researches which follow on from where his friend and colleague Jim Keith left off, after his untimely and suspicious death. This comprehensive and erudite book avoids lengthy technical digressions, but presents all the pertinent facts clearly and bluntly before us.

Clearly, the world's techno-elites have been creating a formidable arsenal of super-weapons that will forever change the world and the fate of humankind. An indispensable work for seasoned researchers or for those who come to these subjects for the first time. Arm yourself with knowledge, and find out what Big Brother has been up to at your expense. Find out who is doing what to whom, and what you can do about it.

The book provides a wealth of hard data, with graphics and photos, to help readers understand the reality of the facility but complements that with well-documented speculation about even the strangest possibilities. The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspirac y offers quite a tour de force, but readers need not follow the conspiratorializing to appreciate the science presented as well as the basic facts about HAARP.

T his heavily-researched book reveals a Pandora's Box of technological horrors: This radical science might actually be happening now--with HAARP's stupendously powerful radio-wave beaming system.

Extremely low frequency

Tesla's ideas turned out to be impractical, but his status as a crank martyr has led the conspiracy-minded to postulate that one of his fabled breakthrough devices was a way to blanket the world with ELF, which has been secretly employed by evil governments to control the minds of citizens. Cranks proclaim rather loudly that ELF can control minds because the " alpha waves " of the brain cycle are within the ELF range. But if you seek a reality-based explanation for exactly how ELF generators could use this fact to control thoughts, they have no answer, just lots of technobabble that any first year physics student would find loaded with fundamental errors and misrepresentations.

Replication attempts published in a pseudojournal claim success, while those published in scientific literature report failure. ELF conspiracy proponents often cite U. So-called targeted Individuals also blame ELF for a host of imagined problems including violent behavior, cramps, seizures, voices, and induced dreams, which they claim are somehow simultaneously caused by microwaves. ELF is all the way at the bottom of the radio spectrum. You can see it in the chart below, highlighted in bright red. By comparison, microwaves are located way up in the UHF portion of the spectrum, highlighted in a kind of dull salmon color.

Mind control conspiracy theorists have very dumb ideas about the electromagnetic spectrum, most all of them wrong. Antennas that will transmit ELF are so huge as to be impractical. The size of a radio antenna must be some physical fraction of the radio frequency's "wave length".

For example, let's say the wavelength of a two-way radio used in a modern day police car operates on MHz. The size of a wavelength at MHz is 0. So a half-size 9 or so inches antenna [note 2] will work quite well. To generate ELF waves would require an antenna many hundreds of miles in length. Cranks even ones visiting our Talk pages will often argue that super secret, black budget military research programs have undoubtedly overcome any practical limitations and "it is not known what present day technology allows for".

From to , the US Navy used two 14 mile long antennas connected by miles of cable, to communicate with submarines using ELF. The Soviet Navy developed a similar system. It took very sensitive gear and sophisticated antennas for submarines to receive these radio signals.

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Hence, no human was in danger of harmful radiation unless they were literally humping the transmitting antenna wire. The Navy needed to communicate with their subs using ELF, but the huge antennas required were costly and impractical. The signals were cleverly modulated at an ELF frequency, resulting in modulation of the natural auroral electrojet current, which in turn radiated at an ELF frequency. So unless a person was actually floating around in the ionosphere — at km more than 62 miles high — at the specific spot HAARP was heating, they were in no danger. Because the AC current carried by electric power lines aka "mains" alternates at 60 Hz and the lines themselves can be hundreds of miles long, they can function as efficient radiators of ELF.

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In , the World Health Organization WHO conducted a study that concluded there are no substantive health issues related to ELF electric fields at levels generally encountered by members of the public. Lightning strikes generate substantial ELF waves that can be measured all the way around the world. Needless to say, this has been going on since the dawn of time, and nobody seems too worried about it. It covers 3 kHz three thousand hertz to 30 kHz thirty thousand hertz.