Harvesting of Souls (CLP Book 1)

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Fresh new supplies of DNA, or any such equivalent mechanism that stands at the existential base of all life-forms, was vitally necessary. They then did the same thing the first Primes had done in creating the first-generation clones. They made a mechanism of their own that would minimize their exposure to the universe. They made their own form of clone--a roboid to do this. The vulnerability that defined the difference between the timeless, forceless, all-knowing Primes and the vulnerable artifact clones was in fact the premise that fostered the creation of the next step.

The creation of a nonliving, purely synthetic mechanism, a bio-organic machine, a roboid, a halfway house between themselves and a pure machine replicate.

--Glenda W. Newton and Dalia S. Coubert

These nonliving, pseudo-artificial entities could look after the fragile pseudo-living clones whose very animate state was the reason for their fragility. As I have said, roboids were actually created as electro-biologically animate artificial entities.

A means to venture forth where no naturally devolved living being would be foolish enough to go. A utilitarian means to an expedient end. It all worked for a while.

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These bio-machines could venture into areas of our universe that they themselves the clones had previously paid too heavy a price to go. They were sent out to look for sources of natural DNA from surviving second generation Primes still surviving in the boardwalk of the whole universe--DNA that the clones needed for replenishing themselves so that they could preserve their existential formats. And so as the forces of entropy took their toll on them to the present day, the clones could replace themselves by recloning themselves and they could in turn remanufacture roboids endlessly.

A Harvest of Souls: Book One of The Grim Lore

In this way both entities could continue on in time. The roboids were built exclusively for deep space travel well past the speed of light.

Harvest of SOULS Human Farming

Their bodies were specifically built to withstand the huge inertial forces that would affect them when they slowed from these speeds to land on the planets they identified as having living beings. Biological bodies would be torn to pieces under the force of gravity that would come to bear on them when they slowed down. The G forces they would have to withstand would be huge.

Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls

This chemistry could withstand utterly massive G forces in deceleration. They eventually came to our neck of the woods. They came looking for our DNA but also found something we had that was to be more precious to them. They found we were built on a paradigm called soul--a mechanism for endowing a potential eternity through itself, of itself, and by itself.

They are here now. Here looking for a way to beg, borrow, or steal an eternity.

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They had become, and are now, the curse of all soul-bearing life-forms in the universe. They are the Greys seen all too often by abductees. I have said before that the creators of the first clones the Prime beings were of the highest moral and spiritual rectitude. They could never know how to divide or separate anything from its whole state.

They were ultimate reason itself. They could never resort to violence because they had no concept of separation or division to know what a violent act might be and thus how to defend themselves. They were not capable of negative, subtractive, point-separating modalities and momentums of thought. Not so the clones and their creation the roboids.

See a Problem?

Their corruption was more pervasive as in their makeup was included the separation paradigm of the physical nonliving universe as they had been exposed to it at its worst levels. If there was a way that surviving Primes could be infected with this paradigm through their aegis or the machinations of their roboid creations, then I think this is where evil entered us.

I believe that evil comes from their behests and their behests alone. If this is true then how did it all come to be? The human skeleton is an ideal aerial for transmitting and receiving the radio wavelength equivalent of the pre-electromagnetic spectrum, i. The aerial is flexible and movement at the joints provides various alignments that channel the signals and thereby alter the efficiency of transmission and reception.

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Amen Amein, May it be so! Newton and Dalia S.