Sherlock Holmes: The Creeping Man

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Bennett had enjoyed the professor's implicit trust and had opened all his letters as part of his job. As the professor said, such letters did arrive, and he gave them straight to the professor. Whether any replies were sent Mr. Bennett does not know, as they never passed through his hands.

The whole household feels that they are living with another man, not the Professor Presbury that they once knew.

He has become furtive and sly. There are definite changes in his moods and habits, some quite bizarre; however, his mind does not seem to be adversely affected. His lectures are still brilliant, and he can still function as a professor. Bennett observed a curious behaviour in his employer. He opened his bedroom door one night, as he tells Holmes and Watson, and saw the professor crawling along the hall on his hands and feet.

When he spoke to Professor Presbury, his master swore at him and scuttled off to the stairway. Her bedroom is on the second floor, and there is no long ladder in the garden. She is sure that she did not imagine this. The professor brought a small carved wooden box back with him from Prague. One day, as Mr. Bennett was looking for a cannula, he picked the box up, and the professor became very angry with him. Bennett was quite shaken by the incident.

Bennett mentions that the dog attacks came on July 2, 11, and Holmes does not mention it aloud at the time, but these are intervals of nine days each time. Holmes and Watson go to Camford to see the professor the next day. They decide to pretend that they have an appointment, and that if Professor Presbury does not remember making one, he will likely put it down to the dreamworld that he has been living in lately. Things do not go quite this way. The professor is quite sure that he has made no appointment, and confirms this with his embarrassed secretary, Mr.

Professor Presbury becomes furiously angry at the intrusion, and Watson believes that they might actually have to fight their way out of the house. Bennett, though, convinces the professor that violence against a man as well known as Sherlock Holmes would surely bring about a scandal. Holmes and Watson leave, and then Holmes confides to Watson that the visit has been worthwhile, as he has learnt much about the professor's mind, namely that it is clear and functional, despite the recent peculiar behaviour. Bennett comes out of the house after Holmes and tells him that he has found the address that Professor Presbury has been writing to and receiving the mysterious letters from.

The addressee is a man named Dorak, a Central European name. This fits in with the professor's secret journey to Prague. Holmes later finds out from his "general utility man" Mercer that Dorak is indeed a Bohemian, elderly, suave man who keeps a large general store. Before leaving the professor's house, Holmes has a look at Edith's bedroom window, and sees that the only possible way for someone to climb up there is by using the creeper, rather unlikely for a year-old man.

Holmes has formed a theory that every nine days, Professor Presbury takes some kind of drug which causes the odd behaviour.

A Dog's Life

Holmes believed that he became addicted in Prague, and is now supplied by this Dorak in London. Holmes has told Mr. Bennett that he and Watson will be in Camford once again on the next Tuesday. As is usual with Holmes, he does not explain why. He and Watson show up on the appointed evening, and Holmes suddenly realizes something. He has observed the professor's thick and horny knuckles, and until now, has not made the connection between these, the odd behaviour, the dog's change in attitude towards his master, and the creeper. The professor is behaving like a monkey!

Shortly after the realization, Holmes and Watson are treated to a firsthand display of Professor Presbury's odd behaviour. He comes out of the house, scampers about on all fours, climbs on the creeper, and torments the tied-up dog. Unfortunately, the wolfhound gets loose and attacks the professor.

The two of them, with Mr. Bennett's help, manage to get the dog off the professor, but he is wounded badly. Watson and Bennett, who is also a medical man, tend to the professor's injuries. Holmes then examines the professor's little wooden box after having obtained the key from the now unconscious owner. It contained a drug, as Holmes expected, but there was also a letter there from a man named Lowenstein who, it turns out, is a quack whose help the professor sought out as a way of achieving rejuvenation, which he thought would be advisable if he were going to marry a young woman.

The drug is an extract obtained from langurs, and although it has apparently given the professor renewed energy, it has also given him some of the langur's traits, and that is why the dog was attacking its owner. Good plot, I recommend this book to all readers that appreciate a well written mystery book, mainly featuring Sherlock Holmes. I'm loving these stories so far.

This is actually new. Usually the cases are related to murder and such but this is the first time Doyle displayed a fantasy topic. A professor is acting strangely before his upcoming wedding to a much younger woman. Aug 03, Helen Hnin Oo Lwin rated it liked it. It was interesting at first. Then the revelation let me down.

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A fun read but better not think about it too much because it's rubbish the more you think about it. Feb 15, Kaiser rated it liked it. It is an interesting book but along the way it becomes boring.

The Creeping Man

Apr 26, Collin A. The eccentric scholar Professor Presbury is acting a wee bit more eccentric than usual. His moonlight stalks throughout his estate are all but terrifying his household. Is he made with lunacy? Holmes and Watson are the solution to this conundrum. The Adventure of the Creeping man is definitely one of the more offbeat and "fantastical" stories of the Holmes canon.

With a very strange climax and more questions than you can shake a stick at, this story is something a bit different than the other c The eccentric scholar Professor Presbury is acting a wee bit more eccentric than usual.

  • Sherlock Holmes: Adventure of the Creeping Man.
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With a very strange climax and more questions than you can shake a stick at, this story is something a bit different than the other cases in Watson's lockbox. This story verges on science fiction. It was a little creepy but a fairly average Holmes story. Nov 02, Pat rated it liked it.

Our last read for my Sherlock Holmes class for this term - good, but it is time to move on. I have a whole disc of 60 or so of his stories given to us by the professor of the class. So, I will probably be revisiting Sherlock from time to time - definitely good reads for a couple of free hours! Feb 19, Edelhart Kempeneers rated it it was ok. Jul 03, ManicMyna rated it did not like it. Jul 07, Mira Tabsh rated it did not like it. Not convincing at all. Nov 09, Angela added it. One of many interesting treatments of rejuvenation Feb 26, Fernando added it. Nov 19, Kimberly rated it it was ok.

Probably the only Holmes story I didn't enjoy. Aug 11, Mary Perkins rated it really liked it Shelves: Excellent, thought-provoking ideas at the end of this story about a world where the "least fit" survive. Raye rated it really liked it Aug 08, Tjo rated it liked it Feb 23, Katerina Sebkova rated it liked it May 31, By creating an account, you agree to Study. Explore over 4, video courses. Find a degree that fits your goals. Joseph Altnether Joe has taught college English courses for several years, has a Bachelor's degree in Russian Studies and a Master's degree in English literature.

Add to Add to Add to. Want to watch this again later? He shifts the focus away from the analytical toward scientific discovery. The end result reads more like fantasy than the usual crime drama one associates with Sherlock Holmes. A Dog's Life The Fountain of Youth is one of those mythical artifacts that has long captured the imagination of man.

Strange Behavior One night, Trevor awoke to see the professor crawling about on the floor. Mad Science With the professor incapacitated, Sherlock examines the box the professor keeps locked away. Try it risk-free No obligation, cancel anytime. Want to learn more?

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    Sherlock Holmes: Adventure of the Creeping Man by Arthur Conan Doyle

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