Sissy Flower Girl

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Sissy Flower Girl by Wendy

White Type of dress: Dress On the application of gender: This book is only for those who enjoy humiliation and diapered sissy themes. Sep 26, Joanne rated it really liked it Shelves: This was the first story I've ever read about sissies.

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This is your punishment for that. Now take it like the little sissy girl you are! And so, with that being said, I followed the beauty operator off to my date with destiny. The beauty operator, whose name I learned was Allison, escorted me to the back of the shop and had me take a seat by the shampoo bowl. But I'm going to make you prettier still! Now let's get your hair washed and see what we have to work with? Mommie finally caught me in her clothes, and now was time to suffer Well, I had always wanted to be a girl, or so I told myself, but who was I kidding?

This was not the way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Why I wasn't even in the park! It's time for our little girl to get curly. Allison neutralized me then set my hair in rollers and put me under the dryer for my hair to curl. Won't we be having sweet dreams! Sweet Heather's Mommie wants you to do her nails in a sweet shade of pink. And be sure that she gets both a manicure AND a pedicure. Your Mommie has given me permission to spank you if you misbehave!

I'll be right here when you get back. One thing one learns in a beauty shop is that time passes slowly, but soon Miss Allison was back at my side again. What pretty nails my little darling has! Such a pretty pink!

See a Problem?

And if she's been a good little girl I might just have a surprise for her. She's been just a little angel, Allison. Your hair doesn't get bleached today. I told her that would be too much for one day.

Sissy Flower Girl

But don't worry darling, she promised to bring you back next Saturday for your bleach, and a facial after. You'll need it after wearing make-up all week long. And don't think that once you have a perm that doesn't let you stop taking care of your hair. Besides I want you to be able to tell me what going to bed in rollers for a full week is like, and I won't be here tomorrow when you come in for your combout and makeup, so have fun!

Soon Miss Allison was back at my side again.

You look pretty with your pink finger and toenails! It was the next morning when Mommie called me to get out of bed. It's time for your bath!

Time's awasting, and your going to have a very big day. We have to get you a bath, dressed up, and down to the beauty shop before we go to the wedding. For now, you're going to wear the same outfit you wore to the shop yesterday. Now, get your sissy butt in here. I entered the bathroom to find Mommie standing there with a bottle of some kind of creamy stuff in her hand. You're being expected to be treated like a young lady and your acting just like a little baby.

In fact, you're looking a bit like one! So I held up my hands and Mommie got rid of my babydolls. She started spreading the lotion all over my body as I asked, "What's this stuff for Mommie? It's burning me all over?

It's what keeps us girls nice and smooth all over, and, when it gets done working on you your going to be smooth as a baby's butt! In fact, because your hair didn't get bleached yesterday, remember, you still have an appointment with Anne Saturday after, and she's going to be just dying to hear how the wedding came out! I got out of the tub and Mommie dried me off with a towel, then powdered my body with a scented dusting powder that tickled as she applied it to my skin. We should have been at the beauty shop five minutes ago!

I hurried as fast as I could, but it wasn't fast enough for Mommie. I think it was all the big rollers in my hair. It was hard getting them over the dress.

Five minutes later, we were at the beauty shop and, as we pulled up, all the girls came out to greet us. We went in and I followed Mommie back to the dressing room, where Cathy was waiting for us. Get undressed, little girl. We have all kinds of new clothes for you to wear! I got undressed and hopped up on the table, lying on my back. Mommie was across the room from me with her back turned. When she turned around, my jaw dropped. For, in her hands were a bottle of baby oil, and a can of baby powder.

When they put them on me, I could hardly close my legs. Then Mommie was there with a pair of pink and white ruffled rumba panties which, she drew up my legs. After that, Cathy was there carrying three petticoats; two were white and very full and fluffy. The other was of pink net and also very full. She put them on me and, when I turned around, I looked like a powder puff on legs. But Mommie wasn't done with me yet for now. She was back with a cotton candy pink satin party dress that, when she had put it on me, the result was simply too pretty for words.

It was pink satin with white ruffles round the collar and round the puff sleeves.