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Then, one afternoon when Peter was in the fields with the sheep, he noticed some of them were getting nervous, they started bleating and running hither and thither. He got worried and decided to climb a tree so he could see what was going on. He balanced on a sturdy branch and looked around, what he saw almost made him fall out of the tree.

There was a great big hairy wolf, chasing the sheep, biting at their legs, snapping at their tails. For a few seconds Peter was speechless. Then he started shouting: In the village an old man heard the shouting.

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Nobody believed that this time there really was a wolf, and nobody got their hoe out, or their axe, or their shovel. All the sticks were left in the sheds and nobody rushed up the hillside. After some incidents on April Fool's Day, Itoshiki concludes that if a person is always honest everyone will believe them even when they're lying. Then a fairy tale book is shown with the opposite of the "Boy Who Cried Wolf" story, where an entire village is destroyed after a perfectly honest boy cries wolf as a joke.

Code Geass uses a variant of this in R2. Lelouch doesn't believe him because a couple of episodes earlier, Suzaku lied about a private meeting and brought along soldiers who nearly captured Lelouch. This results in Tokyo getting destroyed. The gags used are: Hinata - bamboo shoots shooting out the ground Hinata's chair launches , Takamatsu - look thinner on the clothes Takamatsu's chair launches with style , Ooyama - confess to Tenshi Hinata 's chair launches.

All for the sake of making Kanade Tachibana aka Tenshi fail. This also shows up in an episode of the Little Lulu anime. After three false alarms involving falling out of a tree, freaking out over a caterpillar, and thinking that Alvin was going to fall into the lake while rolling in a barrel, Lulu is no longer believed by Tubby and the other boys when she tries telling them that the Westside Gang really did show up. Up until the end of the episode, that is.

While he's in prison, he keeps claiming that he isn't really Lupin, until everyone gets sick of it and stops listening. In the second Tenchi Muyo! When Ryoko finds out that Mayuka might really be a threat to Tenchi, Ryoko tries to warn the others, only for Tenchi to brush her off, thinking Ryoko is overreacting again. In a filler episode of Dragon Ball Z , a little girl named Lime would constantly scare her small town by screaming that Cell was coming.

Ironically, the real Cell never shows up, but Gohan and her grandfather scold her for it. One of her warnings exposes a man as a Dirty Coward when he runs into his bomb shelter and locks everybody out Gohan then casually destroyed it and pointed out it would never have stopped Cell. Episode 12 of the anime, "Big-Time Thief", involves Cinnamon and Twirl telling Clover and friends that they spotted a wolf stealing berries. However, after Clover notices a leaf that appears to be a trap, they go for plan B by using a stone that turns the duo into wolves.

Clover and Kale listen to their plans until they see a cave that contained missing berries. As the episode goes on, more stuff from the citizens of Crescent Forest starts disappearing. Cinnamon and Twirl once again run back to Clover and the rest of the citizens, only for Clover and Professor Hoot to say that they are both lying. Near the end of the episode Kale notices a moving box covered in sheets that is later revealed to be his baby brothers.

His brothers then reveal that there actually is a wolf inside the box. The wolf explains to the citizens that he got injured by a falling tree and Kale's brothers decided to help him recover by taking various things to help him heal including food and a temporary shelter. Hilarity Ensued when a real thug attacked Scrooge, but he failed to learn anything , refused to admit he was ever at fault , and ends up chasing Donald out of town trying to clobber him.

A TaleSpin comic had Baloo be late for work due to running into a ghost plane flown by skeletons. Rebecca naturally thinks he's lying until he flies her up there to see it for herself. Rebecca vows to never doubt Baloo again. The comic ends with Baloo loafing around Louie's while calling Rebecca to tell her he was caught in a hurricane and may be stuck the whole night. Takes on a more literal meaning in Fables. Jack Horn is brutally attacked by a group of living wooden soldiers and escapes to tell Bigby and Snow about it.

They don't believe him, despite the fact that he is bloody and carrying a wooden leg, because Jack has basically made a career of scams and get-rich-quick strategies and they think this is just one more, and the very first arc of the series actually involved him and Snow's sister Rose faking her death and using her actual blood taken over a period of time to give the appearance she'd bled out at the scene to get out of paying Bluebeard.

When he protests, Snow White asks him "Jack, have you ever heard of the boy who cried wolf? What's that got to do with anything? The Jack of Fables series has more flashbacks with Jack pulling off even more outrageous schemes for cash. In the plot of the story, a group of Martians who admired and mimicked the Nazis were planning to invade Earth, and Welles, who had been abducted by them, tried to send a warning to Earth, only for it to fall mostly on deaf ears— too many people remembered his famous hoax adaptation of The War of the Worlds.

Fortunately for everyone involved, he was able to convince Superman, who was enough to stop the invasion before it started. Welles himself is no slouch fighting them either. On the last page of the comic, a debutante asks Welles at a party if it was another hoax; he chuckles a little, and tells her, "Just ask Superman!

The principal who earlier had complained how no one takes the fire drills seriously is amazed how serious everyone is about the drill The whole event culminates with him going out on an upper-floor balcony while everyone waves and shouts at him, and prepares to make a speech The fireman who rescues him even asks him why he didn't evacuate like a smart person should.

Reggie plays a recorded ice cream truck jingle to fool Jughead. He does it again, saying it really is the ice cream truck. When Jughead decides not to be fooled, the real ice cream truck drives by. When Cheryl Blossom becomes a lifeguard, almost every teenaged boy on the beach needs to be saved.

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Even Cheryl knows that they're faking it, but has to check each one in case one of them actually needs help. Eventually, the head lifeguard calls the boys out on this , stating that their antics might keep the lifeguards from saving someone in actual trouble. At that point Archie The one boy who ''didn't'' fake it suddenly gets attacked by little octopi. However, Cheryl thinks it's just a ploy and doesn't go in.

In Wild's End when Mr. Fawkes, a notorious drunk, wanders into a bar ranting of aliens and lights in the sky his warnings go unheeded. Unfortunately he isn't lying or exaggerating this time. Case Zulu was a code phrase that had not been heard in Sol since the Breen attack thirty-four years ago. It was never, ever given during exercises to avoid crying wolf, and had only one definition: Too bad she was telling the truth. I really did kill a Night Fury! The characters' surnames are even Shepherd and Wolf.

Chunk has this problem in The Goonies. None of his friends believe him when he starts a story with "I just saw the most amazing thing in my entire life. The boy Melvin Plug repeatedly plays pranks on Earl and Valentine, including wrapping a Graboid tentacle around his head and pretending it's attacking him. Finally he starts yelling and Earl, thinking he's still joking, says he's going to kick Melvin's ass.

When they go outside, they see Melvin cowering on top of a metal pole — making them realize that this time he isn't kidding — the Graboids are here. You'd likely expect a jerk like Melvin to be counted among the victims in a film like this, but ironically, he survives. Captain Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean is an interesting case. It's not that he tells outright lies, but usually half-truths, and it's always for the purpose of manipulating people for his own ends.

As a result, nobody actually trusts Jack fully and when it turns out he's been honest about something, it's pretty shocking. You really were telling the truth. I do that quite a lot. You people are always surprised. Carry On Matron had an expecting mother that had a baby three-weeks overdue waiting inside her. She binge-ate while she waited, leading to her calling out that her waters have broke, when it turns out to be wind or indigestion.

In Bedazzled , George the Devil gives poor shlub Stanley seven wishes for his soul, but grants them all in the worst-case ways possible. Having claimed more than enough souls to get back into Heaven as an angel as per a bet with God , he gives Stanley the deed to his soul back, maybe out of pity, but more to make himself look good. At Heaven's gate he's turned away for this selfish gesture - he rushes back to Stanley, desperate to give him back his soul in an altruistic way, but Stanley has been tricked too often, burns the deed, and slips away. Deeds , tabloid reporter Babe Bennet pretends to be mugged in order to get the titular character to trust her and get dirt on him.

He eventually found out her deceit and when later she was in danger of drowning, he has a hard time believing her. Friday the 13th Part III has Shelly, who's known for playing pranks on the rest of his friends, including one where it looks like he's taken an axe to the head. When Jason proceeds to slit his throat later on, he manages to last long enough to make it back to one of the others, but at this point he's pranked everyone so many times she merely assumes he's playing another joke and ignores him, only realizing that this time he's not joking long after he's bled to death.

In The Lost Boys , a new recruit starts the process of becoming a vampire by drinking the blood of the group's leader. David uses this trope to make sure Michael will drink it. The gang have Chinese food, and David gets Michael to eat some white rice, then asks him how he's enjoying his maggots. Looking down, Michael sees wriggling maggots, but when he drops the box, only plain white rice spills out. David apologizes and offers a box of noodles, but Michael sees writhing worms inside — yet when David takes a big bite, they are clearly only noodles.

Needless to say, when reluctant half-vampire Star tries to warn Michael that the wine bottle he is offered contains not wine, but blood, Michael scoffs and takes a good long drink. Interestingly, the viewer has no way of knowing what is real and what is illusion in this scene. Was mortal Michael eating maggots, or rice? Was vampire David eating real worms? It's impossible to know whether this is a case of crying wolf falsely, or warning of real wolves who are then hidden. In Outbreak , Colonel Daniels had previously predicted serious outbreaks of deadly diseases, which failed to happen.

This is why General Ford tells him not to worry, since the recently discovered actually reemerged Motaba virus kills so quickly, it's unlikely to get very far. Cue one Motaba-infected monkey arriving in America Exploited in How to Steal a Million. Simon Dermott, as a ploy to snatch a counterfeit statue from a museum, uses a boomerang twice to activate the statue's motion-sensing alarm before quickly sneaking back into his janitor's closet hiding place.

After the museum security fails to find anything stolen or moved, and after getting an angry call from the French President concerning the loud siren so late at night, the Head of Security decides to just turn off what he believes to be a faulty security system, allowing Simon and Nicole to grab the statue without problem.

Because of his history of being a notorious Mr. Imagination , Tommy's parents and the police don't believe him when he becomes a witness to a murder.

The boy who cried wolf, ADHD-style

It almost gets him killed afterwards but by the end the villains get caught and Tommy's reputation is restored. In Six Degrees of Celebration 2 , an elderly man who watches over a closed airbase is sure that someday it will be needed again, and his grandson keeps telling him that a plane is coming to distract him from the staff phone and call his girlfriend. Naturally, when the boy notices an actual plane making an emergency landing and raises the alarm, the grandpa calmly sits at his supper.

Fortunately, when he sees the boy really running to turn on the runway lights, he believes him, and they ensure the plane lands safely. Interestingly, the boy in the original fable only loses his sheep; the detail of being killed by the wolf himself only being added much later. A variant in some versions of the story has the boy overreacting to a single sheep going missing usually, the missing sheep is found again later.

Different motivation, same result; the villagers stop believing the boy, and then an actual wolf comes. Hilaire Belloc 's poem Matilda, who told lies and was burned to death , features Matilda, who This proves to be a really, really BAD thing. In Jennifer the Jerk Is Missing , Malcolm's past history of reporting nonexistent crimes to the police that he genuinely thought were occurring has destroyed his reputation with them.

So when he does see the kidnapping of a bratty classmate, no-one believes him. In one of Nyx Smith's Shadowrun novels, an assassin returns to a location several nights in a row to shoot a security camera. While the security guards do keep checking each time it goes on the blink, their response-time becomes slower and slower, until it's long enough for her to sneak inside and swiftly eliminate her target.

Then another friend gets kidnapped by sinister hooded figures, and they go to report this to the staff: In Gordon Korman 's The D- Poems of Jeremy Bloom, the narrator of the poem "Why I Was Late" comes to school late every day for a week, always giving a ridiculous excuse an asteroid enveloped Earth in a time-distortion field which means he's actually on time, he had to tiptoe around an unexploded atomic bomb in his front yard, etc. On Friday, his excuse is actually plausible: He insists that he was telling the truth this time — honest — but his enraged teacher refuses to listen.

Jagi Lamplighter's Prospero Regained , when Eramus blames himself for not heeding Prospero's message, Prospero blames himself for having cried wolf once too often. Orson Scott Card discusses the trope in several of his novels, usually favoring the "don't put a liar on guard" interpretation. If you don't believe the kid when he raises the alarm, what's the point of having him watch the sheep in the first place? Combined with You Have to Believe Me!

By that point the characters have become more inclined to believe wild claims. But the hacker who cruelly tricked Zak into shutting down important ship functions in the hopes of seeing him get in trouble? Defied in Honor Harrington: The narration mentions that the code phrase "Case Zulu" is never, ever given in drills to avoid exactly this trope. It has only one meaning: Eventually, she finds out that the librarian is a monster, but nobody believes her. Of course, this aesop is a bit undermined by the inherent nature of it — people may believe you if you say there's a wolf in town, but a bug-eyed monster?

Unlikely in any case. It turns out that Her parents - as well as her and her brother - are actually monsters, which she didn't know at the time and they had been acting like they didn't believe her when they were planning to eat the librarian. This later dooms Sean as the orderlies take him away after Martin switches their charts since they've been warned about Martin's habit.

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Invoked in Firebird by the protagonist Ilya and a helpful fox. They get the villain, the Kaschei, to disable his own guard dragon by having it make a series of apparently false alarms. He doesn't want to help his father and uncle in the fields so he goofs off all day and gets in the way of their work. Eventually they tell him to go away, but even then he keeps on mock screaming to fool them until they begin ignore him. Charley begins to scream and it turns out this time it's for real danger.

He had stepped on a bee hive and they were attacking him. He ends up okay but covered in bee stings. Invoked in The City of Ember ; the mayor tried to claim to the city that this is what Doon and Lina were doing when they reported that he and Looper were stealing, stating that they were "spreading vicious rumors. Nero Wolfe tends to experience this with the various authority figures that he tangles with, particularly Inspector Cramer. The authorities know full well that he tends to hold back information until it suits his purposes, rely on carefully misleading Exact Words to the point where it becomes an art-form, and otherwise play games with the truth.

However, they tend to exaggerate how much he does this and so resort to a default of mistrusting everything he says, even when they have sufficient experience with him to know that he rarely outright lies. In an interesting variation, however, this tends to backfire more on the doubter rather than the 'liar', however; the authorities end up being too stubborn and unwilling to trust Wolfe to the point where they end up cutting off their own noses to spite their faces, since despite his mendacity Wolfe is usually on to something they've missed.

Leonard's comrade Richard continually says, "Where am I? What year is this? This leads to a Tear Jerker moment towards the end when Pierce and the others discover Richard is actually suffering from dementia, and may or may not have been previously faking. It also occurs with Pierce's father. Pierce is notorious for faking heart attacks to get out of things, even winning at paintball using this tactic.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf Story (Short Story for KIDS)

When his father appear to have a heart attack, Jeff assumes it is another fake. He is actually having a heart attack and thus dies. Tyrion tells Varys in "The Lion and the Rose" that he has warned Shae of the dangers of King's Landing so many times that she pays no attention anymore. Scrubs does this a lot, usually involving the Janitor: One episode involves him planning an elaborate prank on J. The Janitor calls the police from a nearby payphone for several days, reporting a wolf.

When the police arrive and ask J. The plan culminates in the Janitor releasing an actual wolf in JD's tent, only to have the wolf turn on Janitor instead. Played fairly straight in an episode where the Janitor claims to have been a world-class hurdler in his younger days. Same when the Janitor tries to prove that he's not a loner and is seeing someone. Yet another time, the Janitor offers an apology and tickets to a sporting event as a way to make amends, and J.

The Janitor then turns, pulls the tickets out of his pocket, and says "Fine, see if I ever reach out again. Likewise, when he tries to get Hurley to come with him next season, having joined forces with Jack to take the survivors back to the island, Hurley refuses to listen. Also, in season six, when Ben finds an injured Sun in the jungle, the others refuse to believe he had nothing to do with it, even though he had switched sides at that point.

In an episode of Psych , Shawn alone believes the testimony of a man who's known to be a chronic liar, because he can read the man's "tells" that reveal he's not lying this time. He spends the rest of the episode trying to prove the man's case. On Dexter , the title character builds up Sergeant Doakes' suspicions of him covertly to make it look like Doakes has an irrational vendetta against him. When he finally makes a blatant move against Doakes by lying to him about a blood report and causing him to arrest and terrorize an innocent man, Doakes' superior doesn't even bother to check his insistence that Dexter set him up.

Dexter's setup is done rather brilliantly. One move involves Doakes challenging him in Dexter's office. Dexter walks up and headbutts him, then calmly walks out into the main floor and walks as if nothing happened. Doakes gets up and charges after him, tackling Dexter and assaulting him full view of the other detectives. Naturally, Dexter claims he didn't do anything to deserve the pummeling.


In an episode of House , a woman with Munchausen's Syndrome a syndrome where a person seeks attention and perceived virtue by pretending to be sick turned out to actually be sick. Also, see the quote above. In another season five episode, House references the story by saying "I don't care how many time he lies, Mom's gonna come running. In one LazyTown episode Ziggy was playing pranks by saying untrue things, such as there being a monkey playing trumpet outside or Trixie having a spider on her shoulder.

The other kids get sick of it, and decide to ignore him, then, when he stumbles on Robbie plotting out loud in a cow costume, they refuse to believe he saw a talking, evil cow with a catapult. Kind of a Broken Aesop , in that it would have been a pretty reasonable thing for them to doubt anyway, even without Ziggy losing their trust by telling lies. Played with in Star Trek: When Bashir tells the story to Garak, the Cardassian coming from a Planet of Hats of untrustworthy schemers Magnificent Bastards concludes the moral is not to keep telling the same lie.

The problem with that interpretation is, if the boy was exposed for repeatedly starting false alarms, they still would have stopped believing him no matter how many different stories he had told. Which is exactly the problem for Garak — in the same episode it's apparent that someone is out to kill Garak when a bomb goes off in his tailor shop. Odo tracks down the assassin, but realises that Garak set off the bomb himself so people would believe him when he said his life was in danger, despite being a Consummate Liar. In Misfits , we have a rare case of a character crying wolf both metaphorically and literally.

Nathan is convinced that his step-father is a werewolf — and not without reason — but unfortunately his mother, Louise, is so used to her son attempting to sabotage her relationships and generally spouting fantastical lies at the drop of a hat that she sternly refuses to listen.

This is like the time you said Richard was sexually abusing you. It's nothing like that! This trope is actually played with quite a lot in Misfits , and not merely with Nathan and his various lies. As the protagonists are all convicted petty criminals, when they find themselves committing horrible acts through necessity they are forced to kill an Ax-Crazy guy in self-defence , they know that no-one would believe them if they told the truth — which is understandable, the truth being that they were caught in a freak electrical storm that gave them all superpowers and transformed their supervisor into a psychotic zombie.

Hence they are given little choice but to lie. In an episode of Lexx , Xev refused to heed 's warnings that Stan was possessed by a malignant alien influence, since was always saying similar things about Stan and begging anyone in earshot to kill him. Not that I didn't mean it before, but this time I really mean it! On Sanford and Son , as well as the revival series Sanford , Fred's fake "heart attacks" were a running gag. An episode of the latter show starts out with him complaining about feeling sick and having numbness in his arm, but the other characters blow it off as the usual goldbricking; after they've left, however, he suffers a real heart attack and they come back to find him collapsed on the floor.

Years later, this would become Truth in Television when Redd Foxx had a heart attack on the set of his new series The Royal Family which had a working title of ''Chest Pains''. Many in the cast initially thought Foxx was reprising his Sanford schtick, though they did summon help post haste. Stephen warns about crying wolf or rather crying zombie in the end of this clip about college students playing zombie tag. According to Stephen this game will leave us vulnerable when the rage virus escapes. On Cougar Town , Jules pretends to be hurt to get her son to come into the room faster than if she just called him.

The second time she does it, she's lying on the floor, and says, "No, really this time! I twisted my ankle! In sequel series one of teachers exploits this trope when his student Naomi falsely accused him of sexual harassment. She later admits her lie, but soon afterwards he rapes her for real. Who's going to believe you? You're the girl who cried wolf.

In one episode of The Practice , Jimmy defended an accused rapist whose victim had a record for claiming to have been raped in two previous occasions only to have the authorities investigate and find no evidence to confirm either case. That record makes Jimmy believe his client's claim that the "victim" consented. However, the law prohibits defense from bringing up the victim's sexual life in rape cases. Jimmy even tried and failed to convince the judge to allow it. While trying, Jimmy literally accused the "victim" of crying wolf. El Chavo del ocho and La Chillindrina were playing a game where Chavo was a sports commentator and the lollipop he was holding was a microphone.

When Chavo ate the "microphone" and she told her Dad about it, he thought she was talking about a real microphone. Klinger lies repeatedly about family emergencies that require him to be sent home. When he receives word in the mail that his wife wants a divorce, nobody believes it's for real. There once was a shepherd boy who was bored as he sat on the hillside watching the village sheep. To amuse himself he took a great breath and sang out, "Wolf! The Wolf is chasing the sheep! The villagers came running up the hill to help the boy drive the wolf away. But when they arrived at the top of the hill, they found no wolf.

The boy laughed at the sight of their angry faces.