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Many different people surround me. Kids screaming, parents shouting, teens complaining about the heat, and some people just relaxing. When I stand up I feel the sand enter in between my toes. Then I close my eyes and listen. I hear the waves crash to shore, little kids playing and splashing in the water, some digging in the sand, and then I hear the sound of an engine die down. I open my eyes and whip my head back to find a family of four, a boy and a girl with their parents, coming down a narrow cement pathway that is surrounded by sand dunes.

I turn my head back to the water. The sun is shining on the water making it looking like a million crystals. As I walk toward the water I can feel the warm sand crunch under my feet.

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Just before I make it to the water a little girl with blonde hair, in a light purple bathing suit, and little yellow floaty's ran in front of me followed by an older looking blonde boy who looked to be her brother. A pirate ship with a full of gold and stuff. And then you wake up, and realize that this all were just a dream… Puff… welcome to the reality, boooy , Arr! Once upon a time there was a little blue fish living in the sea.

The fish was so beautiful. Everyone would have wanted to look like her. The fish tried to be nice to everyone but no one wanted to be her friend. She was very lonely and sad because of that. One day the fish was swimming around the sea when she suddenly noticed a little clam in the bottom of the sea. The fish swam over to it and opened it. There was a very beautiful pearl inside the clam.

It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.

See a Problem?

She took the pearl and went home. Every night after that when she was going to sleep she looked to the pearl and she was happy. She just needed a one beautiful thing to look at and everything was allright. That picture I watch. That orange little fishes… Yeah, I know, that is weird… But there is like a plate! If I write a love story, I think that one scene can be a beautiful, romantic beach. Well… How can I start? What I see in this picture? And that makes me sad. Or have the other fishes left that fish alone?

Okay… That was the hardest picture. The person, who has drawn this picture, watches the world under water. I see a lonely island. Place, where I can go and just rest, sleep, read my books. This is a beautiful graphic and colors are really beautiful. Well… I see this my mind that way: And Ice is close to… And I think I see those fishing nets.

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Notify me of new posts via email. Fishes wanted to get out but they did not know how to. One of them said that they could put a leash on the anchor and throw it on the bowls edge.

Short Story

That way they could climb out from the bowl. Then they started to think. They did not have a leash and the sea was miles away from the bowl. So they decided to stay.

Sea stories

Sampo Once upon a time there was a little girl named Sarah. Sonja Once upon a time there was a small hobo boy. On the third day the hobo boy went again to the fish market. Elina It was dark night. Saku It was night.


I was flying over the sea. I saw the tree. The tree was beautiful. Riverhouse I was at sea I saw a seal Seal was beautiful.

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I was sad Kasperi Night at the summer cottage When I saw the picture I remembered that one night at our summer cottage. Ilkka When I saw the picture I thought it was the moon but after a moment of silence I realized it was the sun. Matias This is stormy autumn night.

[Short story] Diary Of A Dumb Girl Part 4 - The Finale

Samantha and Emily entered. The cave was dark and scary and made out of rocks and giant seaweed. They came to a stop and in front of them was a giant big chest.

They climbed up into it, they found the pearl and swam back to the mermaid kingdom. You must go back and get the glowing pearl that is the right pearl.