Censored on Final Approach

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Dealing with morals, ethics, justice, truth and perspective, this Laurel McKenzie-directed production runs March April 2 at the David A.

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The Pulitzer Prize-winning drama The Skin of Our Teeth is a raucous tour through humanity with the Antrobus family that celebrates human resilience—even in the face of global war, climate change, famine and economic collapse. For tickets, call , email SkinOfOurTeeth villageplayhouse.

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IVP's ensemble cast does an admirable job of dramatically bringing to life the passion for flying of these women and the challenges of sexism both in the military and at home and being first in their field. Being the first female military pilots, they were under constant pressure to prove themselves and to that end, many would volunteer to fly aircraft deemed too risky by the male pilots test piloting. When the men saw that women were successfully flying and safely landing these planes, they quickly abandoned their reservations.

Ravel's play takes a look at a handful of female characters and their male counterparts based on the real aviation pioneers, some of whom perished for their commitment. The Judson Gym is a small, spare space without a raised stage, but it is a testament to the acting, set design and the power of the imagination that theater inspires that the show works in the space.

Censored on Final Approach // Diederich College of Communication // Marquette University

As Gerry, Megan Kaminsky gives a bold performance as the pilot who tries to understand her place as a woman as interested in dresses and shoes as she is breaking gender barriers by flying. Their commander, Jackie, placed between a rock and a hard place, between male officers and generals, allows Greta Wohlrabe to give Jackie a determined edge, fighting for her cause while silently suffering for the women she loses along the way..


She understands, as many women today do, they must perform twice as well as any man, while looking every bit the feminine women they are, with the additional concern of being too emotional or too tough, difficult lines to manage when one is trying to cross traditional gender barriers. Farley carves her naive Minnesota farm girl into a person who tugs on the audience's heart strings, and plays to three other Marquette students, Daniel Callahan Lt.

'Censored on Final Approach' remembers flying women of World War II

Magoon, Artillery Trainee These young men take orders from a nuanced James Fletcher in the role of Major Stephenson, who fights for his men, and yet discovers the hope behind these women who comb their hair and apply lipstick before they leave their planes. A man who ultimately says to his female filers': Marquette University Chair of Performing Arts Stephen Hu dson-Mairet gives the stage a cockpit like ambiance, with a propeller placed in the backdrop where the wild blue yonder calls, white clouds and sky set against the standard military khaki.

The wild blue sky a dream anticipated for contemporary women in and outside the armed forces. Costume Designer Debra Krajec and Sound Designer Victoria Deiorio hail from Marquette to produce a true collaboration between professional theater and the university, a great opportunity for Milwaukee to admire what these hometown institutions accomplish, often unnoticed as well.