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I felt they had the most build to them. Slade and Jasin just weren't doing it for me. Slade doesn't even want to be there and is older, when they described him like that I keep thinking a grandpa guy with an year-old. I wanted the story to be more exciting and I didn't feel like it was. However, It has a lot of potential which I hope is done in book 2 The one sex scene this book does have is a little boring and sort of expected. She can only have sex with each one that their chosen temples.

So I want to see her with some of the guys but I kind of was hoping it would just happen. Overall, it doesn't have everything I want in a RH BUT, I will continue, maybe this is one of those series that it gets better with each book. I might need to read the next to appreciate the first more. I guess I will find out soon. I do recommend because maybe you will enjoy the story just a little better than me. Thanks for stopping by to check out my review. Have a great day and Happy Reading! This review was originally posted on Because reading is better than real life Apr 28, Jennifer G rated it really liked it.

Kira has been a lot of things since her parents were killed when she was 13; a bandit, a traveling merchant, a servant to an innkeeper. Most of all she's tried to blend in, to not be noticed. That all changes on her 20th birthday when her fate finally catches up to her, set in motion by a strange encounter and a lightning strike.

After several weeks of vivid dreams about beautiful men, the actual men start arriving in her village looking for her; all telling the same story. Jasin, the arrogant s Kira has been a lot of things since her parents were killed when she was 13; a bandit, a traveling merchant, a servant to an innkeeper. Jasin, the arrogant soldier. Auric, the scholarly prince. Reven, the cold assassin. They need to mate, master their powers, and overthrow the current Black dragon and her mates to right the lands. Stroke the Flame is a dragon-fantasy Reverse Harem. The descriptive world-building, the complex characters, the multi-layered story are all nicely done.

Fall of the Dragon Prince by Dan Allen

The pacing is perfect. The attention to detail is exact. There are attraction and infatuation but it's not insta-lust or insta-love. In fact, it's almost the opposite in two cases. It's a complicated dynamic with not everyone in agreement to being part of this mission or the relationships. Kira is a worthy successor to the Black Dragon. She's traveled every realm, she's smart, a fighter, kind, vulnerable, and caring. Her life has been forever damaged by the current dragons.

Jasin is the man-whore of the group. He's bedded women in every town the military has passed through. This changes once he is chosen to be the Crimson Fire Dragon but his past still causes pain and distrust. Auric, The Golden Air Dragon is a nobleman by birth but of no importance to his family and more interested in his scholarly pursuits.

He is smitten with Kira immediately. Slade is an enormous man with a bruised heart. He was content in his life and has no desire for change but once chosen as the Jade Earth Dragon is determined to do his duty for the world and protect Kira. He is equally determined to shield his heart from her. Then there's the assassin, Revel. He wants no part of being the Azure Water Dragon, no part of saving the world, no part of Kira.

He is only interested in himself and has no plans to fulfill this destiny. Five strangers brought together by the Gods. They have each felt pain in their past, either losing or disappointing loved ones but the only common ground they share is that they were each chosen. They set out on their path, uneasy, untrusting of one another, and with little control over their powers. When danger is immediate they are forced into a closer alliance but each gain is hard-fought. I enjoyed every minute of this dragon story. This book is the first in the series and while it does not have a cliffhanger the story is definitely in progress.

It ends after the first bond but there is still much to do before facing the final battle. I eagerly await book two. May 28, Sian Jennings rated it liked it Shelves: I went into this novel expecting a lot of sex and not much plot, which I was more than okay with. What I got was lukewarm at best and damn cold at worst. Kira is a red headed huntress with a dark past.

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She is calm, competent, and able to remain uniquely feminine in her role as the hero. As a main character, she is wonderfully interesting and never comes across as being forced. We are then introduced to her four main love interests; Jasin, Auric, Slade, and Reven. If this was one of those novels where literally everyone was just getting it on all the time, I could have forgiven the two dimensional aspects of these characters. Each one can be reduced down to a single line, their stories barely interesting enough the keep the audience engaged.

Jasin - The cocky soldier Auric - The clever prince Slade - The protective blacksmith Reven - The mysterious assassin I thought the reverse harem aspect of this story would breath new life into what is a standard fantasy novel. The characters move from point A to point B with a few obstacles along the way that are easily overcome and nothing much, apart from bickering, takes place. When it came to the world, I was left with way more questions than answers. A few simple throw away lines really would have helped to round this world out a lot more. My biggest problem with this book is that it never seemed to go anywhere.

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I thought the perspective changes were really unnecessary and all they did was reinforce whatever it was Kira had said in her own chapters. A lot of the dialogue felt like it belonged in a screenplay, especially when the male characters interacted.

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It almost felt like a choose your own adventure book and really brought me out of the story. This really is the white bread of books.

The Little Prince (audio and visual storytelling)

I really, really wanted to like this book. The best thing about this book is that it cured me of my insomnia. Which is unfortunate because Elizabeth Briggs has a wonderful writing style that flows so beautifully. Aug 14, Karolina rated it it was amazing. This book was unputdownable yes, I know that's not a word. Characters are believable, they have scars and pasts, parts of which they are not willing to share at the moment but maybe eventually with trust. Oh my gosh, trust was plentiful in this book and I wish other authors would take note; meeting strangers, even smoking-hot ones, doesn't make you automatically want to tell the This book was unputdownable yes, I know that's not a word.

Oh my gosh, trust was plentiful in this book and I wish other authors would take note; meeting strangers, even smoking-hot ones, doesn't make you automatically want to tell them your secrets. The changing POV was actually NOT vertigo-inducing; everything was clear and it warmed my heart to hear some of the story from the guys' point of view!

Everyone has their separate way of reasoning out why they found themselves in this situation and I think it's refreshing to see that; people react to their life circumstances in different ways and I'm glad the author emphasized that. The pace of it was perfect. The writing is absolutely up my alley; world-building is in depth but not overwhelming, there is variety in depth of characters which makes it easier to remember and imagine, and the style itself is great for this type of novel; neither simplistic nor overly complex. I honestly don't know how anyone who reads this book would refrain from sinking their teeth into the next one; I'm craving so much more!

May 03, Alimac rated it really liked it Shelves: I received this book as an ARC in return for an honest review!! On her 20th birthday Kira is hit by lightning and survives, little does she know that from this moment on her life changes completely: Kira has lost her parents when she was young due to the fire dragon burning her home and has been traveling ever since. She is strong, knows how to fight, is compassionate and stands up for what she believes in.

Her four mates —representing each element fire, wind, earth and water— are not all happy with their new fate. But through out the book they slowly accept their role, the other men and Kira. I can recommend this book to anyone who likes fantasy, dragons, magic, medium-slow burn RH and story building! May 01, Anne rated it really liked it Shelves: The passion from the fire, the intelligence from New and interesting fantasy reverse harem in our midst.

Apr 28, Laura Cozicar rated it it was amazing. I received this book for free and was asked to leave an honest review. Kira is strong, independent and resourceful, but she is loyal to a fault, caring more for others than herself. She meets a strange old woman with a criptic message and then she is struck by lightning but all it does is knock her into the mud. That night the dreams begin and I like how we are introduced to each of the four men through her dreams before they all I received this book for free and was asked to leave an honest review. That night the dreams begin and I like how we are introduced to each of the four men through her dreams before they all descend on her.

The five must follow the path laid out before them, dodging soldiers, dragons, thieves, and their pasts to fulfill their destinies. We come to know bits and pieces of each of the characters and find out that every one of them is hiding something. Will they be able to come together as a team and trust each other? The story threw a lot of information at you at the beginning but it all comes together to give you an intriguing story that draws you in and keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering what comes next.

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May 03, Melanie rated it it was amazing. I couldn't put the book down until I finally reached the end. Kira is a wonderful main character. She's been living on the run and in hiding since the death of her parents. That all changes when she finds out she's got a big role to play in a destiny she's reluctant to take on. Not to mention, there's not one, but four guys who have also unexpectedly found themselves tied to Kira, and n Actual rating: Not to mention, there's not one, but four guys who have also unexpectedly found themselves tied to Kira, and not all of them are happy about it.

This book features chapters alternating between Kira and one of the guys' perspectives, though it's mostly from her POV. The relationships develop at different paces and it's mostly a slow burn with one sex scene near the end. There's no insta-love here, though the attraction is there. The book does not end on a cliff hanger, but is set up to lead into the next book in the series so I'd recommend waiting until closer to the release date of book 2 to read book 1 if patience is not your strong suit. May 07, Cassandra Cobb rated it it was amazing.

A great read from Elizabeth Briggs! Loved this book so much. This book was written well, from the multiple POVs to show each persons own journey on this new life to the development of trust between each character who formerly did not know each other. The story flowed well, with everything feeling realistic rather than rushed.

Song of Smoke and Fire

I also loved that we got to learn about the Black Dragon and how she came to be, alongside Kira rather than having the backstory given to us beforehand. Can't wait to read A great read from Elizabeth Briggs! Can't wait to read book 2 Kiss The Sky: A Reverse Harem Dragon Fantasy! I received a complimentary copy of this book for review consideration.

May 07, Puna rated it really liked it Shelves: This was my first time reading from this author. And I'm loving RH. This was a great first start to the series. Strong, protective, been on her own for a long time. Jasin- the playboy soldier. He's the funny, laid back one of the bunch. He's closed off, distant, hard to like him but also hard not to like him.

The golden boy whose got a whole lot of secrets we still need to uncover. He's also not comple This was my first time reading from this author. He's also not completely in this with them. He has a past. Most of the men have had a loved one that they've lost. So meeting Kira and knowing what's going to happen is making them very closed off and resistant. I kinda like that since I'm not too much of a fan of insta-love but sometimes it gets annoying. But I still enjoyed this read. I will continue this series. May 05, Sairaika Naidoo rated it it was amazing.

Four sexy dragon shifters A huntress with a dark past A bond that could save the world What a fantastic fiery read and a hellva ride for these characters. I am so impressed by the author and this world she created. A world filled with the gods, elementals and an oppressive regime. The story was absolutely wonderful and progressing so well that I am impatient for the next book. Once I started this book, I couldn't stop - it is currently way past midnight whe An electrifying read!

Once I started this book, I couldn't stop - it is currently way past midnight when I finished this book. Once I read that blurb, I knew I needed to read this book and, boy, did it not disappoint at all. So intrigued and curious for the next book and what is to come. Full of gods, elementals, dragons, action, adventure, attraction, bonds, enemies, destiny and romance. Perfect for readers of fantasy reverse harem romances.

Aug 28, Bethany Bee rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sheer delicious romantic fantasy, in the same delightful vein as Jupiter Ascending as in, the focus is on the lady and her story, and the dudes are along for the ride. Everyone is well-drawn in broad strokes we have the brash soldier, the gentle scholarly nobleman, the thoughtful blacksmith, and the brooding assassin, along with our brave, wary heroine , and once the story starts, it NEVER STOPS.

I appreciate that Briggs took the time to explore how being shoved into the machinations of the gods can really suck for their chosen mortals, but enough agency is left to the characters to make their growing romances believable. I'm just here for every word of this story. The fire breeding dragon has silently flown above them and attacked. Knocking out the three knights and killing the queen he snatched the princess and flew off away from the kingdom. After the great terror the remaining knights of the heart kingdom buried the King and Queen and began their search party for the princess.

The Kingdom's elders asked help from the neighboring kingdom to bring back the princess in exchange for her hand in marriage and everyone agreed. The Ice kingdom's prince stepped forward along with his brave ice knights "I Gray Fullbuster of Ice kingdom shall enter this quest along with my two brave knights, Lyon and Juvia. And I could not just stand and let this neighboring kingdoms take over ours! And so a lot of many other Kingdoms signed up for the quest and headed off to their journey to search over for the Princess Lucy of hearts. But three kingdoms still haven't lost hope.

The Ice kingdom's prince Gray hasn't given up yet as he wants to prove to his kingdom that he is not a useless prince. The thunder Kingdom's Prince Laxus cannot accept defeat and so he still continues on to his journey. The prince of the heart Kingdom and Lucy's cousin Jellal cannot give up yet and loose hope, as the future of the kingdom is in the line. The three princesses strive to never lose and for 7years they kept on looking and looking but to no avail they hadn't have any clue. At some point in time, the three met up inside the forest. Hungry and thirsty they all helped each other out and find a small village at the center of the forest.

They befriended the villagers and the villagers in exchange gave them clothing and food and also a place to stay in. The villagers astonished them one night. They saw a woman breathing off flames and eating flames from the fire wood. This fire breathing fire eating woman was the last of her kind. Her bloodline was kept a secret, fearing a witch might take her too.

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After the kidnapping of the prince four other children was taken away by the witch and has never again be seen. The Kingdom of fire has weakened drastically with no successor for the throne the kingdom declined and has been engulfed by the forest. The people who chose to stay in the kingdom made this village, it's not much but we have learned how to live in the middle of the forest with the moon guiding us all. Right after the Prince kidnap incident the King and Queen had another child but in fear they hid the child secretly. And so the 3 princesses travelled again.

In their journey they saw another traveler and ask for directions. One is Metal, the other one is fury, the one is dark like a shadow and the last one is a beam of light. Laxus together with raijinshuu, fought off the great metal dragon, Gray together with Lyon and Juvia took on the fury dragon in which has the power of wind, Jellal together with the three knights of hearts took on the two twin dragons shadow and light. I can sense the princess there" Erza Scarlet shouted. But if you wish to still bring honor to your name then I Juvia shall help" Juvia shouted.

By the use of the dragons powers combined with the 12 golden keys I can now open the door of the souls and quickly get my beloved Zeref's soul and put in his dead body" she brought out a huge glassed coffin and the 12 golden sets of keys. She called out for all of the dragons and so the metal, wind, shadow and light came to her and also the fire breathing dragon that guards the princess went towards the witch.

She ordered them do spew dragon roars in the door while she put all 12 keys to the 12 key holes. She took the princess and ordered her to spill a lot of her magical energy into the keys so that the 12 golden keys would turn simultaneously unlocking the door. Zeref is the most wicked wizard in the whole universe he will bring destruction upon us all" and so the three princesses together with their companions teamed up for the last time and defeated the witch Ultear, making the dragons stop and the princess to faint.

After awhile the dragons was engulfed by a warm light and turned them back to their original forms. The metal dragon turned into a tall and muscular young man with long, spiky black hair, which is usually kept slicked back he smiled "Geehee, I'm back to normal! The twin dragons turned back to their original forms. The shadow dragon turned into a man with black hair and slightly gloomy while the other one turned into a man with blond spiky hair all cheerful.

The other dragon which is red and scaly turned into a man with pink spiky hair and smiled childishly he looked toward the princess and run to her aid "Princess, I am sorry for what I have done". The princess opened her eyes and smiled "you turned back to your original form, I'm glad" she says then faints again.

She build the golden gate of souls for years that is why it took her too long to get what she needed but she is missing something. The 12 golden keys in which she needs to open the gate. Together with our dragon slayer magic and the princesses' magical celestial power, together we can open the gate of souls. That means Juvia, Juvia can marry Gray sama! Everyone cheered for the princess and the princesses who had been lost for 7 years. The 4 dragon slayers were asked to stay at the kingdom but they refuse because they want to rebuild the Fire Kingdom together with the long lost prince.

But before they went on to rebuild their kingdom, Prince Natsu and Princess Lucy was married combining their kingdoms into one making it the kingdom of Fire hearts. The people rejoice and went happily drinking to their hearts content. Laxus went back home to the Thunder Kingdom and tod his grandfather about his Journey, expecting anger from his grandfather he shut his eyes close ready t taste his grandfathers fists but he felt a warm hand touching his shoulders.

Gray went back to the northern lands to the Ice Kingdom; the Ice Queen Ur wasn't in rage and hugged his son for being back safe.