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Le notizie fornite dall'inserzionista email, nr. Vendo riviste musicali genere Heavy Metal dal al in buone condizioni. Se interessati contattatemi per prezzi e spedizione. Il grande libro h m dell' heavy metal giunti editore a cura di: Salva Ricerca Ricerche Salvate. Foggia 14 dicembre, Lista cd heavy metal e hard rock contattatemi per i prezzi Salve,vendo svariati cd di heavy metal e hard rock cd tutti in ottime condizioni pari al nuovo con alcuni titoli anche sigillati rarita' e non Lista titoli disponibili 40 grit heads abighor anticlockwise abstracta t.

Cd hard rock aor heavy metal rarita' 1st press da collezione Salve a tutti ecco un nuovo lotto di cd rari originali da collezione appena arrivati Invio elenco senza impegno Chioggia 5 dicembre, Vendo cd originali hard rock heavy metal ECC. Cerco vinili di death ss e altre heavy metal band italiane anni '80 Cerco vinili e altro materiale sui death ss e le altre heavy metal band italiane anni '80 strana officina , bulldozer ecc.

Montesilvano 4 dicembre, Cd hard rock aor heavy metal glam thrash - nuovi arrivi - rarita Ecco gli ultimi arrivi di Marzo! CD rock heavy-metal CD originali hard-rock heavy-metal power-metal speed-metal Tutti assieme al prezzo sopra. Lomazzo 3 dicembre, Cd heavy metal Vendo i cd nelle foto. Varese 2 dicembre, Fermo 1 dicembre, Rimini 30 novembre, Hard rock heavy metal cd rarita' limited import japan Salve a tutti Sempre nel , il bassista Gorlan entra a far parte della band.

Heavy metal in Cd Musicali

Nel luglio del , gli Elvenking pubblicano il loro primo full length, intitolato Heathenreel. L'album di debutto della band viene registrato e mixato ai Fredman Studios, in Svezia , da Fredrik Nordstrom. L'album viene accolto da un notevole successo in tutta Europa e gli Skyclad , band che gli Elvenking hanno sempre dichiarato essere una loro grande fonte di ispirazione, li ingaggiano per una serie di concerti insieme.

Il tour di supporto all'album Heathenreel alimenta molto l'interesse nei confronti della band. Nel medesimo anno si aggiunge al gruppo anche il violinista Elyghen: WYRD riesce a replicare il buon successo del predecessore, Heathenreel , dimostrando che gli Elvenking non sono un fenomeno passeggero.

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Tuttavia, alla fine dell'anno, quando il gruppo inizia a lavorare al loro terzo album, il chitarrista Jarpen decide di lasciare il gruppo, ma la band decide di rimanere con un solo chitarrista, Aydan [6]. Terminato il tour, la band registra immediatamente il quarto album The Scythe , che viene pubblicato nel settembre Dall'album viene estratto il singolo The Divided Heart , il cui video riscuote un considerevole successo su YouTube e viene trasmesso dalla MTV tedesca e svedese. Nel frattempo, la band decide di tornare alla formazione a due chitarre e ingaggia momentaneamente il chitarrista Rafahel.

Il full length successivo, Two Tragedy Poets A good glam metal band!

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There is also a mistake on the Italian metal encyclopedia, it shows as year of release Very hard to find, 80 euro or more. This band was from Sassari Sardegna. A second mini LP was recorded but never released, CDr copies of the master circulates among collectors. In the vein of early Whitesnake. Good prog metal from this band.

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  • It contains several disco music covers, jingle covers and so on, truly irriverent! Formed in the 80's as Inviolacy, one of the best thrash metal acts from Italy. You can download for free their records and demo at http: Good thrash metal band from Sicily. Then they changed name to Janus, see below for more details. Janus -- Same , this record is also known as "European Rock Ensemble", 7" ep 33rpm, five tracks, on Janus records, private pressing -- Al maestrale , LP on Janus records, private pressing. Reissued on CD in as a private pressing. Re-reissued on CD in on Cosmorecord.

    Re-rereissued in copies on LP in on Bondage records This band was from Rome, their music was a mix of hard rock and prog they remind me of Jethro Tull's hardest stuff. They were politically aligned to the far right, from the perspective of the lyrics all in italian they were a fascist band. It is almost impossible to find the first pressing of their stuff especially Al maestrale because the warehouse in which were contained most of the copies was burned during the so-called "italian's lead years", during clashes between fascists and communists.

    Five pieces from Torino, a good hard rock band for those who likes Deep Purple and Rainbow. The band was from Milano. Musically they played an heavy metal based on dueling guitar and keyboards. After the split the rythm section and the guitar player will create Testimonia, a thrash metal trio they recorded two CDs in the early 90's. Libra -- Beyond the mind curtain , LP on City Record Not so hard to find sometimes it is cheap, from 15 to 25 euro. Bologna based band, they played melodic metal. Lord Crucifier -- Will Evil Win?

    Love Machine -- Same , LP on Sanremo Hit records Quite hard to find 50 euro or more, some copies were for promotional use and included a promotional flyer and a photo of the band. Good band from Milano, their debut was still immature. Later they changed line up and recorded two very good melodic metal CD in the 90's. Good glam metal band for whose who likes Tigertailz and Wratchild UK. They were from Bologna. Franco Caruso guitar was 12 years old at that time!!! Chain, on Circus Reccords. Both not so hard to find. Maline -- Same , 12" ep, 3 tracks, on Sangy prod. The vinyl comes in an anonymous white cardboard cover.

    Very hard to find. Guns, Bang Tango etc. Reunited in with a different line up , they recorded two CD in a good prog metal vein in and Another strange italian story for this roman based thrash metal band founded in They signed a deal with Carrefours, a belgian label and published the LP for them.

    One year later italian label Zasko Lab reissued it on CD only with 3 bonus tks. It was more than a decent thrash metal band from Roma don't believe to the nasty review made on Metal Archives! Anonymous white cover comes with copied lyricsheet, copied photo and tracklist. Almost impossible to find, if someone wants it i saw a link where it is for sale for euro. The band was from Firenze and played speed metal. Founded in Brescia in In they won the Yamaha world contest playing live at the mythical Budokan in Tokyo.

    If you like Hanoi Rocks, Motley Crue etc.. They recorded but never released an EP and some demos and after the split up two members of the band joined Extrema. Some months ago finally the former members published this CD. It contains six original tks, a live tk and a new song. Mesa -- Same , LP on Chic records. Very hard to find but only for fanatics and completists. This is their only album. Born from the ashes of Mausen and Stiff prime mover bands from Rome in the early 80's. Very good street metal. You can download it for free at their official myspace www.

    The LP has a gatefold cover. The first CD reissue was a german bootleg with a horrible and different cover a dish full of spaghetti titled Spaghetti Metal. The official reissue was done in by Lucretia Records no bonus tks. Then after the reunion in they became more prog metal oriented one mini-CD in and a CD in It includes all the tracks from first EP. A bootleg version exist on LP and CD with different cover artwork.

    Note that due to band's mistake the title of the CD is wrong maddness instead of madness, as you can see on the cover artwork. Morpheus -- Metal Heart , mini LP on MPH, private pressing, 4 tks though it is becoming hard to find this is not well known so sometimes you can find for cheap from 20 to 40 euro if vg or near mint. Born as Springwater the band was from Pontassieve near Firenze in the early 80's this power trio changed name in and published this rare mini lp.

    Good hard and heavy. In the band split up and rejoined in releasing several album from there on. In Terror From hell records reissued on 10" vinyl format the "The shining pentagram" demo 4tks.

    THE CORROSEUM - Nonseinormale's Guide To Italian Steel

    For collectors and maniacs I signal the official reissue on 10" splatter vinyl of the Ghostrider "Mayhemic Destruction" 4 tks demo , pre Necrodeath by Foad Records you can buy it for ten euro at http: Neurodeliri -- same , mini LP on ND, 7 tks, private pressing Quite easy to find, from 10 to 25 euro if vg or mint. Formed in by founding members of Bulldozer Erminio Galli and Dario"neurodeliri" Carria who committed suicide in Bulldozer dedicated to their old friend the Neurodeliri album On the first demo tape the lyrics were in Milanese dialect, On the LP the lyrics are in italian.

    It was a good speed metal band. An anthological reissue with demos and live tracks is expected by the end of on Jolly Roger Records. They recorded a first 3 tks self titled demo in with italian lyrics, Supercaos, Necrofilia Story, Shock Blasfemo were the titles. A second demo named "Il negromante" was recorded in Negromante, Stella Cometa, Dominio e Sterminio and Rabbia were the titles Musically they were devoted to Judas Priest especially for the high pitched vocals and the guitar riffing, also had some obscure influences by B. Unfortunately the production of the 7" is very crappy, but the music is very good imo.

    Born in in Milano, they also recorde two demos and and supported Raven during thir italian tour in Decent neoclassical metal for those who likes Malmsteen, Impellitteri etc. After the split of the band Nico Tamburella the leader and guitar player moved to Los Angeles for some years and then to London where now he lives and keeps on playing and recording metal albums with his Nico's Alchemy.

    This CD contains "Snoopies" as a bonus track. Note that the reissue has not the bonus track so the tracklist is the same as on the vinyl version. Quite easy to find. Good thrash metal band from Favara Sicily. Good thrash metal act from Emilia Romagna. Formed in in Mestre near Venezia as a cover band.

    Read Online Hm Il Grande Libro Heavy Metal Bizarre Italian Edition B00e92wan0 Pdf

    After many changes of the line up they realized this very obscure gem of the italian metal. Changed monicker at the beginning of Overdose -- Last Power , it's a mini LP and not a demo as reported on Metal Archives , private pressing, all copies with poster Easy to find from 20 to 30 euro if vg or near mint.

    I personally do not consider this band as if it were Italian only guitar player Tancredi "Tank Palmer" Palamara was , the others were from Switzerland. Anyway good melodic metal later they changed name to Gunshy and recorded "Mayday" in Almost impossible to find! Pat Heaven -- Welcome to Heaven , LP on Docam records, only numbered copies made, it includes also a poster reissued on vinyl and CD only copies each made in by Andromeda Relix note that they used original covers that the band had in stock.

    Born in Napoli as Hellrage at the beginning of with this monicker they supported Picture during their italian tour in The band then published several CD all on Black Widow records. A very good band, a mix of dark, heavy metal and prog. Good crossover band for those who likes D.

    Raff -- Same Born at the end of the 70's as Trancefusion a punk band.

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    In they changed monicker beginning to play metal and supporting Ian Gillan and Iron Maiden in during their italian tours. Bianco brothers founding members and core of the band also played live in the USA during the 80's as session men for historical hardcore band Raw Power. With ups and downs they are still active. The band reissued it themselves on CD now totally sold out in with multimedial section containing old videos as bonus. Bologna based band, among italian prime movers founded in On this LP they played melodic and commercial metal later after changing line up, the sound became more powerful, a mix of Saxon, Priest and US Power.

    The file on Metal Archives is wrong, they rely on an EP The Rain is Coming in but actually it was only a demo tape and not a vinyl a few years ago they released it on CDr. Born as an epic metal band in , later they changed sound playing melodic metal and recording this mini LP. Both albums are hard to find, euro or more. You can buy the CDs at their website only: This band was founded in in Genova.

    Side A is an electric hard rock ballad, side B seems as it came out from NWOBHM's cauldron, in the middle of the 80's they changed line up and sound playing mainstream rock and they are still active! Good melodic band for those who likes Icon and Dokken. This 7" was released posthumously after the death of their singer in a car accident. Good metal band from Sardegna, Rollerball -- Outlast the Game , mini LP, private pressing Quite hard to find, and one of the best records from Italy during the early 80's.

    Obscure and mysterious band from Cuneo. Quite hard to find, this LP has an amazing cover made as a kind of old parchment with a wax seal, with the musicians dressed like US soldiers in the Civil War.

    ARCH ENEMY - The World Is Yours (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

    Formed in in Pesaro the same town of P.