Prospecting for New Clients

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Sales Prospecting Tips: 7 Tips for Sales Professionals

Search for topics that you can add value to, but will be seen by influencers in your target industry. Think, answering questions about lowering shrink when you sell inventory software. These questions get seen by tons of people; consider this one to be more of an inbound method. Your answers should come from experience, so the effort is just quickly searching for questions and answering appropriately. A drip of people who find you here, may follow you via social making it a slow, but potent drizzle down your pipeline.

Researching contacts from a brand, finding out their pains, and all of the other aspects of having an ideal prospect in mind. Lead gen without a tool is nonsense nowadays.

The Single Best Way to Start a Conversation with Any Prospect

Ours allows you to research leads based on several factors including industry, revenue, and size. We even automate that whole cold emailing thing while helping you craft the perfect message to maximize responses.

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Well-researched cold email is possibly the only item on our list that can help you make your month in an of itself. Referrals can make or break a sales team. Between prospecting and getting closed clients to refer colleagues, you can be a good rep. Even with this common knowledge, few have an automated process or schedule for getting them.

7 sales prospecting tips

Calling works best, but email can be a bit more automated. It takes some time to get in the groove, but once you get going; referrals can be a healthy source of constant leads. Depending on how many sales it takes to make your month. Referrals could fast become your favorite lead gen method. Case study about one B2B marketer getting over referrals in a year. A joint venture is less formal and less time bound than a partnership.

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  8. Instead of going into business together, you and another similar company run together for a while in the form of promotion for an agreed-upon amount of time. It can be very loosely put together, or even involve contracts. Building a literal relationship before asking them for something this significant. Have a couple of solid ideas when you finally ask for the JV. A great post on the advantages and disadvantages of joint ventures. If you try to move B2B products for a living, you like to talk shop. Big sales, tough sales, bad clients. Meet once a month and get to know sales reps in your area.

    Get to know them and have fun. Chances are someone sells something that compliments your product. The camaraderie is good, but a call now and again with a warm lead is definitely worthwhile. How to host a networking dinner via Entrepreneur. B2Bs that do regular mail well are killing it. Personalization can be done via email with software.

    Send only to high-quality leads that seem a bit old school. Make it something different. After all, a handwritten note in a handwritten letter is something that very few people do. The personal touch can have a great impact on the smaller amount of leads—leading to a warmer experience during the sales process. A great piece from Pardot about using direct mail with your marketing automation efforts. Here in Phoenix we have a site like NetworkingPhoenix.

    There is a detailed calendar of networking events in the area. You may have something like this on different chambers of commerce in your area. You can check MeetUp. Have conversations and listen. Usually, relationships and potential leads will develop through the natural communication. Anything from partnerships, referrals, or warm leads can come from networking. A great article from LifeHack to help B2B folks. Having a webinar has to entice people to come, but it also has to impress them once they arrive.

    How to Prospect for Customers: 14 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

    Give a group of people that could be interested in your product something that they truly want. Sell and inventory software? Talk about lowering shrink in the XYZ industry. Make it related to the pain you solve and let them know how well you know how to solve it with the product. If you know your target audience and your product, you should be able to put together a valuable presentation in a week. Ideally, you want to be prospecting for customers who are already likely to buy.

    The Art of Prospecting for Customers

    To do that, draw your list of prospects from the following sources in this order:. Based upon your experience, define a conversational way to ask, during an initial conversation, whether or not the suspect has a budget, authority to spend the budget, and a need for your offering. In most cases, qualifying scripts are built around open-ended questions that you ask during the conversation. I've provided you with a list of these questions in my previous post " 14 Ways to Qualify a Sales Lead.

    If you're calling somebody from a purchased list, you'll also want a basic cold-callings script. Set a target for how many prospects you will need in your pipeline order to generate the number of sales that you need. For example, if you must generate five sales a week and on average close one out of fifty prospects, you will need to make calls a week.

    Mistakes Happen

    Based upon how many of your prospecting calls "go through," estimate the amount of time it will take to make those calls, including the time that will be required to have a meaningful conversation once you've gotten into one. Find a place where you won't be interrupted or distracted. Take a few minutes to focus yourself and your thoughts:.

    While doing so, remember to listen as much or more as you talk. According to Crowel, the most common prospecting mistake is failing to notice when prospect wants to buy right now. Listen for stuff like this:.