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Growing in popularity are plate loaded machines. These let you put weight plates on the "weight horns" which provide the resistance. Generally they use lever arms to replicate the movement of the exercise. In the case of a leg press or hack squat machine, weight plates are loaded on to the weight horns of the carriage which slide up and down on guide rails. Leverage machines are a lot simpler.

What is a single station tablet press and how does it work?

The weight plates are loaded on the end of a lever arm, which pivots on a bearing. This makes the resistance very smooth and direct. The lever is pushed or pulled in the path of an arc. This mimics the arc that your body follows on many exercises, giving it a similar feel to the equivalent dumbbell or barbell exercise.

One of the big advantages leverage machines have over their cable machine brethren is that they are far more affordable. You should remember though that you will need to load and unload the weight plates after each exercise. In commercial gyms this is the cause of much anguish and frustration as inconsiderate gym-goers keep machines fully loaded after their final set. We find that most home gym owners have no problem with this at all, in fact some even think it's a good way to burn 30 seconds between exercises.

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You are Here Single Stations. Single Stations Commercial gym equipment for serious weight training! The base of the die is formed by the lower punch and it is the upper punch that descends onto the loose powder and compresses it. Upper and lower punches — the upper punch provides the compressive force to bind the powder granules into a tablet. The lower punch acts as a base for the die and is raised at the end of the compression phase to eject the tablet from the die. Cam track — this is the mechanical gear that guides the movements of the two punches Capacity Regulator — this regulates the depth of loose powder in the die by adjusting the depth of the lower punch Ejection regulator — regulates the lower punch so that when it is raised at the end of the compression, the punch is level with the surface of the die, enabling the finished tablet to be swept aside into the collecting vessel Driving wheel — guides the movement of the upper and lower punches and hopper shoe Note that in a single station tablet machine there is only one upper and lower punch and die set.

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A single press produces tablets through a number of steps that can be described as follows: Filling Stage 1 — the upper cam withdraws the upper punch from the die, the bottom punch is low inside the die cavity so that the powder falls from the hopper and fills the cavity made by the die and bottom punch. Compression Stage 3 — the lower punch remains stationary and the upper punch lowers into the die to compress the powder into a tablet.

Ejection Stage 4 — the upper punch is then withdrawn while the lower punch pushes upwards lifting the formed tablet from the die. Stage 5 — the cycle is then repeated for the next batch. Advantages of the single station tablet press note that manual pill presses are also available Compact and lightweight some benchtop models are available , durable, operator friendly Designed for pressing a wide variety of granular materials — used for compressing a variety of round pharmaceutical tablets that contain different excipients Versatile unit that can be adjusted, hand operated or motor driven.

One punch and die set is included when a press is purchased, the tool set can be adjusted to give required punch pressure, fill depth and table thickness The single station press is the most popular type of tablet press, but needs a high level of attention by the operator Advanced machine with new technology providing continuous control over loading of materials and table thickness Can be used for batch or manual production Comparable functions to other imported large-scale manufacturing machines Can be used for a wide variety of products in tablet form, e.

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Lubricant should be added as recommended by the manufacturer, only to the oil cups or oil holes and friction surfaces. The machine should be emptied first before performing lubrication. Add the minimum of lubricant as recommended by the manufacturer will prevent any spillover that may cause contamination of products The machine should only be used in one direction, i.

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Adjusting the belt should be done through the two screws. Recommend an Article Name. Get Free Book Now.

Operation of the single station tablet machine

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