Tainted Tea for Two

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The pesticide has also been identified by the U. EPA as a potential endocrine disruptor, while other studies suggest effects on male reproductive development. China is the world's biggest producer of tea, and also the world's largest pesticide producer and consumer. A study last year conducted on pesticide applicators from two villages in southern China found that more than 8 percent suffered pesticide poisoning.


Greenpeace says finds tainted Lipton tea bags in China

This followed a WHO workshop in Beijing that also looked at how pesticide poisoning was the most common method of suicide in China, mainly due to the ready availability and accessibility of highly toxic pesticides that are otherwise banned in many developed countries. Moreover, the workshop noted that an additional 17, annual deaths are estimated to occur from unintentional exposure to pesticides both ingestion and occupational exposure.

One major factor has been a response to the negative impact of climate change. Rising temperatures has helped many pests and pathogens survive the usually cold, winter months, and farmers have reacted by bumping up their pesticide application. The problem, of course, is that in the long term, applying vast amounts of pesticides may do more harm than good. Good quality soil and clean water are the foundations of China's famed tea products, and yet these basic components are being quickly compromised.

Greenpeace is therefore calling on companies to switch to eco-agriculture, which make use of methods such as intercropping, light traps, and integrated pest management. This is particularly risky at a time when GE is proving impotent to the rapidly changing climate-affected landscape.

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And even if the debate around pesticide use is put aside, the fact remains that this recent report proves that there is a large-scale use of illegal pesticides in the local tea growing industry. Monica Tan is a writer and web editor for Greenpeace East Asia. Originally from Sydney, Australia, she is now based in China, working out of Greenpeace's Beijing office. My Account Sign In. Life and Politics in Asia.

By Monica Tan for The Diplomat. Click here to subscribe for full access. She smiled, "Would you all like to come with us? The group reached at the Tea house which Drago and Skyress decided to stay out of and watched from the window. The two bakugan could see that all of them were kneeing on a soft mat and were waiting.

Dan leaned to Shun, "Hey, this looks like the same as how your grandparents did in their Tea Ceremony. That's when they heard the sliding door open. There bowing to them was a girl with dark brown hair and when she got up, she had blue eyes and was wearing a green kimono. Everyone bowed except for Serena and Rini. Serena noticed and quickly bowed while Rini was staring at her with bright eyes. I'm skipping the scene where Doctor Tomoe, Eugeal and the making of the next Daimon heart snatcher as most of you all have seen it by now and — I'm too lazy to do it!

While Tamasaburo was preparing the tea, everyone was kneeing patiently except for Serena and Rini. Serena's feet are completely numb while Rini's were starting to go to sleep. My feet are killing me," murmured Serena, miserably. She whines, "My legs hurt…my feet are completely numb right now. I can't stand it. Can we go home now? She closed her eyes, "I mean even Dan and Shun are behaving perfectly fine.

Amara pushed some sweets to Rini, "You're a good girl Rini. You're acting more grown-up than Serena. Rini gasped, happily "Oh I love candy! Serena glares at her before noticing that Rini made a mistake. She smirked before poking onto Rini's shoulder which got the small girl's attention. Serena pointed to what Michelle and Amara was doing with the sweets. Rini widens her eyes before blushing. She looks to see that Darien and Shun were doing the same thing while Dan was doing his way but in a decent manner.

Rini looks down before looking towards Tamasaburo who was smiling at her. The pink hair girl felt embarrassed before looking down once again. Serena snickers at Rini but the pink hair child wouldn't have it. She punched Serena's feet which caused Serena to scream in pain. Dan was like Serena as he couldn't knee that long either but I believe Shun helped Dan on that problem.

Drago turned over to see Serena getting up rather weirdly before falling over on the kimono girl. Tamasaburo dropped the plates but Amara, Michelle and Darien were able to save them before falling onto the floor though they notice that they were standing on Serena. Rini was blushing from embarrassment while Dan and Shun had their eyes widen.

Dan and Shun grabbed their partners before saying good-bye to Amara and Michelle. The four of them headed back to the shopping distract and found a dessert shop and bought some.

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You acted so dizzy in here! You made us look ridiculous in front of the master.

China's Tainted Tea Problem

You're awful Serena," ranted Rini. He lowered his head down and sheepishly rubbed his head, "There could have been a lot more mistakes Serena could have made…like I did on my first time. Drago jumped out of Dan's pocket and landed onto the table. He used the brunette's dessert bowl to hide, "Now this I've got to hear. Dan dropped his head onto the table as a sign for Shun to tell the tale.

Shun sighs, "He did a few mistakes but the major one was that he drunk the tea that was still hot and umm…he kind of spit some onto my grandfather. Dan lifted up his head, "Shun's grandfather let it pass since it was my first time but I still got punished by cleaning the tea set afterwards. He looked over at Rini and smiled, "I guess you like Tamasaburo, don't you Rini? Rini blushed, "Well you see, my mother told me before I left her: So many new acquaintances can bring me a valuable friendship.

She smiled a bit, "I would have helped you met new people. She glared towards her, "You would've only made things a big mess. Now we know why she is here. Rini, give Serena another chance, you both should make up and be friends again.

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He took a bite of his dessert, "Besides, you made a few mistakes and the huge one you did almost caused Tamasaburo to break those cups. Besides, if Serena is really your mother in the future, you're showing disrespect towards her even if she is still a teenager.

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Rini looked down before seeing Serena was offering her hand to her. She stared at it for a while before shaking her hand.

She looked at her watch, "We better get going. Rini needs to hypnotize my parents thinking that their nephew is coming over for a visit. Serena nodded and the four of them headed to the clothes store. It didn't take long for them to get a few clothes for the two boys before saying farewell to each other. Dan was carrying a suitcase with his new clothes, followed Serena and Rini to a two-story house.

Rini went inside first so she can do her magic before slightly opening the door to signal Serena and Dan to come in. She walked up to Dan and gave him a big hug. It's good to see you again! How have you been? I'm not going to be alone! He wrapped his arms around Dan's neck, "Come on, let me show you were you are going to stay.

Meanwhile, Dan was sitting on his bed while his 'cousin' Shingo was telling him a few things that they could do together during the weekend. Or watch some horror movies when mom and dad are away? What do you think? I need to finish my homework! Talk to you later cous," said Shingo before heading out. Dan waited until he heard the door close before sighing in relief. He placed his hand over his heart, "Ah man that was a lot tougher than I thought it was going to be.

Shun and Alice are the lucky ones since they don't have to pretend being part of an unknown family. Drago nodded and jumped onto Dan's hands before being placed into Dan's jacket pocket. The brunette walked out of his room and headed to Serena's which wasn't hard to find since there was a sign with Serena's name on it. Dan looked over to see that Rini was wearing a red kimono.

He walked inside into Serena's room and titled his head. Serena sighed before closing the door. At that moment, Luna jumped onto Dan's shoulder, "When are we going to meet with the Scouts? He sighed, "None of the people here know about the bakugan species like in my dimension.

Serena thought for a moment, "You do have a point there. Let me see if we can meet up later today, alright? Dan nodded before Serena noticed how Rini was walking.

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She frowns, "Rini, make sure you don't get my kimono dirty while you are trying to impress Tamasaburo. Dan watched as the two girls were fighting all over again. He sighed before leaning over to Luna, "Do they always fight like this? They are not acting like mother and daughter at all. Dan made a face before spotting a care in the distance, heading towards their way. He squints slightly to see the car was going rather fast.

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  • He widens his eyes, "Serena, move! Serena slightly turned around to see the car and quickly grabbed Rini and moved out of the way, just in time. At the same time, Serena was able to see who was driving the mad car. She gasped to see an all too familiar redhead, "It's Eugeal. She got into Tamasaburo's house," said Rini before spotting a hole into the tall grass hedges.

    Tainted Tea for Two by Susanne Marie Knight

    She crawled into the small hole and dashed to help Tamasaburo. Luna and Dan were about to follow her when they heard Serena's cry for help. The brunette looked down to see that Serena was having difficulty getting out from the hole. Dan walked over to Serena before pulling her arms. It took about three pulls to get her out. Dan nodded before the two of them dashed after Rini while Luna jumped onto the brunette's shoulder once again. They made it in time to see Rini, in her scout uniform and trying to protect Tamasaburo's pure heart. That's when Dan realized something, "Wait, how are we supposed to help?

    Apollonir never told us! The cards landed onto the ground, "These cards were sent to me and Artemis not too long ago from Neo-Queen Serenity. This will help you fight with the Sailor Scouts. Dan picked up the six mysterious cards before spotting a red one with a Pyrus attribute sign. He pocketed the rest, "I guess…this one is mine then. Do you know how to activate it, Luna?

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