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Well, I have good new for you: But first, let me continue with your childhood memories just where I left it. You also learned that yes, in some cases, artworks could become yours to keep, but you had to qualify for this either as someone with a lot of money or as some kind of art mogul.

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Or as the friend of an artist, of course. Now jump back to the present again. Precisely in Milan, at Hangar Bicocca, where the exhibition Take Me I'm Yours finally allows us all to do everything that is usually strictly forbidden.

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Artworks not only can be touched, but they can also be moved around, modified, bought without huge investments or even taken for free. You can also contribute to the creation of the artworks by leaving something of yours. People are invited to interact with ephemeral pieces and performances, where the exchange isn't necessarily connected to an object but more to an experience, in accordance to an idea of immateriality that is growing stronger and stronger not only in art but also in everyday life — and that the curators, Christian Boltanski, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Chiara Parisi and Roberta Tenconi have been witty enough to see.

The idea originates in the early nineties from a discussion between curator Hans Ulrich Obrist and the artist Christian Boltanski on the need to rethink the idea of the way in which art is exhibited, perceived and consumed.

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In , Boltanski created Quai de la Gare: The prize, winning an intimate dinner with the artist himself, turns art into a social event. In the ticket office, art is also present as a matter for discussion and exchange.


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This one becomes very real when the performer validates it with a buffer and thus allows the visitor to trade it against a workshop, a visit or an event at the Monnaie de Paris and other art institutions. Untitled Eau de RRose of Damascus. People can gather around a 14th century still from Syria that produces rose water. Every each visitor can take a vial of this perfume and also eat a rose-scented Host.

Take Me (I'm Yours)

The title of the work, Untitled Eau de RRose of Damascus , is a reference to both the primary function of the still as well as its particular shape that recalls the Bottle Rack from Marcel Duchamp. According to the artist, these pieces of clothing are the equivalent of a photographic portrait or a corpse in the way they represent the absence of someone. By taking away one of these pieces, public gives life back to the clothing. This process turns each stack into a "huge public sculpture" because of their scattering and permanent circulation. This work of art is made public mainly because it has the power to belong to everyone by taking advantage of its reproducibility.

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The erosion of the candy pile echoes the slow consummation of the couple bodies by the disease. Even though the title of this piece could refer to an advertisment, the texts written on the banners are more related to protest slogans rather than publicity. The public can take these slogans away on badges which are available in a stand tray. Take me, I'm yours take me, take me, open up your heart Take me, I'm yours you see I'll do whatever it takes to make it up to you I was a fool to ever let you go silly of me to think that I could live without you, baby.

Please forgive me, baby Don't let it end this way Girl, give me one more chance Take me back again. You see that it takes a fool to make the same mistake twice Please forgive me, baby, don't leave me and go away Now all I know is that I love you Girl, give me one more chance Give me one more chance Please, take me back again.

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  5. Take me, I want you to take me Take me, I'm yours You see I wanna go somewhere Take me, I'm yours Where it's nice and quiet, yeah Where we can just lay down, we can shout so loud I was a fool to ever let you go. You see, do you remember How we used to make sweet love Please forgive me, baby All night long till the break of dawn? Don't stop Don't leave and walk away, girl, give me one more chance Please, take me back again Come on y'all.

    You see I wanna go somewhere Where it's nice and quiet Where we can just sit down Please forgive me, baby.

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    5. Sigh for a while Don't leave and walk away Love for a while Girl, give me one more chance Squeeze for a while Please, take me back again Hold for a while, come on. Take me, I'm yours Take me, take me, take me, take me No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no Take me, I'm yours No, no, no, no, no I was a fool to ever let you go Ever, ever.