The Adventures of Sebastian the Helpful Seagull

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He also learns that Ariel must get Eric to fall in love and kiss her in three days to stay human. He offers to help in the best he can. During Sebastian's Kiss the Girl scene, Scuttle attempts to help the chorus but isn't much help. In the morning of the third day, Scuttle flies into Ariel's bedroom to wish her good luck for the wedding. While flying past the wedding ship, Scuttle overhears Vanessa Ursula in disguise singing in Ariel's voice, he watches in horror as she goes up to the mirror, laughing evilly, and the mirror reveals her true identity.

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  • The Adventures of Sebastian the Helpful Seagull!
  • The Adventures of Sebastian the Helpful Seagull;

Realizing what Ursula is planning, Scuttle goes to inform Ariel and Sebastian what he saw. Ariel and Flounder swim after the boat on a barrel that Sebastian cuts loose, while Sebastian goes to alert King Triton and instructs Scuttle to stall the wedding in any way he can.

Scuttle enlists several birds, flamingoes, seals, and dolphins to help him.

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Hurrying to the boat, they all attack Vanessa long enough for Ariel to reach the boat and regain her voice, foiling Ursula's plans. In the end, Scuttle bids farewell to the newlyweds, Ariel and Eric. Scuttle appears in two episodes of the final season of the prequel television series. In these episodes, Scuttle's explanation of human things is a mixture of correct and erroneous.

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They find a castle where Sebastian is taken by the young boy who resides there. Scuttle then goes inside to rescue Sebastian, while Ariel and Flounder find a way to stop the pollution. Return to the Sea. He is first seen attending the baby shower of Ariel's newborn daughter Melody. Years later, he is seen as one of Melody's "babysitters", alongside Sebastian, and regularly joins the two as the princess takes time out of her day to explore the depths of the sea. Even so, because Morgana an evil witch bent on overthrowing King Triton and unleashing wrath upon Ariel and her family , Melody is forbidden from leaving the perimeter of Prince Eric's kingdom.

Later on, when Melody goes missing, Scuttle joins in the search, eventually running into Ariel and Flounder near the fortress of the evil Morgana. Scuttle is told to rally Eric and his friends to battle the sea witch and does so immediately. At the battle, Scuttle takes on Morgana, personally, but is quickly defeated. Ursula notices this, and begins to sing to convince Ariel that men do not like women who talk a lot, and that there are other forms of communication she has that she can use.

Which of the following forms of language does Ursula use as an example when trying to convince Ariel that she will be fine without her voice.

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Ariel's sisters are given an introduction during the performance conducted by Sebastian in the beginning of the film. The song is meant to introduce Ariel and showcase her voice, but Ariel has forgotten about the concert and is busy exploring with Flounder. Everyone is shocked when Ariel is not there for her big unveiling, including her father, King Triton, and her many sisters.

In the lyrics of the song, each sister sings her name, but how many sisters does Ariel actually have? Ariel is the youngest of her many sisters, and she is the focal point of the film. The franchise of The Little Mermaid has 3 major motion pictures including a sequel to the original, and a prequel to the original. The prequel to the original movie showcases the sisters in a much larger way.

However, listening carefully to the song sung by the sisters in the beginning of the film, each sister sings their own name. Which of the following is NOT the name of one of Ariel's sisters? This musical number is slightly smaller in terms of memorable songs on The Little Mermaid soundtrack.

This song is a solo song given to one of the smaller supporting characters. It is a humorous song that is meant to show the dark and scary truth of how creatures of the sea are treated on land, in a more light and laughable way. Which of the following smaller supporting characters are given their own solo musical number in the Disney film?

Chef Luis is the head chef in Prince Eric's castle. He is the one in charge of preparing a large meal for Ariel's first night in the castle. Both Sebastian and Flounder have Ariel's best interest at heart, so they do their best to protect her and scope out the castle.

One of them gets a little too close to Chef Luis while he is preparing dinner and they see other sea creatures being turned into sea food! Which of them almost gets caught by Chef Luis? Ariel traded her voice to Ursula in order to have a shot at love and becoming human. Despite this fact, Ariel and Eric still manage to have a lovely day together and enjoy each other's company.

During a romantic boat ride, Eric talks about how he wishes he could at least know her name.

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He thinks that maybe he could guess her name. After a number of failed attempts, Sebastian whispers "Ariel" in his ear, and Eric finally knows her name. While Ariel and Eric are out on their boat ride, Sebastian decides what could really help make things more romantic and set "the mood" is music.

Sebastian is able to communicate Ariel's name to Eric, so he tries to help Ariel by putting the idea into Eric's head that he should kiss her.

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After spending a wonderful day together and sharing a romantic boat ride with "Kiss the Girl" setting the mood, Prince Eric leans in and it looks as though he is going to kiss Ariel. Just at that moment, the boat is tipped over and both Ariel and Eric end up in the water soaking wet and the mood is completely ruined.

Ursula is extremely shaken up at how close Ariel was to kissing Eric. Which of the following characters ruined the potential kiss? Once Eric and Ariel almost share a kiss on the boat, Ursula realizes that there is a very real chance that the two could kiss before the spell is up. This would leave Ursula defeated and her plan thwarted. Ursula then decides it is time to take things into her own hands.

She is able to transform herself into a human and she attempts to lure Prince Eric away from Ariel and into her loving arms until Ariel turns back into a mermaid. Grimsby repeatedly reminds Prince Eric of his obligation to marry a woman, and quickly, to continue his duty as a Prince. For this reason, it is not exactly shocking to anyone other than Ariel and her sea friends when a wedding between Eric and "Vanessa" is announced. Due to his engagement to another woman, Ariel is shaken up worrying that she will never be able to kiss him.

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It is up to her whole support system to stop the wedding! Ursula cannot hide completely as Vanessa. As it is learned by Ariel sacrificing her voice, transformation magic comes at a price. There is no way to entirely hide a true self. Scuttle is flying around, trying to figure out a way to stop the impending wedding when he hears a woman singing. When he approaches closer, he sees Vanessa alone as she accidentally reveals herself as Ursula.

But, what is the trade Ursula made to turn human briefly, where is her true self revealed? Sadly, Ursula's plan to delay Ariel and Prince Eric from kissing works and despite her cover being foiled, she is able to keep them apart long enough for Ariel to turn back into a mermaid. Ursula is ready to collect on turning Ariel into a creature, but someone steps up to take her place.

Ariel has a lot of love and support in her life, so which of the following characters volunteers to take her place and essentially sacrifice themselves? It has an upbeat tempo and fun lyrics with an extremely recognizable chorus. For example "the grass is always greener on the other side" becomes "the seaweed is always greener in somebody else's lake". Complete this lyric that comes towards the end of the song. You Have already started: With the Big Blue Surf Center at a walking distance, a lot of surfers stay here, which is always nice for conversation.

At breakfast the tables were sometimes put together into one long table so we could share our adventures and received useful tips on restaurants, beaches and other things to see and do on the island. Breakfast is simple but yummie. Bring eggs and bacon and Maryse and Christina gladly make you an omelet.

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Maryse, Vangelis, daughter Christina and grandmother Anna are fantastic. The busy road sometimes gives noise, but all the rest is super. I really recommend staying at Seagull Apartments. Very close to Kos town driving , nice surrounding area, beautiful swimming pool and yiayia Anna was amazing! Very cheap in comparison to the rest of the hotels - Kos is in general quite expensive.

The decor is a bit dated, but in general was great value for money! Very close to the beach. Flights Vacation Rentals Restaurants Things to do. All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Log in Join Recently viewed Bookings Inbox.