The Human Body of Light

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When the junk DNA becomes active, it results in the physical body exhibiting newer characteristics. And the activation of the additional strands releases the information stored in them to invoke extraordinary capacities, healing powers and the ability to hold Light in the cells. Such activations occur every time mankind transits from the dark ages to the Light Age. The activations of the junk DNA and the dormant strands will be carried out under the careful monitoring and observation by the Light which we hold in our system.

There are several processes that occur one after the other, in order to convert the physical body into a Light body, as explained in the next section. The DNA activation process happens gradually at each step of these processes. The Process that occur as the Physical body converts into a Light body. The conversion from a gross physical body to a superior Light body happens gradually, in stages.

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The Light body can be achieved when every cell in the body will hold a lot of Light. So every stage of the process of becoming a Light body is designed such that the Light carrying capacity of the cells and the body in general increases. The following sections give an overview of these processes. The first step starts with the purification and cleansing of the entire system. This happens mainly by the practice of Meditations and by following the spiritual principles in our daily living.

The Human Body of Light

We should also reject negativity at every level and positivise our thoughts and emotions. This positivisation involves overcoming all our negative traits such as anger, arrogance, jealousy etc, accommodating and sharing with others and manifesting more love in our lives. Simultaneously, we need to begin the process of healing the emotional wounds that still affect us. If there are any hurts in us caused by past incidents or people, we need to let go of the resentments and grudges that we still hold, sometimes, without our attention. Clearing all these blocks is very important since they come in the way of our progress.

We need to introspect in order to recognize any aspect in us that is out of tune with the principles of Light.

The Human Body of Light Seminar

We should work on these shortcomings until we naturally align ourselves with all the positive divine qualities. This inner work is also referred to as Inner Healing. This is an important step that allows us to hold more Light in our system. In the third step, the cells in our system begin to undergo transmutation. The old cells are gradually replaced with advanced new cells, thus allowing the body to hold more Light.

Along with this, the Tubicular Light system will begin to take the place of our Nervous system. This again increases the quantity of Light that our system can hold. By the time our cells morph and the blood and nerves are replaced with advanced systems, we will be able to hold sufficient quantity of Light in our system to activate our dormant faculties. All those faculties like telepathy and third eye, which we naturally posses but have become dormant because of Kali Yuga, will begin to get activated.

However, the new faculties which have been designed for our Light bodies will not become immediately active at this stage. For those faculties to become active, we need to totally convert into Light bodies. Since these gifts and gadgets are being introduced for the first time in Creation, the incorporation and fine tuning will take at least years after we convert into Light bodies. In the sixth phase, the size of our physical bodies begins to increase. The changes in our DNA will play a very important role in this stage.

These changes will be triggered, controlled and monitored by the Light that we hold in our system. The increase in the body size will help us hold more Light, but mainly it helps us to hold newer knowledge and energies. This faculty connects to the source of the individual Soul and draws in more Light into the system, thus charging the system with more Light and energies.

This faculty also tunes the system periodically, thus enabling it to experience more Light.

The Body Of Light Mantra

In the next stage, the individual will have to focus on his spiritual practices. The techniques to be practiced and the areas where he has to focus will be communicated to him directly through his Intuition and contact with the higher beings.

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This phase is different for each individual, based on his spiritual condition and source, and the Rishis guide the individuals directly. This is a very important phase. Until this stage, the individual will be consuming normal food for his sustenance. In this last phase, he trains himself to absorb Prana energies from the Sun directly from the food.

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  7. This will be complemented by the corresponding faculties and systems of digestion in his system. The digestive system will begin to undergo a transformation to adjust to this change. With this process, he will be able to hold more Light in his system. In many of the above stages, the processes start simultaneously and do not wait for the previous one to stop for the next to begin. Some processes continue for longer periods. Together all these processes allow the cells and the body to hold more and more Light until the entire physical body converts into a Light body.

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    Further processes once the transition is completed. As explained in the introductory article , people transit into Light bodies in different batches and time periods, with the Light workers transforming finally after The above processes are the same for all these different batches. The total time for these processes to complete could be approximately years. In this duration, the nature around us will also undergo drastic and finer changes to suit the conditions of the New Light age. In the process of transition from a physical body to a Light body, many of the internal systems and organs will also undergo a transmutation.

    The digestion, circulation, respiration, nervous and reproductive systems will change according to the new enhancements. Along with these the sense organs will also undergo a transformation, only when the physical bodies finally convert into Light bodies. By the time the final transformation occurs, the five senses will be replaced with their advanced counter-parts, as explained in the previous article.

    The koshas will also undergo a transformation only when the completed Light body is fully available. There will not be any gradual transition in the Mind-Intellect-Spiritual bodies. The Mind will be replaced by a new mind, which has enhanced mind matter, better perceptive capabilities and without any Chakras.

    The Intellect and Spiritual body will also be enhanced accordingly. The Kundalini energy will be replaced with a new Kundalini energy, so do the changes occur in the number of Naadis in the Vital body. The quantity of Light in the Soul will also undergo a transition, with additional Light being added to it from the Source. All these processes will be monitored and guided by the great Rishis, under the direct guidance from the Supreme Intelligence.

    The new flora and fauna will also begin to flourish once Satya Yuga has completely set in.

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    These plants will gather Pranas from the Sun and Second Sun in the form of special fruits, which humans can consume and absorb for the sustenance of their Light bodies. The process of transmutation starts at the conscious level, with an individual making efforts to purify, positivise and follow the principles of Light.

    The rest of the processes occur at a level where an individual has no conscious control or influence. He can only sustain these processes by dedicated spiritual practices and by continuing to manifest positive qualities in his life. These two activities at the conscious and subtle levels go hand in hand in converting the physical body into a Light body. The individual efforts are greatly supplemented by divine assistance from the Rishis and higher beings.

    This is not the first time that a human body has been converted into a Light body. The inhabitants of Shambala live in a body which is almost similar to a Light body, so do the chiranjeevis on this Earth. These conversions were bi-directional, where the individual could revert back to his normal physical body at any time.

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    Light Body part 3 – The Science of Evolving into a Light Body

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