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Just like their brothers, they slept in bunk beds, and jockeyed for clothes space in one miniscule closet. Our past is a big part of our music.

And so is the present. Dad, who recently constructed a much larger abode on their property dubbed Hunt Manor, still chaperones his children, but in an official capacity; He drives their RV-sized tour bus, and loads in all their gear. Jenni has moved out-she married her longtime beau Danny, and now lives a few minutes away, still in Chesapeake.

They ricocheted through every other possible genre first, Jenni says.

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Gradually, they whittled things down. Whenever a career decision is made, everyone gets an equal vote. And now that demand for Those Younger Days is heating up, The Hunts have been booking tours that prove grueling, sometimes relentless.

And we got hit by a drunk driver one time-that was really frightful. But we really look to prayer-we pray to God for safety and to protect our travels, and we have friends praying for us, too. Because we do a lot of driving. Over the years, the elder sisters have always ridden herd on their younger brothers, keeping them in line and watching out for them on the road.

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But no one wanders off on their own, post-concert, or gets an uppity fly-solo streak. They also annually volunteer their time in Haiti, where they donate Christmas presents to orphanages and run a summer music camp. We had rave reviews from all of the students who attended and had such great attendance around o The group was very easy to work with.

We did have a sellout performance. Very talented and genuinely nice family!!! They were very easy to work with and very appreciative of our staff.


And, the Hunts were a delight to work with. Everyone loved them, including the headline acts backstage who came out of their tents We're going to make them our House Band lol! Our audience enjoyed both the new work and the covers What an absolutely amazing family, and an incredibly sweet family as well!

Our audiences have never been It was the largest attendance that we have had in years and by far the best response and feedback that I've had sinc They were great fun and really great to work with. They were very well received by our audience and received standing ovations at the en The 4th Graders in the Revel's 4th Grade program thoroughly enjoyed the morning program, and The band showed up right on time and were extremely easy to work with and I would bring them back monthly if I could! The whole campus is buzzing with compliments on the band and the event.

They made it an