Why I Should Hate Men, But Dont

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Hatred can be a way of virtue-signaling — a way of contrasting yourself favorably with the hated party, i. To hate pedophiles means you are not a pedophile. However, for all its short-term payoffs, hate strangles all understanding. This is as true when directed towards genuinely hateful groups — like white supremacists — as it is for those less universally deserving of condemnation, such as men. It simplifies the world and saves a lot of mental spadework.

But the increasingly widespread perception is that men are generally a bad lot, As Uluo puts it in Medium: This all-encompassing generalisation has a lot of small-scale but significant effects. In personal relationships, for example, where any woman who thinks men are generally rotten and hateful is liable to take a pretty jaundiced view of any particular disagreement that unfolds between them and their significant other.

The man, according to this toxic ideology, is going to be a priori in the wrong before the argument even starts.


Making misandry a hate crime will embolden abusive men | Jessica Eaton | Opinion | The Guardian

Hate us if you will — your feelings are your own after all and sometimes those feelings are justified. It may provide temporary relief from the phenomenon of the simple and relentless random unfairness of the world, but there can be a terrible arrogance in hate — the arrogance generated by what is in fact a deep self-doubt and buried fear. It is when we are unsure that we are doubly sure. It is an old and perhaps sexist trope that women should beware of ruthless and dishonest seducers who are out to lead them down the path to destruction. Perhaps it might be useful to think of hate in exactly that way — and send it packing, its ears ringing with curses, and vows of passionate and perpetual rejection.

Tim Lott is a writer and journalist. Follow him on Twitter at timlottwriter. An interesting double-bind they have attempted to leverage on men or anyone that side with men. It is obvious that women just dont understand men at all. For example men objectify women because it turns them on, they are excited by the visual display of female body parts even if no face is visible. That is the way their sexual psyche is wired. It is perfectly normal. It does not mean they hate women. Homosexual men objectify men the same way but we never hear women make the same claims about gays, they wouldnt dare.

I guess that means they are either idiots for not perceiving me as the monster I am or biding their time until they poison my cup of coffee. Post-modermism believes that no truth is objective. If the truth is what those in power say it is, why should men give away their power to feminists? Feminsts seem to be believe in this strange binary system where only one power can exist at a time and only one truth.

But truth is subjective. Best just to gaol all the post modernists and let the rest of us live in peace. How can you hate prog rock? The author means it as a joke, but hate prog rock? Nothing to hate here. Also, most prog came out of twee, mostly white posh English public schools, so its an easy, risk-free slam dunk in that regard. Speaking 1 MD to another—hoping not to trip on the tongue-in-cheek—the qualities you list are apt. Prog art requires the beholder to both transcend old form and perceive new form much like autostereograms http: Overreacting is a quite normal human behaviour, logical and maybe temporarily necessary, I wonder what the psychiatry says about it.

I remember from my youth the symptoms, in myself and friends, mostly against authorities parents, teachers, coaches. This emerging misandry is just a facade for an underlying Marxist ideology. The founder of this website has covered this quite thoroughly — https: As J B Peterson said, we need women to speak up and help their embittered sisters. So cry me a river soy boys — every one of your tears adds another disappointed woman to the dating pool, which just means better prospects for me.

You just cucked yourself out of an easy win. I agree with you about the domestic violence statistics — same here in the UK — and overall it is an interesting piece. I also have Tim Lott to thank for introducing me to Dr. Peterson via an interview he did with him about a year ago which was published in The Spectator. Tim Lott also wrote for The Guardian newspaper for many years so is most definitely of the left but one of the saner voices.

The women who write for that egregious publication are mostly utterly appalling including the above mentioned Suzanne Moore. Yeah Peterson is great on both a personal and political level. Definitely my favourite interview with him. All the mainstream journalism seems to be left-leaning nowadays. I figure that at least the conservative brainwashing will help me get rich and have a better life instead of sitting around on welfare and criticising the government.

K S — Very insightful! Nothing is a better motivator for a young man than a highly intelligent and attractive young woman who sees through the feminist propaganda. Girls will always be falling prey to it but if they see an educated young man who knows what is right, that is much more appealing to them than these overweight and unattractive lesbian feminists. Those ladies at university who were stunning, played sports at a high level and studied rigorous STEM subjects spent their time studying or training and did not have the time to hate anyone.

Rigorous sports boost the serotonin, dopamine and endormorphin. It is much easier to write a more extreme version of whatever is doing the rounds of left wing gatherings. The weirdest thing about the new feminism is that there is so much rage at Western men and patriarchy, as if Western society, and its men, had no role in working alongside women to ensure voting rights and later equal rights. We give Western men no credit, even though so many have worked so hard to build the society we have now.

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And our society now, for all its flaws, has to be the best for women that there has ever been. Western men are our allies! Of course not all, but trying to make enemies of the very people most likely to be sympathetic to our cause — it is so counterproductive. Women in South Australia were some of the first to get the vote back in the mid 19th century — before we even had universal male suffrage. Our country was barely out of its formative stages of hard convict labour. If the left were half decent human beings they would be proud of our being so progressive.

Cuck is a great word. It perfectly describes the males so afraid to make waves that they willingly participate in their own destruction. GH — Good job. Every single thing you managed to state is wrong. Distorting my argument in an attempt to undermine it is not how this game is played.

If you find that so upsetting maybe you should take some responsibility for your own behaviour and how you have contributed to this outcome. Sunshine — you are responsible for your own words… if I see the need to reply… I will do so.

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The type one would leave out of polite society. Looking at simple domestic violence statistics is not enough.

Why It’s Not OK to Hate Men

If you drill down to domestic violence that results in death or serious injury requiring hospitalisation, the majority of culprits are men. And men should be okay with admitting this. The same qualities that make a great infantryman under fire, if misdirected and uncontrolled, can make a terrible human being. And then we need to lock them up or punish them, as we have done for millennia, well before third wave feminism started hacking away at the roots of what makes civilisation function. The idea of hating all men is not widespread at all. There are a few nut jobs out there making remarks like this in their academic, journalistic or whatever sort of work they do.

And mostly their views fart off into the wind meaninglessly. There is no evidence whatsoever that there are widespread problems with men actually getting through life because if misandry. They do, however, have an inordinate influence on culture. Suicide among middle aged white men, particularly working class white men, has risen so much that our life expectancy stats have actually fallen for the last two years. Suicide by middle aged men is not due to women hating them, unless you have some evidence to share. This is crying over ignorant opinions of haters who decide based on class rather than reality.

For me, therein lies the problem: And a LOT of these people have serious influence over decisions of government. Yet in , feminist scholars, lawyers and activists managed to get the gender neutral Family Violence Prevention and Protection Act passed in superseded by the Violence Against Women Act. Either way, it amounts to the same. Misandry is pervasive in vocal modern feminism and can be seen most clearly in the denial of any mail disadvanatge or suffering.

Feminists campaign to prevent any recognition of educational disadvantage, male victims of violence, unequal tretament under the law espcially sentancing, far inferior health care and outcomes. The concept of misogyny like patriarchy is simply a projection of feminists own behaviour and biases onto men. Misandry exists, misogyny hardly at all, bias towards women in society exists, matriarchy if you will, patriarchy not really.

Despite this we have to recognise that feminists especially vocal feminists are a tiny unrepresentative minority, albeit one with a wholly disproportionate prominence and influence. Women shoudl not be hated because of the bigotted few. Men do live shorter lives, one cause quite possibly being delays in seeking care, and have a disproportionate share of work-related injuries, and utilize 44 percent of health care expenditures compared to 56 percent for women. Thank God the average rank and file person appreciates the opposite sex for the unique qualities that have to offer.

This is big get, imo. He wrote what I think are two of the best reviews of Jordan Peterson. The first was in The Spectator and the second in the Graun , which was a bold move because the rest of the paper was bashing him. I hope he writes here again. Women who are trying to make the obvious point viz. There could be many self-interests colliding here but, on the whole, men seem more wiling to buy into the mutuality of the issue. Put at ease, they are actually open to decent conversations about male-female relations. Civil and serious, but not without a touch of the playfulness that used to apply before the Misandry Train took over the tracks.

A person who says she hates all men is no different morally than a Nazi who says he hates all jews. When i read one of the screeds about hating men i wonder if they just got a bill from a plumber, mechanic or some other competent tradesman. Some guy, probably a bit over weight, unkempt and maybe a bit crude, did a quick fix and wanted hundreds of dollars. He looks around, at me, with a look of judgement in his eye. He mumbles incomprehensible jargon, talks about gender parts, gets a look of impatience and amusement when i ask what the problem was, and then wants money, right now, more than i think he is worth.

I have a university education, am important, powerful. Surely there is a world where i can flush the toilet, start my car, have a warm or cool office or home, have the lights come on without these hateful creatures. You probably need a different more professional plumber. An anecdote — last January at 3 am in the middle of a blizzard I live in rural Montana I was awakened by my dog.

There were a few people outside my home, employees of the power company, who were there because a snow-laden tree had fallen over some power lines on the mountain behind my home, and they were going up the hill with chainsaws and equipment to restore power. None of these employees were women. Guys like these are the reason you have a warm home in the winter.

Personally I thanked the workers profusely for their efforts. Misandry is not widespread. It is true that there is little objection in writing awkward newspaper articles about that it is okay to hate men, I have rarely met men-haters. Also, feminism is hardly a leftist idea. You will find many feminists among the right.

36 Questions Women Have For Men

This constant bringing back everything to Marxism becomes tiresome. Aggressive feminism has its own roots. The first suffragette, Emmeline Prankhurst in the UK were actually conservative. And given that people here constantly say that Jordan Peterson is so great, I just want to add that I find him incredibly annoying. Sometimes he makes good points, but most of it is exaggerated emotional word salad.

This is a funny comment on this: JP had a point about the idiot Canadian gender pronoun laws, but everything else borders closer to preacher than scientist. Martin Luther King was a preacher, that makes his message s so much less valid, right? Like MLK he might even change some lives for the better with his encouraging sermons. The last 3 paragraphs succinctly summarize the situation quite well and as far as a generalized approach can go, really.

Unfortunately the evidence you are citing will be spun ad nauseam and the sociocultural analysis will be deemed unfit by many on both sides of the political spectrum, so for the writer and reader who knows that there is something deeply wrong about this entire ordeal regarding misandry today: Remember the truth is always known but seldom acknowledged. In short, thank you for the article and hats off to Quillette for continuing to provide exceptional journalists of all backgrounds with a platform for their voice to be heard.

People were talking about supervisor positions and the ability to become executives. It feels that these journalists and writers are more talking about themselves than trying to represent women as a whole. So much of the representation of the anger seems to be feminist professors and activists, neither whom live in reality. This explosion of ire is fitted well to a period where we are still getting accustomed to social media as a journalist and cultural medium and I think we still have some time.

Who asked him to do this? The Florida chapter of the National Organization for Women. And of course, Scott was reelected and went on to veto a second run at the legislation in , again, at the behest of the NOW. While the wife of my my garbage man, or the woman who runs my groceries over a scanner, is probably more sensible than Suzanna Danuta Walters and less of a horrible person, to boot , she has ZERO influence over governmental and legal institutions.

It would mandate that all candidates for the bench be required to take feminist training on how to adjudicate sexual assault trials. Right now, this training is voluntary, via the Canadian Judicial Council. Two years ago, a defence lawyer filed a request with the court that the contents of the training—training that will soon be mandatory—be made available to the public.

His request was denied. The public has no right to know how our judges are being trained, or by whom. In that case, Judge Marvin Zuker wrote almost nothing regarding the evidence presented at trial, and instead wrote a judgment quoting liberally from the works of Catherine McKinnon, Susan Brownmiller and Andrea Dworkin.

We also have another bill stalled in the Senate whose stated purpose is to remove any and all avenues toward mounting an affirmative defence by the defendant. It will introduce sweeping changes regarding the admissibility of exculpatory evidence even when directly related to the incident in issue, and invite complainants to observe rape shield hearings something that should be considered to potentially taint their testimony. All of this is being pushed through by a very small, very determined, very vocal band of politicians, lobbyists, activists, journalists and scholars.

They put out misleading articles that mislead the public as to the actual contents of the bills. Andre Marin, a lawyer who leans toward social justice activism, portrayed the bill as bringing rape shield laws into the age of email, and described it as making no major change other than affirming that an email is legally a document, and a text message is legally a communication.

It would make any document or communication of a sexual nature or for a sexual purpose subject to rape shield hearings to which the complainant is invited. So will her diary entry that she was super happy with what happened, whether etched into stone tablets, written in cursive with a goose feather, or typed to a friend via Facebook message.

You never hear any of these columnists suggest that more hairdressers need to become roofers in order to close the income gap. These highly educated, upper-middle-class women have a pretty narrow perspective on society and the workplace. It also explains why gender disparities like the dramatic disparity in the incidence of workplace injury and death never make it onto their radar. But, such expression is not fully protected under civil law. Thus, you surely can get fired for expressing hatred in your workplace. A distinction between speech and action: The biological compulsion that drives us towards one another is cruel and places us in humiliating situations.

Sometimes it feels like we are not the same species at all. And yes, there is a reason to hate someone who has the right to control your movements, speech, attire, and conduct and enforce that control with measured beatings: Like racial violence, that leaves a long cultural memory of mothers warning daughters. Denying that a woman or a man!

Erring on the side of caution can save your life. Men, like firearms, are capable of explosive violence. A woman is wise to learn to handle both as if they were fully loaded and check the chamber before handling. Yes you deny the reality that violence is at or near all time historical lows, despite Earth having more men today than ever before. If you suffer because generations prior did, you have a mental disorder that should be examined. But David of K, if you believe the loony left violence is far more prevalent than ever, because the words of anyone on the right are now the same as violence.

Could hating men become a crime? | Gaby Hinsliff

David of Kirkland, Where exactly did I deny that violence is at historic lows? You can credit that to the same currents in history that produced feminism and even the misandry you loathe: Also, probably the invention of the inexpensive personal firearm, which made self-defense against bigger, stronger opponents more feasible.

Feminist rhetoric is just explicitly stating the reasons for the warnings out loud. And, yes, I do suffer a mental disorder: PTSD from watching my father beat the shit out of my mother and threaten to murder me and my sister if she tried to leave. Also when my grandmother was raped and stabbed in the belly three times by a strange man and left for dead. Also when I was trapped against a wall by a huge teenager at age 12 and almost suffocated while he groped and tried to penetrate me. Of all the many times I was physically and sexually assaulted on the street when growing up in a slum, only once was it by women.

Thanks for your concern about my mental well-being, though. I find most young women in their twenties nowadays buy into misandry to some degree, mostly because they have been indoctrinated in school to see men as their enemy. Those women who are most misandrous tend to be unattractive to men and unable to form a healthy relationship with them or have a habit of picking bad men and generalize their bad behavior out to all men. Would it be immoral for Holocaust survivors to hate Germans?

Armenians to hate Turks? White Zimbabwean refugees who lost their farms to hate Black Zimbabweans? Not to engage in a line drawing exercise, but the fact that a line can be drawn suggests we are not talking about an ethical concept, but a political concept. The Holocaust has been called a lot of things, but impractical? Given that the assumptions the author starts with are neither self-evident nor easily rationally defensible, GIGO carries the day.

When a group decides to pick sides, say they decide the Tamils have it coming to them, and it is announced through their official organs, the Sinhalese press blasts it through the countryside—the Tamils have it coming to them—then they have committed themselves to a conflict.

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  3. Why I don’t want women to become ‘equal to men’.
  4. At that point, a person faces an existential dilemma: They are no doubt angry to be placed in such a bind, they like the Sinhalese, they like the Tamils, they want everyone to get along. Its not fair, but when you grind into the asphalt of life, its not fair. The reality is that culture war has been officially declared, and you either have to leave the country or take a side. Women are a biological fact whatever your gender studies lecturer tells you. After biology, all we have are individuals who are distinct, concrete entities i.

    There may be large groups of individuals who share common experiences based on class, nationality, ethnicity, etc. A man can marry a woman, divorce a woman, perhaps marry many women, divorce many women. That is to say, some believe that women existing in the stream of life, similar to white males in the eyes of the Enlightened Ones, are by definition an injustice. But remember, love and hate is simply an expression of an attitude toward something.

    One can hate all men—we had an Enlightened One share this perspective in a leading newspaper. Not going to help you get tenure. All affect is on some level irrational, or perhaps driven by threat assessment wealthy industrialists probably have negative affect to communists because they threaten them, and vice versa. Interesting and thought provoking post. Could we say that it is stupid and impractical for men to hate women because it will bring down odium and social death on any man who is guilty of it, and no clever or practical man would wish that?

    The marxists and their fellow leftists, the Nazis, perfected these techniquesof blackguarding groups of people. The Soviet Union demonised the Kulaks and the borzoi who were the enemies of the proletariat and the revloution. The Nazis used the Jews as the monsters who had brought Germany low. As you quite rightly point out, the feminazis and all the other trolls on the left now use the same tactics, but with white males as the jews or kulaks.

    At the base of all this is the real lie, that the right by which I mean the old order actually consciously kept women down, and that women were the kulaks or the jews of past generations. What actually happened was that most people just accepted the differing roles and characteristics of the sexes. Well the Nazis lost loads of great German scientists by hating Jews so yes hating an entire group based on their faith or race is impractical.

    A word to the wise: With social media, they can appear any where to single out the one phrase in an otherwise rational, thought-provoking article and rant about the wonder that is prog rock. Wow, written by a man, huh? Please, get off our side. Women by and large are hard to please, many will admit it, my wife does. Men are perceived by women to have it made. The only respite a man gets is when he comes home to his wife and family. Men suffer, have always suffered, in terms of death and injury in their duty to protect women and children, and others in the tribe who cannot defend themselves.

    We also suffer demanding and dangerous jobs that women clearly do not want to do. Men defend culture, institutions and infrastructure, and we protect those we love. This is an immeasurable service, as is the role of women in society. One man sent pictures of me with my head cut off. Men told me I was so ugly, no man would rape me. I was called a lesbian hundreds of times, as if that were an insult I should be horrified by. I was sent real misogynistic abuse by the men who were also writing to tell me I was a misandrist. Check that out for some cognitive dissonance.

    The point is, when we talk about misogyny, we are talking about the global societal issue of the life-threatening prejudice, hatred, harm, oppression, rape, marginalisation and harassment of women and girls purely based on their gender — millions of women and girls being mutilated, sold, objectified, dehumanised and even murdered for being female. State that the majority of all violent crime is committed by men? Turn men down because you are a lesbian?

    Talk about oppression of women? The concept of misandry is dangerously vague in comparison to the reality of misogyny. I predict that if misandry is taken forward as a hate crime, it will be used to curb discussions of male violence and female oppression.

    She is an author, researcher and speaker in the psychology of sexual violence. She is writing up a PhD in psychology of victim blaming of women and girls, and founded The Eaton Foundation, the first male mental health and wellbeing centre in the UK.