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Designed to complement the Mandarin Matrix YCT Readers, each character is tagged to indicate its location and context in the corresponding Reader Now you and your child can learn Chinese characters and build your own sentences with these fun flash cards. Each card has one phrase in Simplified Chinese character and pinyin with fun image. The card is designed using a large font and has a hole punched at the top Volume 1 includes cards, Volume 2 includes cards, Volume 3 includes cards and Volume 4 includes cards.

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For all beginning-level learners of Chinese and beyond, this new set of BuilderCards includes all essential vocabulary found in Level 1 of the best-selling series, Integrated Chinese, with both Simplified and Traditional characters on each card. Much more than a set It provides multiple methods, such as singing songs, chanting poetry, reading stories to learn spelling.

These are designed to help children read and identify words, increase their vocabulary, and Each card has the simplified Chinese character on one side and pinyin on the other side. The card is designed using a large font and has a hole punched at the Each pinyin word is presented with a colorful illustration and detailed instructions. Glenn Doman, author of the best selling books on early childhood learning, including "How to Teach Your Baby to Read".

Tuttle Chinese For Kids Flash Cards Kit Review

Research has shown that Children are sure to enjoy these colorful, spiral-bound, hardcover flip books. The pages of the activity section in each book are split in two or three parts, with different pictures and text. Although more people are studying the Chinese language than ever before, others are still wary of starting because they believe, "it's too difficult.

Chinese Character Cards - Basic Series cards per volume are based on the most commonly used words. The color picture on each card draws a visual connection between the Chinese character and English meaning, and includes pinyin with tone mark. The special feature of Chinese Character Cards - New Concept Series is that the common words depicted in each picture on the cards are thematically linked by group, such as food, clothing, animals, parts of the body, etc.

The back shows the character's Multi award winning Kingka Game is a Mandarin Chinese-learning game that is fun for everyone! Kingka is a combination of puzzle, Bingo and memory game using pictographic Chinese characters as its key element for visual spatial perception and Right Brain Regions These extra-large, thick and laminated cards feature beautiful photographs illustrating the concepts of colors, numbers and shapes.

Every card has the word for the concept illustrated in Mandarin, with English and the phonetic translation on the reverse side Kingka is a combination of puzzle,Bingo and memory game using pictographic Chinese characters as its key element for visual spatial perception and Right Brain Regions Ni hao-or "Hello," as they say in China! Following on the success of the first volume, this boxed set contains: Basic Chinese characters are the characters that can be combined to form a compound character. Most of basic characters are pictograph and can be used as radicals.

They are not necessarily commonly used characters. Knowing basic characters will help students Kingka is a combination of Bingo and memory game using pictographic Chinese characters as its key element for visual spatial perception and Right Brain Fun for anyone learning Chinese! These bingo sets introduce commonly used Chinese characters while you have fun playing this classic game. Each bingo playing card has 25 squares - 24 commonly used characters and a free space, calling cards and 32 playing Beginner and intermediate learners of Chinese will love these handy character cards in this four volume set.

Starting from basic characters and building up to more difficult characters, each volume has cards which teach the Chinese character on the front and Have you been looking for a fun and exciting way for your child, and perhaps yourself, to learn Chinese? Look no further, as this excellent 10 in 1 game product provides a great way for you and your child to learn Chinese together! Based on Beginning Chinese For Kids Whether on a train from Beijing to Shanghai or sitting under a tree in Berkeley, you can be practicing your Chinese with this quick and easy-to-use set of flashcards. Together with Chinese in a Flash Vol 1, the flash cards in this volume feature the 4, The flash cards, audio CD and wall chart in this kit provide myriad entertaining ways to help children learn Chinese.

The 64 cards use everyday words and sentences to build vocabulary in a natural way. The audio CD is great for pronunciation. A full color wall chart Pin Yin Bingo helps students learn Pinyin, a phonetic system of Chinese, while having fun with friends.

Knowing Pinyin will allow students to sound out new words, look up words in a dictionary and type words on a computer. Set includes 32 Bingo cards, as well Learn Chinese with these bright flash cards. Each word is presented on one side of the card while colorful pictures, Pinyin, English, stroke-by-stroke writing, and sample combinations for these words on another side of the card.

Perfect learning tool for all ages. By playing Stroke Bingo, students can also learn the names of these strokes. These puzzles are a great way for children to learn some new vocabulary words, while having fun at the same time.

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Each board is illustrated with 12 large images and 12 smaller, related images. When one piece is lifted, the traditional Chinese character and Zhuyin are A wonderful learning tool for all ages. Play a multitude of fun learning games with this traditional deck of playing cards with color categories for a variety of activities. Phrase cards present 54 questions and answer cards of essential These flash cards teach children the basic Chinese characters for animals, movement, emotion, body, daily appliances familiar thing , nature and national flag.

Animal Flash Cards

Each word is illustrated with a colorful photo on one side, the Simplified character, Pinyin and English The flash cards are laminated and durable. It should be OK to write and rewrite the characters with a whiteboard marker to practice writing. The flash cards can be used in the classroom as well as at home. The 2-side design makes it suitable for differentiated learning.

For absolute beginners, the front side is good enough; for a bit more advanced learners, exploration on the different sections on the back side can extend the learning to a new level. All in all, this kit is very well designed and the quality is very good. They are child-friendly and I can easily see it being used and appreciated by students, teachers and parents. It's that drive to make a difference in your life - no matter how big or small. Really, it's our way of life because we want you to be our customer for a lifetime of fun and learning.

We are here to help. Email us at support alligatorapps. Minor bug fixes and improvements Fixed add custom photo bug. My 18mo old loves this app. Especially all the personal custom flash cards we made. It is great that you can replace pics with your own and record your own voice! It is the best one I have used.

Tuttle Chinese For Kids Flash Cards Kit Review

I use it to tech Chinese too. My son two years old,he can read over Chinese words and English words now.

ANIMALS FLASHCARDS - First Words for Toddlers, Babies, Kindergarten, Kids

It is the best way for teaching.