Snoops, Clues & Boos: A Children’s Mystery Snoop Tale

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Betsy Lynn Brady has no idea who murdered her or why. Can she help Betsy cross over and get Mr. Whiskers cross the Rainbow Bridge before someone helps Emma Lee check out from the living? To get it on Amazon for 99c: Praise for Murder Caribbean-Style: Murder Caribbean-Style spirited me away into a world that oozed with the charms of such exotic locations as Barbados, St. Thomas, Sint Maarten and Puerto Rico. Diane Rapp offers a gift to her readers: We are treated to descriptions of not only the duties of personnel on a cruise ship but, more so, their very human nuances.

When Kayla Sanders accepts a free Caribbean cruise aboard the Aurora, she gets sucked into a modern-day mutiny culminating in the murder of her ex-lover, Patrick MacIntyre. When Kayla was denied a well-deserved promotion, she resigned. Reeling from the painful humiliation inflicted by an unfaithful lover, Kayla welcomed an excuse to run home and hide. Living like a hermit in Colorado she worked days as a typist and wrote a Caribbean guidebook at night.

Four years later, Kayla arrives onboard her old ship and savors the VIP treatment afforded a published author—until Patrick falls dead at her feet. Plunging into a frenzied investigation to discover the killer before police arrest her friends, Kayla bumps into Steven Young every time she uncovers a clue. They soon join forces to unravel the mystery and spark a fledgling romance. Should she trust Steven and risk another broken heart—or worse? To get your copy from Amazon for 99c: When her estranged husband is murdered, Stacie Maroni Noth is quickly identified as the main suspect.

His family and law firm strive to keep up the pretense that all is above reproach and idyllic. Could it be a colleague at the prestigious law firm where he worked? Or maybe even his threats to reveal family secrets? Whatever the true motive may be, it soon becomes clear that Stacie might be the next victim. The Case of the Quizzical Queens Beagle. When Suzy and Josie find a Beagle perched on a channel buoy in the middle of the River, soon followed by the discovery of an unknown drowned woman, Suzy soon decides that the only logical thing to do is to bring the circus to town.

But one thing she does know for certain; a career in the circus is definitely not in the cards. We can do it even if Mother Nature throws us a curveball. I just received these adorable book charms in the mail last week. I put a penny next to them so you can see how small they really are! I hope you like them as much as I do.

The woman who makes these is still working on the rest of the books in the Georgie Shaw Series. More info coming soon!

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This week I got more goodies in the mail. Prices on other books in the series will go up then, too. Tell me about your favorite character in the Georgie Shaw series—from this book or any of the others.

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You and Jessica are going to run into each other. Have fun with it!! Here are the winners, randomly selected from entries posted on Facebook or that came in via my website or email. Murder at the Cabaret: Her son Andrew is anxious for her to give his father a second chance, while a handsome acquaintance has asked her to go on a date. Andrew takes Georgie to a cabaret show, giving her a front row seat as the curtain rises to reveal the star performer dead, right under her nose. Hijinks galore from Georgie, a free-spirited sexagenarian who paints pictures of pets and is always eager to solve a mystery, will have you laughing out loud.

Over the top acting, bizarre medical conditions and yummy sweet treats all come together as Georgie solves the murder of a burlesque queen while doing her best to keep her sleuthing sideline a secret from the new man in her life. This is book 4 in the Pet Portraits Cozy Mystery series but can be read as a standalone. But then the local dairy farm owner lands up dead. Charlotte and Ally cannot resist a good mystery and decide to do some snooping of their own. But with the suspects piling up they realize they might have bitten off more than they can chew. To get your copy on Amazon: Do you have a photographic memory?

What would you do if you were in Provence, France, and happened to see the same painting for sale by the same artist that your best friend had just bought from a gallery in Seattle? Join her, along with her significant other, Jake, a private detective, and her husky dog, Balto, as they search for the murderer of a well-respected Pioneer Square art dealer, but did he have secrets? Or the nephew who owns a gallery in Provence?

Maybe even the young retired Microsoft millionaire who had bought many paintings from the gallery? Each is free, 99 cents, or available for a free download via Instafreebie or BookFunnel. Let winter take its last, best shot! Let the raindrops fall. I hope the cover makes you smile. Until it turns up somewhere else! To get your copy: A few words on Amazon will help other readers find the book, too! Michele Bodenheimer has posted a terrific review of the book on her blog. You Bet Your Life: As a marketing executive, Heather Stanton is used to spinning anything negative that comes her way into gold, but now both her personal and professional lives have hit a glitch, so she cuts her losses and boards the first train out of town, leaving it all behind.

Heather never expects to run into her independent, free-wheeling Aunt Julia in a speck on the map called Willows Bend. Nor does she expect the turn her life takes when her aunt is suspected of murder. Come to Silver Hills. Where an old nemesis can lead to new trouble and murder is a line item in a business plan. When a woman who had a beef with the reprehensible creature of the night known as Vlad Newsome turns up dead in her home…Vlad appears to be the culprit behind her murder. Will Flo and Co. The Angelica Mason Series. When a small town well-respected political operative is forced by her disgruntled mother to move into the family home to care for her ill father, her dreams become nightmares and her nightmares reality.

Does an enchanting Prince Charming appear on her doorstep with a pair of platinum-lined glass slippers; perfect size 8? To get the prequel FREE: The world needs you. Their investigation soon reveals that the legendary maestro was a man of mystery. Did a secret from his past lead to his death? Or was his killer a scorned woman, a jealous rival, a disturbed fan, or someone close to his heart?

When another body turns up, the killer leaves a calling card for Georgie: I had to share the cover Tantor Media has created for the audiobook edition! I hope you like it as much as I do. In a couple of sentences, answer this question:. How did you and Jessica meet? You can still enter the contest.

Nancy Drew

Winter break is normally a peaceful time at the university, especially during a blizzard. So it shocked everyone when they found the dean murdered at his desk. Thanks to an empty campus, there are no witnesses and police have little to go on. Jovial and mild-mannered Brother Francis arrived on the scene to find a jealous mistress, a clever drug dealer, a disappointed researcher, and a mortally insulted professor on his short list of suspects.

Did one of them do the other three a huge favor? Or was it someone else entirely? First Street Church Romances: Melissa Ricci has given up on marriage and decided to start a new life in Sweet Grove, Texas, as a companion to her octogenarian grandmother.

Snoops, Clues & Boos: A Children's Mystery Snoop Tale by Gio Pago

Perfectly content to remain single and embrace the adventure of life on her own, she suddenly finds herself the object of attention of not one but three gentlemen! A friend of mine who lives in Australia sent me a link to some great p hotos of the Palm Springs area. I wanted to share them with you so you can see more of the area in which the Jessica Huntington stories take place! What do you think? Murder, mayhem, cats, chocolate, and a second chance romance. Please drop by and say hello. Join Bookbub, help authors by following us, and win!

Discover new Cozy Mystery authors and follow them on Bookbub to get new release notifications! Also, be in the draw to win custom book themed coffee mugs from Society 6, and Amazon Gift Cards just for supporting our authors! The Assignment—stop witches from creating magical chaos in the small town of Burberry, South Carolina. Amira Walker and her two sisters come from a long line of witches who harness the power of emotional manipulation.

When a village-wide cupcake battle helps turn a visitor from a skeptic to a corpse in record time, Verity decides to investigate. Slightly Sweaty Slightly Series Book 2. Artichoke Gratinata is delicious, simple to make, and wonderful as an appetizer or side dish. Where is Frank Fontana? Have you already read the books in the series?

Couples report they feel the pressure to celebrate even if the date on the calendar has no particular meaning for them in terms of the way in which their relationship developed. Nick's troupe is helping to celebrate an impending peace treaty between England and Spain by performing a short play. Courtier Sir Philip Blake is among the cast, but his descent from the heavens at the drama's climax is more rapid than planned, resulting in his gory death.

Gorman, Edward Murder in the Wings: A Jack Dwyer Mystery Jack Dwyer, ex-cop turned amateur actor, lands a role in 'Long Day's Journey Into Night,' where the play's director is in charge of everything except his own death. Groucho Marx, Master Detective Groucho persuades Denby former police reporter, now scriptwriter for Groucho's radio show , to help him figure out who killed Peg McMorrow, a starlet with whom Groucho had had a brief relationship. Groucho Marx, Private Eye When a leading plastic surgeon and drug supplier to the Hollywood elite is found shot to death and a faded star named Frances London is arrested for the crime, London's daughter, who sings on Groucho's radio show, asks Groucho and Denby to clear her mother's name.

Elementary, My Dear Groucho Groucho Marx and the Broadway Murders On board the Super Chief train, Groucho scares an intruder out of producer Daniel Manheim's room; , who wants to harm Manheim, and why? Once in New York, events take a nasty turn as a real body appears in place of a dummy on a Broadway stage from Booklist review.

Groucho Marx, Secret Agent Set in Hollywood. Groucho and Denby investigate the death of British director Eric Olmstead. Groucho Marx, King of the Jungle Groucho and Denby investigate the murder of Randy Spellman, a libidinous actor who plays a Tarzan-like character. Graham, Caroline Death of a Hollow Man And when the leading man takes his role too much to heart in a gruesome final act, Tom finds his professional skills are called upon.

Hastings gets a call from an old friend, now a producer of summer stock theater in rural Connecticut. An actor has dropped dead of a heart attack, and a last-minute replacement is needed for the leading role in George Bernard Shaw's 'Arms and the Man. Set in England. Hardwick, Mollie Perish in July A local parish production of an operetta seems a welcome comic relief for antiques dealer and amateur sleuth Doran Fairweather and her ex-vicar husband. But the hot summer reaches its peak and Doran finds herself looking for a killer again.

Fifth Doran Fairweather mystery. Hart, Carolyn Something Wicked In the Death on Demand series. But something wicked is poisoning a local summer stock production as cast members stab each other in the back and props are sabotaged. Set in Elizabethan England. A Mystery of Errors The Slaying of the Shrew Much Ado About Murder Henderson, Lauren Freeze My Margarita: A Sam Jones Novel A chance meeting in a fetish club with an old friend leads to a new job for Sam -- and now while making mobiles for an avant-garde production of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', she discovers a decomposing corpse in the basement under the theater.

Series sleuth Sam Jones is a London sculptor. A Dalziel and Pascoe Mystery. Dalziel has been picked to play God in a local Mystery Play, but can he live up to his role by solving this puzzling psychological thriller Hunter, Fred Presence of Mind Three recent, seemingly random murders are connected when elderly Emily Charters identifies the victims as fellow members of the audience at a performance of 'Love's Labour Lost' at a small North Side storefront theater.

Emily goes to the police with her observation, but only after more killings does Ransom finally believe that the audience must have witnessed something that incriminates the killer. Ransom at the Opera Emily Charters is present in the audience on opening night at Chicago's new Sheridan Center for the Performing Arts, watching two relatively unknown singers playing Don Jose and Carmen in a controversial and innovative production of 'Carmen', when, in the last act, Don Jose falls dead of an apparent pulmonary edema.

Innes, Michael Hamlet, Revenge! A Story in Four Parts Literary mystery with Shakespearian theme, involving murder during a private performance of 'Hamlet. A Captain Bill Donovan Mystery. Donovan is confronted with murder-by-crossbow at a performance of 'Casablanca: The Skull Beneath the Skin A Cordelia Gray mystery, set in Britain. Actress Clarissa Lisle, famous for her ravishing beauty and her unscrupulous manipulations, has been receiving increasingly malicious death notes and so hires Cordelia to serve as her bodyguard as she heads to an island castle off the coast of Dorset to star in a private performance of Webster's blood-curdling tragedy of 'The Duchess of Malfi'.

Failure To Appear Features Seattle homicide detective J. Beaumont, whose teenaged daughter Kelly has run off, leading the sober-but-struggling sleuth to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, where he comes upon a case of cold-blooded murder. Tomorrow is Another Day It's , and part-time Hollywood detective Toby Peters teams up with Clark Gable, who has received a poem linking him to a series of deaths some projected.

Toby can't prevent the next killing, and further messages lead to more deaths, with all the victims having one thing in common: Kaye, Marvin Bullets for Macbeth In their third case, PR person Hilary Quayle and her assistant Gene solve a present day murder and also discover the identity of Banquo's third murderer, solving a mystery which has baffled scholars for years. A mystery set in an English opera house. Kellerman, Faye The Quality of Mercy Tale of suspense in Elizabethan London, featuring dramatist Will Shakespeare; a departure from author's usual series.

Klinger, Henry Murder Off Broadway Israeli police lieutenant Shomri Shomar, on loan from the Israeli government to New York City, unexpectantly watches a dress rehearsal for murder. Homer Kelly has another mystery to solve when Harvard's Memorial Hall is bombed and a headless body is found amid the debris. Who is the corpse and was the bombing a murder plot? Murder at the Revels A Homer Kelly mystery. The Temporary Detective Aspiring actress Isobel Spice arrives in New York City fresh out of college, with few skills, but after being rejected by seven temp agencies, she sweet-talks newbie recruiter James Cooke into letting her cover a sudden vacancy at a bank.

By lunchtime, Isobel stumbles across a dead secretary in a bathroom stall. Isolbel is now temping at a public relations agency, where she unwittingly serves an important client a deadly dose of poisoned coffee. Turns out that the dead client was the fraternity brother of her recruiter pal James Cooke, who got Cooke expelled from college.

And Justice for Some Isobel and best friend Delphi are performing in a cheesy interactive murder mystery at a judge's lifetime achievement dinner when Isobel's dramatic death scene is upstaged by a real murder. Offed Stage Left Isobel, now working in regional theater with a supporting role and as understudy for the lead in 'Sousacal: The Life and Times of John Philip Sousa,' becomes a suspect after a series of minor backstage accidents culminates in the suspicious death of the leading lady.

Linscott, Gillian Stage Fright Historical mystery, set in Britain. Littlepage, Lane Murder-by-the-Sea So was the cast party. Especially when the body of Sisu Porter washed ashore. A Broadway backer is skewered during dress rehearsal and the Norths are right on cue. Death Takes a Bow Pam and Jerry North investigate the death of an international author who falls off the stage at the start of a lecture.

Was it accidental, suicide or murder? Death Of an Angel The richest investor in a Broadway smash hit dies after having a romance with the leading lady. Pam and Jerry North investigate. Features the character Katherine 'Peter' Piper. Mystery writer Peter Piper was jinxed. Whenever she started to write a story based on real people, sudden death invariably struck one of the principal characters. So she should have known better than to promise to do a play -- a murder melodrama at that -- for the local theater group.

Lovesey, Peter Abracadaver A Sergeant Cribb mystery, set in the world of the music halls of 19th-century London. While a comic opera plays on stage, a serious killer waits in the wings.

Snoops, Clues & Boos: A Children's Mystery Snoop Tale

Features Boston couple Sarah Kelling and Max Bittersohn, specialists in art and antiques investigation. A Basil Willing murder mystery. A story of murder onstage during a Broadway revival of Sardou's 'F? Malmont, Valerie Death, Snow and Mistletoe: A Tori Miracle Mystery Tori, as editor of the Lickin Creek, PA newspaper, is busy covering the community theater's annual Christmas pageant a Wiccan-cum-Shakespearean adaptation of 'The Nutcracker' when two of the pageant's middle-aged sugar plum fairies are murdered.

Alleyn plays leading man to a Maori idol, and an on-stage killer. Overture To Death When someone shoots the aging town gadfly as she sits down to play the overture for an amateur theatrical production, Inspector Alleyn must sort through the clues to determine who in town could have committed the crime. Enter a Murderer A murder takes place on stage at the Unicorn Theatre during a performance but only two people -- the murderer and Inspector Alleyn -- know it's more than just a piece of inspired acting. Night at the Vulcan After the death of a leading man on opening night, Inspector Alleyn must read between the lines to expose a desparate interplay of backstage relationships and upstage a master murderer.

The old Victorian Dolphin Theatre has a hit play, inspired by the discovery of a remarkable Shakespearean glove. But late one evening, greed overcomes one of the performers, compelling him to steal the valuable glove and to commit a hideous murder in the attempt. Peregrine Jay, owner of the Dolphin Theatre, is putting on a magnificent production of Macbeth, the play that, superstition says, always brings bad luck.

One night, the claymore swings and the dummy's head is more than real: Fortunately, Chief Superintendent Roderick Alleyn is in the audience. The Queen's Head First in the series. Asked to track a Buddhist sculpture that has vanished from a wealthy estate, Charlotte Graham sets aside her guidebooks and searches for clues in China's mystical caves.

Murder at the Falls Murder on High Actress-turned-sleuth Charlotte Graham jumped at the chance to investigate the mysterious murder of Iris Richards. What deadly secrets did Iris take with her on her long fall down Knife Edge Mountain? Murder Among the Angels Murder under the Palms A former movie star turns sleuth is enjoying a glamorous charity ball and her reunion with a famed band leader until a renowned jewelry designer is stabbed to death at the party. Meyer, Nicholas The Canary Trainer: From the Memoirs of John H.

Sherlock Holmes matches wits with his most compelling antagonist, The Phantom of the Opera. Leslie Wetzon and her partner Xenia Smith investigate a murder in a mezzanine when the stage manager is bludgeoned to death, at the trendiest show in NYC. Historical mystery set in France just prior to the French Revolution. The Palais-Royal was the scene of much gaiety and a constant round of pleasures -- perfect cover for darker activities such as the murder of a Parisian actress.

That same evening, her lover, Antoine Dubois, died in a fatal fall. Word of Antoine's death is carried to his stepdaughter, Anne Cartier, a young vaudeville actress with the Sadler's Wells company in London. The headstrong Anne enlists the aid of the messenger, Colonel Paul de Saint-Martin, and his adjutant, Georges Charpentier, to cross to France and investigate. O'Donnell, Lillian Falling Star Mici Anhalt wonders who would kill her friend, Julia Schuyler, a down-and-out former actress. Julia must have had something worth killing her for, and Mici figures whoever has it now must be her killer.

Parker, Robert Walking Shadow When the star of a poorly rated and controversial stage production is shot mid-scene, Spenser and his sidekick, Hawk, comb the shabby waterfront town and find a cast of likely suspects among the underworld. Paul, Barbara The Fourth Wall Her first crime novel. The theatre world of New York is rocked when a number of prominient professionals become the victims of viciously personal attacks. A stage manager loses his hand, an actress is disfigured when her face cream is laced with acid. Gradually the link emerges; many years in the past all of them were members of a one theatre group; but why are they being targetted now?

Who wants revenge so badly, and why?

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A Cadenza for Caruso: An Operatic Mystery But murder and blackmail stalk the Met. Prima Donna at Large Phillippe Duchon is an annoying, egotistical personality and everyone at the Met has had enough. When someone replaces his throat spray with ammonia, Duchon's vocal chords and his life are finished. Enrico Caruso and Arturo Toscanino share the action with fictional characters as they investigate murder at the Metropolitan Opera.

A Chorus of Detectives Christmas season at the Metropolitan Opera in features Enrico Caruso and Geraldine Farrar in a varied schedule of mostly Italian operas, but 'accidents' plague the Metropolitan chorus members: The Apostrophe Thief Features Marian Larch, NYPD officer, who is about to quit the force when she begins investigating the disappearance of seemingly random items, including a jacket that once belonged to Sarah Bernhardt, from a Broadway theater currently hosting a play called 'The Apostrophe Thief.

Movie star turned private eye investigates the murder of a friend and fellow actor at a performance of 'King Lear'. Pike, Christopher Last Act Melanie is the new girl at school, but when she gets the starring role in the school play, she has a whole gang of friends. What she doesn't know is they share a terrible secret from the past, a secret that comes to light after the opening night of the play when the police come for a body and for Melanie.

A Problem in Deduction A scream during the screening of 'Gunplay', the underworld hit of the season, stops the tragedy short but reveals a shocking, baffling crime. A Puzzle For Players Peter Duluth is involved with murder in a Broadway play being staged in the apparently jinxed Dragonet Theatre. Second in the Duluth mystery series. Wilson Webb and Hugh C. He won a Tony Award for each of those musicals in and respectively. A particularly gruesome murder occurs during the Edinburgh Festival, one that looks like it might have its roots in terrorism; Inspector Rebus's investigation takes him from his home base to the villages of rural Scotland and across to Belfast and back again.

Rendell, Ruth Death Notes Features Chief Inspector Wexford. When the world's greatest flute player drowns just days before his wedding to a woman 50 years his junior, Inspector Wexford is the only one to correctly label his death murder. Resnicow, Herbert The Gold Gamble Romantic mystery set in Charleston, South Carolina, involving a local theatre group. Robinson, Peter Past Reason Hated An Inspector Banks mystery. When beautiful Caroline Hartley is found dead, with an endlessly repeating Vivaldi recording on the turntable nearby, Chief Inspector Alan Banks is faced with an apparent crime of passion.

Other crimes include the slashing to ribbons of a 'Twelfth Night' cast's costumes. An amateur theatre group is part of the plot. Title is taken from Shakespeare's sonnet , which describes the agony and consequences of lust. Saulnier, Beth The Fourth Wall An Alex Bernier Mystery. Reporter Alex Bernier must play detective, sorting illusion from deadly truth -- and, with luck, outwitting a murderer determined to bring the curtain down on her act.

Simmons, John Midnight Walking Set in Paris in , the year a devastating flood struck. Alexander von Reisden and Perdita Halley meet after 3 years apart in Paris where Perdita is studying concert piano at the Conservatoire and Reisden heads an institute that specializes in diagnosis of the insane. They plunge into an intense, erotic affair, though Perdita cannot marry and attend the Conservatoire, and Alexander is haunted by a secret from the past. A deliciously elegant game of art and life turns deadly serious as a madman stalks first Alexander and then Perdita, threatening to destroy them both in retribution for a murder they know nothing about -- or do they?

A Superintendent Bone mystery. Backstage at the Tunbridge Wells girls' school production of 'The Beggar's Opera,' Miss Claire Fairlie, the English teacher, was found with a knife plunged into her back. The Superintendent was in the audience, and as he dug deeper into the case, he discovered there was a lot more to Miss Fairlie than met the eye. Grofield rescues a damsel in distress in a life-or-death race across Mexico. Grofield is hired by a mobster's wife as an extra bodyguard when an attempt is made on her life in her Puerto Rican jungle villa.

When irresistable Alan meets Blackbird, a dangerous black beauty from the new African nation of Undurwa, bodies pile up, national leaders rise and fall, and Grofield racks up his most violent caper to date. Echoes of Shakespeare's 'Tempest' resonate through this romantic adventure on the island of Corfu, in the Ionian Sea. A fledgling actress vacationing in Corfu witnesses the murder of one of England's theater luminaries and becomes embroiled in a dangerous offstage drama. Investigative reporter Samantha Adams follows the trail of a poisoned puppy, a savaged doll and a fifty-year old scandal which has led to murder.

Set in Atlanta, GA. Other books in her Sam Adams series are also quotes from Shakespeare plays: A Novel of Murder on Broadway A retired actress plans to stage a secret play, but murder interferes. A magician is a member of a traveling theatrical group [need more info].