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Humans, in essence, are spiritual beings who exist in the Spirit World as bodies of energy.

The Truth Satisfies the Soul

Each spirit of the soul group takes turns to be born on to earth and when it returns back to the Spirit World, it shares his or her life experiences with the other soul siblings. However, this structure does not necessarily apply to the highly evolved souls, who reside in the 8th dimension and above.

Each human soul born on earth as a human being has one guardian spirit assigned to look after him or her while on earth. As a general rule, the role of a guardian spirit is taken by one of the soul siblings, who lived on earth most recently and has the most recent knowledge of the three-dimensional world. Truth and Soul is the second album by American funk-rock and ska band Fishbone.

It was released on September 13, As is typical of the band's history of music the album features a wide array of genres including punk , ska , reggae , soul , funk , and blues. Additionally, Truth and Soul includes the bands earliest foray into hard rock and heavy metal music. The album begins with a cover version of Curtis Mayfield 's " Freddie's Dead ," originally from the soundtrack to the film Super Fly.

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Following the release of the Fishbone EP and In Your Face , the band had completed their original record contract with Columbia Records and renegotiated a new deal that would allow them another full-length album. It was later acknowledged as a sign of how much faith Columbia had in Fishbone at the time to continue to support their records. Guitarist Kendall Jones was becoming concerned that the band's image was "cartoonish," [2] and reviews of their previous album had, in fact, criticized the attempt at socially conscious subject matter alongside other absurd frat-rock songs.

These elements together influenced the band to make a more serious album with a consistently socially conscious theme.

The Soul Truth

Domestically, two tracks were released as singles in promotion of the album. Additional singles were released in Europe for the songs "Change" and "One Day. Soul Truth Declarations — yours for the declaring. Save to your library Download. Previous Post The dark side of big goals. Next Post The light choice is the right choice. Save to your library.

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