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The one real thing I had, the one honest, real thing was you! They were good together and that was obvious during the book. You're warm and you smell good" This was an easy reading with great characters and the story line was delivered pretty good. So if you want something easy and nice with some cheesy scenes this is for you.

She makes life brighter. Thank you very much! I'll follow you, sweetheart. I'll follow you anywhere. Don't leave me alone again my Katy. I couldn't bear it. So this book was really good and I enjoyed it. Richard and Kathrine went through a lot in the past but now they had their future ahead of them ready to fill it with love and sweet moments! My boys are determined. View all 26 comments. Jun 11, NMmomof4 rated it liked it Shelves: This was just ok, and then it wasn't. I didn't find anything really all that special about either characters, and once they developed stronger feelings it became kind of cheesy and just plain unappealing to me.

I didn't hate it either. I just completely lost interest tbh. I'm sure others would like this low drama, super sweet story Brief Summary of the Storyline: This is Katy and Richard's story. Katy works as Richard's PA, and after he is passed by for a promotion he is expecting he needs her help. He wants to work for the other big firm in town, but they are against his playboy ways. Katy needs the job desperately to provide care for her aunt, and is put in a such a bad situation when he talks about leaving that she has no choice but to accept. They play the act of a loving couple enough for Richard to get the job, but it doesn't end there.

Somewhere along the way, they fall in love and get a HEA ending. Overall Pace of Story: I frankly just lost interest, and started skimming most of it. They take time to develop stronger feelings. He was a jerk at first, but he made some major changes to be a better man. He was just ok. She was also just ok.

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Nothing else really to say. Yes view spoiler [The H pursues the h for the agreement. He is adamant at first that he will never fall in love, so he pushes away in a sense at first. Once they become intimate, he pursues her after she takes off. They take so long to change their relationship and become intimate that there isn't that much heat mostly at the end where I was skimming. They go without protection and then have a discussion after the fact.

The h is on birth control. The H mentions that he had never been without before. Yes view spoiler [ There is a short separation when the h runs away after they are intimate. There are no other partners during the separation. Yes view spoiler [ Manwhore H before agreement, virgin h, poverty, loss of parents, parental figure with Alzheimer's, and marriage of convenience. This had ok closure with a HEA ending. Tbh I skimmed a good bit by this point, and I was no longer invested. How I got it: It was part of my scribed subscription. This was a great story but I did drag on in places. I loved how he runs after her in the end but honestly it was a slow moving book.

This was a comforting read filled with ups and downs. The hero was a total asshole. I had no idea that I could hate him so much and then at the end love him. He really did grow and the author did a great job of showing his growth. It does come slowly with the realization of who he could be if he allowed himself to feel.

Everything he does towards the end is for her This was a great story but I did drag on in places. Everything he does towards the end is for her benefit. The heroine we got a limited view of her thoughts but she was honestly way too good to be true at first but then the reader comes to see she is strong and complex. I loved her from the beginning! She becomes this sassy vixen. I am so glad I gave this book a try it was much better than I thought it would be. It was a totally believable story and if his place of work existed somewhere.

I would be the first in line to get a job there. The people sound just too amazing! The whole staff was a family. The story takes you from anger to bliss to despair and then back to bliss. I totally enjoyed it View all 21 comments. I did a re-read. VanRyan hide spoiler ] how old? Richard wants revenge for being passed on a promotion, and wants to start working for The Gavin Group. However, the TGG is a family business and Richard is far, far from being a family man.

I twirled her onto the dance floor amid the laughter. She nestled into me as we moved to the music. Once again, it struck me how well she fit to me—the way her head was the perfect height to tuck under my chin. I could smell her soft scent, and enjoyed the silk of her hair on my skin. I beamed as we spun around, our steps in sync. I had chosen the perfect fake wife. In fact, he's a cold, ruthless and a playboy, so he needs a plan, an in. All she need to do is convince TGG family that they are in love and that Richard is a changed man.

However, Richard hadn't anticipated that he'd actually start to like Katherine. Overall, I enjoyed this re-read. Sure, it wasn't as good as it was, but it was definitely worth it and it still made me teary. Real, honest love—it makes you strong. Laura Gavin , his wife.

Jenna Gavin , his daughter and becomes Katy's friend. All sorts of them. Sad ones, good ones, and great ones. They make up the tapestry that is your life. Hold on to all of them—especially the great ones. They make the others easy to take. Duuuuude, I adored this book! On top of that I had still having a bad, bad migraine. Did I stop reading? I needed to know how it all turned out. It was a cute, adorable, sweet, funny, sexy, lovable story. Did I mention that I adored it? In fact, I'm sure that if it wasn't for that stupid migraine, I would have indeed loved it.

Right now, I just liked it. Will I read this again in the future? View all 14 comments. Feb 24, Katie rated it it was amazing Shelves: I think you're lost. You haven't let yourself feel. Once you do, once you allow yourself to connect to someone, I think you'll find this world is a much better place.

Love doesn't make you weak. Real, honest love- it makes you strong. So the story plot is as follows- an eccentric, rich and womanizing man named Richard is looking to leave his old job after being passed up for the role of their new partner. In order for him to go to 5 stars! In order for him to go to the new company, he needs to prove to his potential new boss that he has left his playboy ways behind him and currently in love with a woman.

Richard and his associate come up with a plan to convince his assistant, Katharine, to go along with his ploy. Katharine great name, if I do say so myself! The thought of pretending to LOVE each other is something difficult for both of them.

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Katharine is having a hard time keeping up with the ever-growing fee to keep her Aunt in a nice nursing home. She was such a headstrong woman and doesn't take crap from anyone- especially not Richard. I was engaged to a man who disliked me, but was willing to try to overlook it, so he could get a new job and piss off his old boss.

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Certainly, that was the stuff that dreams were made of. The two of them bump heads many times throughout this book, and I absolutely loved it. Katharine takes NO shit from Richard and in turn, Richard finds himself confused about the mousy and shy woman that he originally thought she was. Richard was difficult to like in the beginning. I kept muttering to myself "ugh, what a dick" during many of his snarky remarks to Katharine. But like many alpha males, I slowly grew to love him, just like Katharine!

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You follow their relationship from the beginning and you truly fall in love with him right along with her. Her emotions and feelings very much mimicked how I would be feeling throughout most of the book and it made her character quite relatable. I must warn you though. There is one scene in this book that literally had me sobbing. Prepare to ugly cry. Melanie Moreland outdid herself with this book. Thank you so much for the opportunity to read and review this book, Ms. View all 6 comments. May 22, Amanda rated it really liked it Shelves: When I started on the book, I find the writing was pretty mediocre and there isn't enough backstory to build up the two main characters.

When they first came on the page, I don't find them instantly likable. But as I continue, I find myself getting more and more engrossed in the story and rooting for the jerk.

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Richard VanRyan is a high flyer of the advertising industry and a jerk of epic proportion, especially towards his PA 4 'make - believe' stars The Contract is quite a surprisingly good read. Richard VanRyan is a high flyer of the advertising industry and a jerk of epic proportion, especially towards his PA, Katherine Elliot. Honestly, I don't understand his initially dislike for Katy because I would think being a tyrant boss would appreciate an efficient worker, despite her not being easy on the eyes. When he was pass up for promotion in the company, the only thing that came to his mind is revenge When Richard found out that Gavin Group is a tight nit family business that values its employee morale and integrity, he decided that he need his PA's help to sell the story of him being a reformed man.

Katherine Elliot is a plain Jane and a hard worker.

The Contract

Being insulted, ridicule and verbally abused by her tyrant boss is something that she can bear because she got much important thing to focus on, namely supporting her Aunt Penny in a private care. But when her boss asked her for an unexpected favor, she was torn between wanting the money and asking him to go fuck himself. Richard's plan is simply. Ask Katherine to be his fake girlfriend, impress the Gavins, get the job and then ditch the fake girlfriend.

But alas, reality doesn't go as plan, and their lies soon grew out of proportion and they find themselves getting deeper and deeper into the charade and lines got blurred. This is very much Richard's story. For being someone so capable and successful, he is one cynical, immoral man in a dog eats dog world.

He was a big jerk to Katherine, but when he needs her help, he did manage to turn on his charm. He is not all bad, but slightly misguided due to his upbringing and the lack of close friend. I'm very much impressed with his transformation in the story. When he get to know the real Katherine behind the timid PA, he was amaze with her strength and tenacity. And after getting a taste of the working environment in Gavin Group, Richard found out that he much appreciate a healthy working place compare to the cut throat business he was coming from. Katherine as a heroine came off as quite a doormat in the beginning.

She just go with whatever Richard demand of her, but slowly we see her backbone emerging and after we learn about Aunt Penny, we can see what a remarkable woman she is. I think although this story started off on shaky ground, I enjoyed the slow burn relationship between Richard and Katherine. And beside the romance, there is an underlying sense of family, friendship and love. Is a bit sweet and sappy, especially coming from Richard, but I love it.

View all 11 comments. I didn't like the hero at the beginning, I didn't like him much at the end. She wasn't weak, she was a good person I guess. Much better than me, coz I would have never forgiven him. They accommodate maybe, but don't change completely.

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There are miracles in books, there are non in real life. View all 13 comments. Nov 15, Claire Robinson rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Contract is not the first book I have read by Melanie Moreland, but it is definitely the best book I have read by her to date. There is nothing I love more than an asshole who over the course of the story reforms into something else. Richard VanRyan is the epitomy of that description, because at the beginning of this story, he can only be described as a total douche, but what I liked is that the author through using his POV for the bulk of the story real 5 - "Go fuck yourself, VanRyan.

Richard VanRyan is the epitomy of that description, because at the beginning of this story, he can only be described as a total douche, but what I liked is that the author through using his POV for the bulk of the story really gave you an insight into his head, how he was thinking, and how those assumptions he initially made about Kate unravelled and the effect that has on him, the more he gets to know her. Her POV is included at pertinent points in the story, and getting in her head when certain things are playing out really gave depth to them both as characters.

I loved the back and forth between these two, as the level of their deception to everyone else grows, the actual connection between them forges stronger. You can also see that Richard starts to realize as things move along, that what he thought would be a small white lie to get him into a new job, and a couple of months inconvenience with having Miss Elliott in his life, gradually grows in proportion as he settles into the new job and his relationship with Katy morphs into more than just a business transaction.

I got lost in this story, literally not moving off the sofa until the last paragraph. Copy generously gifted by the author, and it is my absolute pleasure to provide the above review as thanks. View all 18 comments. Very sweet and heart warming but too slow and dragging! I think this book is pages longer than necessary. I mean, there are 60 more pa Someting between , I mean, there are 60 more pages after their happy end, which is the happier end, the even much happier end and the happiest end Richard is a handsome and sexy but arrogant tyrant by day, who acts as a playboy by night.

He cares for no one, he lacks empathy, emotions, affection and kindness. He is self-centered and cruel. Katharine works for Richard as his PA. She dislikes him although she thinks he is insanely handsome because Richard really treats her like shit, always barking at her, ordering all the nonsense tasks and never asking anything nicely. Even though she always does whatever he wants perfectly with no complaints, he never appreciates her, he even thinks she is a doormat.

He despises her, wants to get rid of her, mocks her You get the picture? Katy Katherine endures all the garbage he sends her way, because she needs this job. She has dark hair and blue eyes but she never wears make up or nice clothes. She doesn't eat much and she is too thin. And she is sometimes clumsy, which earns her another reason for being mocked by Richard.

She never ever complains and she tolerates her nasty tyrant of a boss because she has to save money for the care she needs to provide for her sick aunt who has Alzheimer's. All the money she earns goes to the care center where her aunt is taken care of and that is why she is left with very little money for food and clothes. She lives in a miserable place in a dangerous part of the city to save money. We later learn that view spoiler [Penny, her aunt, is not her real aunt at all.

When her parents died when she was 12 she was given to foster care and when she was abused, she escaped. Penny is the woman who found her in the streets and gave her a home and love. One day, Richard is disappointed with his boss and decides to leave the company to work in the rival firm. But in order to have a chance at a position there, he needs to have a nice family life. And for this, he makes a plan: Find a girl to do the act, which later turns out to be his assistant who needs the money to do the act. When the girl with no make up and nice clothes is transformed into the nicely-dressed woman with nice hair and make up, the arrogant tyrant falls in love with her!

Yes, this was what I expected but no, it doesn't happen so. He still doesn't find her very beautiful. He still despises her. He still wants to get rid of her as soon as possible. But when they make this contract, Katy starts to behave more like herself and Richard begins to see her real character, which he never cared about before. He starts to understand all the reasons behind her "doormat personality".

He starts to discover the angelic girl with her golden heart. She is not a doormat any more, she is sometimes sassy sometimes the voice of wisdom. Everything happens so slowly, and everything feels real for this reason. The kind and good-hearted people in his new work environment that he managed to enter by fooling them he is in love with a nice girl start to show Richard what it is like to be in a friendly environment where everyone loves and respects one another and appreciates each other's opinions.

Meanwhile, Katy and her aunt Penny start to teach Richard what loving and caring for someone feels like, just by being themselves. Richard had never been in an environment where people showed real love to one another. So, he begins to change, he begins to relax and he begins to enjoy the new man he is becoming. I should never have been an asshole to you.

How can you even stand to be around me? A little effort on my part and you forgive? I saw a different side of you. Instead, your sweetness changed me, Katy. She had slowly replaced the bad ones, until they were gone, by simply being her. Katy forgives him easily and the reader forgives him easily because it feels all real and sincere. The more he hates himself, the more guilty he feels, the more easily we forgive him. And he does feel great remorse for his past treatment towards her. So as far as groveling is concerned, he does it well and sincerely. Although this slow change was convincing, as I said at the very beginning, the problem with this book was its last percent.

I mean, they are together, confessed their love and all, but it still goes on and on and on with a very lengthy and a very dragging happy end that lasts for pages and pages So, I reiterate, the book is definitely pages longer than necessary in my opinion and it lacks some action, event, plot twist or something like that So it is kind of 3,5 for me but because it is definitely not a 4, I feel I have to give it a The book is told by dual point of view, both by Katy ad Richard while Richard's chapters far outweigh Katy's View all 27 comments.

Mar 23, Bev rated it it was ok Shelves: This was one of those "it's not you, it's me" books, and I really struggled with this. Richard was a monumental tool from word one, to the point of being vile and nasty, and he irritated the ever loving hell out of me with his unwarranted and cruel attacks on Katy. She then in turn irritated me by putting up with his crap instead of kneeing him in the nuts. Then she has a light bulb moment and agrees to a marriage of convenience, having been ridiculed, maligned, hurt, bullied, etc over and over This was one of those "it's not you, it's me" books, and I really struggled with this.

Then she has a light bulb moment and agrees to a marriage of convenience, having been ridiculed, maligned, hurt, bullied, etc over and over for a year by this charmer not!! Most of the book was in his POV, with a little from Katy's and I think this is why I couldn't connect to either character. He was so vile I couldn't be bothered with him, she was such a doormat she did my head in. I sorta got why at first she let him get away with how he tormented her given her situation, but even after she grew her backbone she still made excuses for him, over and over, ad nauseum. From about three quarters of the way in it seemed to turn into a cheese-fest which didn't really fit in with the characters or the story.

I need to believe in the romance when I'm reading, I didn't have that here. A romance is between two people, the only person that really figured in Richard's world is Richard and sadly for me this just didn't work. Apr 17, Jan rated it really liked it Shelves: And so I tried my luck. Thanks to StarAngel's Reviews for very kindly sending me this copy. Her final goal is far more important than the daily abuse and demands she tolerates from her nasty tyrant of a boss. A heroine I was so looking forward to see grow a backbone. Why not his clumsy PA?

When she did it, it was in grand style. Soon they were caught on a snow ball of lies where the fake engagement wasn't enough and to keep the appearances they had to get married. With the forced arrangement of living together, a mutual respect built on a forced daily basis intimacy started to flourish, and as a result, a beautiful friendship.

It was a subtle changing very well crafted by the author. I liked it a lot. There was no insta-love. The Gavin family from The Gavin Group remember? He did get the job. They became best friends in the first family BBQ. And then there was Jenna Gavin. The woman had no boundaries! No sense or filters at all! Getting in their room to have coffee, early in the morning, with Katharine?! Overall, The Contract was a great read with lots of laughing out loud moments and a punch of a few emotional ones.

View all 16 comments. Jun 02, Soonya rated it really liked it. Really liked this story. Step by step you experience their romance and get to love them and their connection. Even though hero had his moments in the beginning, I ended up liking him and the whole set up of the story. Heroine wasn't a doormat either, and the end was very sweet and cute. I also loved 4. I also loved secondary characters. View all 24 comments. Jun 08, Naksed rated it liked it Shelves: The shriveled up, ashy, black and burnt raisin that serves as my heart wished it could have the capacity to love this fun, entertaining, contemporary romance where the nerd girl heroine tames the wild beast of a hero through a marriage of convenience.

A very lame, completely undistinguished, instantly forgettable thriller. With poor effects and plenty of phony sets and backdrops, there's an unmistakable whiff of cheapness to the production. The characters are pretty much all stock caricatures and some of the supporting performances are terrible.

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Worth watching if it comes on tv, but missable if you don't. Probably one of the less interesting films of such great names like Freeman or Cusack. The setting isn't even half-bad, but very constructed. The delivery is mediocre at best. Considering this is a thriller, very few exciting things happen. It all stays very predictable and leaves the audience somewhat indifferent. The solution is somewhat random, too.

Not boring by any means but entirely fails to enthrall or engage the audience. Which is quite a pity considering what the two male leads could be capable of. More Top Movies Trailers Forums. Season 7 Black Lightning: Season 2 DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Season 4 Doctor Who: Season 11 The Flash: Season 5 This Is Us: Season 3 Saturday Night Live: Season 4 The Walking Dead: Weekend Box Office Results: View All Photos 6. Attempting to recover from a recent family trauma by escaping into the woods for a peaceful hiking trip, an ex-lawman and his young son stumble across a dangerous contract killer in director Bruce Beresford's forest-bound thriller.

Ray Keene John Cusack has lost his wife, and now the grieving father is looking to reconnect with his young son Jamie Anderson with a much-needed hike into the wilderness. But Ray and his son aren't alone in nature, because high profile assassin Frank Cardin Morgan Freeman has ventured into nature with the malevolent intentions of fulfilling a contract to kill an extremely powerful businessman.

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When Frank's hit goes awry and he ends up in the custody of U. Marshalls, the situation quickly spins out of control as a small army of loyal mercenaries draw their guns in a violent attempt to free their notorious compatriot. Later stumbling upon the chaotic situation, Ray does his best to protect his son while ensuring that Frank doesn't escape justice.