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They use portal technology to jump from world to world, protecting the people from chaos. A young hero-in-training named Skyler must track down and stop traitors before they can disrupt the balance of the worlds. An Interactive Experience integrates physical movements and gestures in conjunction with the Myo Gesture Control Armband. A relationship between World Jumpers is shaky because a pair could be separated within a single jump.

But yet there are people who still try despite the odds.

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Is the ability to see any place ever really as incredible as people say when you can only share it with yourself? This is I suppose more of a casual series compared to some of my other series; written or not. But I wouldn't mind doing more for this concept.

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The speaker for the advertising in tech business aptly set out tech business models: All these models can be monetised with advertisements. Although I am not in the tech business, I find it very useful to attend such event.

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I have many tech related clients and it is very useful for me to understand their business especially their tech jargon and business models. I also get to educate clients on the latest updates and even educating clients who want to venture into the tech industry. This year I do not have the company of Melissa who is no longer in Perkpool but Chong Yee, my patent attorney friend from Singapore.

Together we went around the booths to hear startups pitch their business.

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This year they have startups from Kazakhstan. I find these startups most interesting: Phonebooth — app that allows you to make free phone call to local businesses. Phonebooth will gather business phone numbers and list them on their App. Business owners may claim the number and place information and advertisements there.

For example, a restaurant may place their menu.

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Honey Alarm — funny pitch from the founder. The new version will allow users to purchase the newly listed SYTs.

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There may also be a new version to put your own recording such as your children or girlfriend. Worldjumper — a self learning translator. Ipselex — a software that simplifies patent searches for startups and businesses. Key in a product description and it will plow through patent specifications to see whether there are any similar products. Invented by a patent attorney, the software has semantic functions ie to have variation of term for each search term.