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I believe in fat. This is me speaking, not my eating disorder convincing me that my body is a worthless, loathsome shell. I studied abroad for one month in Seville, Spain, taking a course on podcast reporting. Growing up in Penns Valley, I became accustomed to a community that shared the fruits of its labor. Fresh produce was abundant due to the many farmers in the area, and neighbors shared recipes and baked dishes for friends in need. I see them everywhere, every day. Whether it be between a comment a housemate made and a thought I had a couple months ago, or between an article I read online and the rules of a card game I used to play when I was younger.

But the best kinds of connections are the ones between people.

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This is my second This I Believe essay. The first was in when I extolled the virtues of the Chicago Cubs as a metaphor for the game of life. You may have setbacks, but like the Cubs you have to persevere. When I was younger, I wanted another sibling. As much as I loved my two little brothers, I always wished for a sister. Thankfully at the age of 10, I was finally granted my wish. My parents told me I had a new baby sister on the way. I was also told something else.

My sister was going to have something a little extra special about her. She was going to have Down syndrome. I was mostly just worried, unsure of what Down syndrome would mean for me and what it would mean for my baby sister. I sat at different lunch tables every day. I hung out with people older than me.

I hung out with people my age.

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I had tons of friends. That all changed when I reached 6th grade. Starting the second semester, I was only at one lunch table; I only sat in one seat. I was part of something called "Super Squad. Hosted by Emily Reddy. This essay originally aired on January 4, This essay originally aired on December 21, I believe in libraries.

This essay originally aired on December 7, This essay originally aired on April 12, But golf is more than just a sport to me. I believe in space exploration. This essay originally aired on Feb.

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I believe in the small joy of washing with carrot-ginger soap. I believe in making things by hand. I believe in the need for moderate activism to create a safer America. I believe in owning a terrible first car. I believe in science fiction. I believe in Harry Potter.

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My mom is a list-maker. And I am too. I believe in stepping outside of your comfort zone.

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I believe in sharing food. I believe in connections. I believe my dad watches over me. I believe in being an advocate. This version is frequently performed by choirs at Christmas time. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification.

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