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But I kind of felt like she had one foot in each without committing to either. Overall, I feel a bit lukewarm about the book. I learned more about him, but I'm not sure I buy the repressed homosexuality thing. Mostly I guess I feel sorry for him, that he had such a drinking problem. And I want to read all of his books. Mar 06, Davy Cee rated it it was amazing. If you think of Raymond Chandler as a God and have a love for LA circa , then you'll probably like this book as much as I did.

If not, well, then you are a probably a numbskull. Sep 15, Carey rated it really liked it. My love of Raymond Chandler and his gut-punching dialogue was very well fed as I read this book. And being an Los Angeles native, it not only reconnected me to the lost parts of town from my own childhood, but took me through the city with new eyes. One of his many residences I discovered was 3 blocks from where I live today, and now get to walk by it and peer in to a bit of noir history.

May 25, J. Chandler, along with Dashiell Hammett, creator of Sam Spade, is responsible for creating the genre of the hardboiled detective. Contemplative, he enjoys chess usually playing against himself and poetry. He smokes cigarettes but lights up an occasional pipe. A tough guy, Marlowe refrains from fisticuffs, besting his rivals through his sharp repartee.

Marlowe rarely seduces the women with whom he crosses paths, and he is immune to the predatory advances of women such as Carmen Sternwood in The Big Sleep. Chandler passed away when I was but two years old, and I knew little of him other than he created Philip Marlowe and was himself a hard drinker. And the Woman He Loved would seem the subtitle of a storybook romance. Chandler was 35 when he married Cissy Pascal, who was 53, despite listing her age as 43 on their marriage certificate.

The marriage was unconventional to say the least, and others have put forth, as Freeman does, that Chandler never knew that Cissy was fully 18 years his senior. As Cissy aged and battled respiratory disease, Chandler dutifully took care of her, as he did his mother in her last years. His father abandoned Chandler and his mother when Chandler was a boy. A telling point in the biography is that Chandler would not wed Cissy until after his mother had passed away. That Chandler loved Cissy is never in question, as evidenced by the poems he wrote to her throughout their marriage.

When he worked from home, he was the doting husband; yet there were times when he was flagrantly unfaithful to her. Like Pon Farr, the Vulcan blood fever, Chandler often binged on women while he was drinking, usually when working in Hollywood on a screenplay, when he was surrounded by young assistants. The more he binged on women the more he drank, as if to hide his shame. Did he marry Cissy as a sort of surrogate mother she took care of him as a mother would a son and compartmentalize younger women for their body parts? A question, even if it were put forth, we can never answer.

Or as Freeman, in her best imitation of Chandler, writes of L. When you constantly change a landscape, you erase the collective memory of a city. How can you live without memory?

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Included is a letter he wrote to a publisher that revealed his frustrations as a writer: It does if the biographer wishes to lend to the text the feel of a journal, which is what Freeman endeavors in The Long Embrace. At times it works; while other times it detracts. I may read supermarket tabloid headlines while standing in line, but I never give credence to their authenticity. The knight in tarnished armor. Aug 29, D. I gave up on this book about halfway through chapter 2. That's why I'm not giving it a rating. I've had this book on my Kindle for a very long time.

It's ostensibly about the mostly private relationship between Chandler and his wife, and how this relationship impacted his life and work. The first chapter tossed up a couple of red flags: I was willing to forgive that, because it's the first chapter of the book, and maybe she thought an explanation of why she wrote it would be illuminating for readers. That's pretty thin soup.

Chapter 2 begins with a surface-skim explanation of what Los Angeles was like when Raymond Chandler arrived in the teens, followed by a first-person account of Freeman snooping around L. Fluidly written, but at this point it became apparent that Freeman was beginning to invent the genre of speculative nonfiction. When the next section of the chapter began with Freeman arriving at one of Raymond and Cissy's apartment buildings, I decided this was not the book I thought it was. I've never read any of Freeman's novels, so I know nothing about her other than the fact that she wrote this book.

I don't care about her journey of self-discovery; she is not the reason I'm reading it. I would guess many people interested in this book will feel the same way. Jul 11, Lisagarden rated it it was amazing. This book captured me on many levels. I found in this book, not only a love and reverence for Raymond Chandler , but also for Los Angeles.

I think that the Long Embrace is really the embrace of Los Angeles. An embrace that impacted Chandler, Freeman and readers. I am a native of Los Angeles and in the age bracket beyond midlife. I understand the journey and search for a person's and a city's history. I enjoyed her almost tangible manipulations of Los Angeles sights, sounds, textures and smells. I reco This book captured me on many levels. I recognize many of her experiences of L. Freeman's research intertwines Chandler and Los Angeles. She brings up questions and presents answers about the impact on the city by the automobile, oil, films, police corruption and the unlikely heroes that reveal themselves in the midst of it all.


Just as Chandler himself. It is interesting to finally learn about Chandlers wife, Cissy. She lived with the truth of her real age hidden. This was common- all the women friends of my mother and grandmothers - did not give their true age. I remember them telling me "a woman never gives her true age. I know of a woman who refused to use Medicare benefits because she did not want to reveal her true age.

Neysa McMein- artist of the 20's. Judith Freeman has real skill at blending research, and her own interpretations on her lovingly selected subjects. She continues in the same vein in this book. If you are familiar and enjoy her writing -you will love this one. If you are a Los Angeles native whether born or relocated here you will enjoy learning more about your city and the Chandler connections. Jan 27, Richard Kramer rated it it was ok. A Philip Marlowe doesn't come from nowhere, and the man who gave him life -- Raymond Chandler -- was an odd one, indeed.

This book is mostly about his long marriage to a woman twenty years his senior who lied to him about how old she was, a fact the author can't quite get out of her teeth, like a bit of sinew from a lamb chop. They lived a life of Enabling and Co-Dependence, two meaningless terms that Judith Freeman uses to explain everything and that badly date the book. They were both drunks, a A Philip Marlowe doesn't come from nowhere, and the man who gave him life -- Raymond Chandler -- was an odd one, indeed.

They were both drunks, and nuts; He was a genius, which may have been worst of all. The book annoyed me. It is written in a smug Los Angeles Intellectual manner, both faux-Didion and faux-Chandler, and it made me fantasize of that cocktail party that will never happen where, on being introduced to the author, I say "Yesssss And I'm going to read one of the books, probably, too.

Feb 09, Gigi rated it really liked it.

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This is a fascinating story of a journalist obsessed with the author, Raymond Chandler , and the story of his marriage to a woman almost 20 years older than him. She does a remarkable job of tracking down their very personal life and piecing together the ups and downs of this odd relationship. Sep 05, Charles rated it really liked it Shelves: A lovely, unique book, part fact, part the author's vivid imagination. Chandler as one might never have thought about him. Worth the read -- history is often just part imagination anyway.

Oct 07, G rated it liked it. Not only does the pitch-perfect pace grab the reader by the wrist and pull them breathlessly along, but the book walks the line between memoir and true crime in a way that has never been done so flawlessly before. McNamara takes the reader on an emotional journal that is at times shocking, entertaining, joyful and devastating.

I don't care if you are into true crime Audible Audiobook Verified Purchase. I'm writing this review of the Audible format of the book. I wasn't sure about buying it for Audible; I like listening to true crime podcasts during my long commute, but obviously a book means more hours of listening that you're committing to.

In the end, I'm glad I bought this format. The reader's voice is perfect: It might just be a little harder to follow than the print version, but I'm still with it, 11 chapters in. First, to everyone who angrily gave this book one star, and they are very angry for some reason, I'm posting Stephen King's words about this book: Those books have already been written and this fact is addressed by Michelle numerous times.

This book is about Michelle's time spent researching this case. So, of course, this book jumps around because it follows her and her research. She started this as notes for her website or podcast, and it grew from something she happened upon to something that she couldn't stop focusing on. She is a beautiful writer, and I was drawn into the story from the first page. The portions about her, including her childhood, at times feel like the reprieve from the darkness they were meant to be, but are not any less interesting. I would read an entire book about the crime she referenced from her childhood.

That brings me to why this book was at times hard to read, besides the obvious darkness of the subject matter. Many times when I'm reading, I find myself pausing to buy everything else the author has written. Of course that is not possible here, and many times while reading I thought about her family and friends and what a horrible loss they have suffered.

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