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Look, you can be very smart, driven, humble, etc. How often do you see people become successful only to squander their success? How many one-hit wonders have you seen? And if you want to stay here too, you must never underestimate the power of repetition.

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    Types of Repetition

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    Word Origin & History

    General terms for Repetition Repetition of letters, syllables, sounds Repetition of words Repetition of clauses and phrases Repetition of ideas. General Terms for Repetition conduplicatio ploce Repetition of letters, syllables, sounds alliteration Repetition of the same sound at the beginning of two or more stressed syllables. Also, a kind of inverted alliteration, in which final consonants, rather than initial or medial ones, repeat in nearby words.

    Repetition - definition of repetition by The Free Dictionary

    The combination of isocolon and assonance. Copies appear as deceptive shadow- images in the Republic or enigmatic dead traces of living speech in Phaedrus. In the context of art, we can say with Benjamin that the reproduction transcends the here and now of the work of art and dissipates its aura 1. Reproduction is thus seen as a deficient — or illegitimate — repetition of the original, except in the realm of those visual arts for which mechanical reproduction is inherent in the very mode of production, such as film or photography2.

    Negatively speaking, the process of reproduction abolishes the uniqueness of the work of art and estranges it from its original context.


    Positively speaking, it creates a new meaning by placing a semblance of the old in a new context. While the old may still be recognizable as repetition, it ceases to be a semblance and takes on a new life in its new environment. In this sense, reproduction is always connected with production. As a mode of production, repetition can have different effects.

    It can repeat the same or the similar, i. A meander presents a linear repetition of the same ornament, a series in which the repeated becomes an inseparable part of the whole, like a ring in a chain. A concentric spiral is a product of repetition which involves alteration. Despite this spatial separation, it is impossible to dissect the spiral into individual elements.

    Phil Kaye performs "Repetition"

    The repeated is dissolved in the process of repetition, and the series evolves as something new out of the substrate of the old. Both the meander and the spiral are repetitions of one element in one particular mode or combination. Repetition is an especially potent technique of production when a finite number of elements can be organized in infinite combinations. Most manually produced objects of art and craft are the result of such repetition: A rug is the sum of a — relatively limited — number of combinations of a finite number of dyed threads.

    A pointillist painting can be described in a similar way.

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    Painting in general is produced by potentially infinite combinations in terms of mixing as well as in terms of application of a finite number of colors. In a pointillist painting , however, repetition is exhibited — the individual dots of color appear more discrete when the viewer comes closer to the painting. Language itself is a product of the repetition of finite elements in infinite combinations. In every language , a finite number of sounds form a potentially infinite number of words. The ways in which the sounds are organized is strictly regulated.