Small Events: Haibun by W. F. Owen

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If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author. Memories of my fifty-six years run together like photographs in a family album put together in haste, out of chronological order, too many shots of some events, too few of others.

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Pictures of the living and the dead, immortalized. Small events have made me, such as having to retake high school biology.

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After I aced the course the second time, my teacher told me I should think about going to college. Other images stick in my mind: And last, moments of perfection: About Publish Join Sign In. The Taste of Blood The last dog we had growing up, a boxer named Bullet, developed the habit of jumping up and laying his paws on the chest of anyone who approached.

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Licking and slobbering, he only wanted to play, but would knock over small children so we were forced to take him to live in the rural town of my grandparents. There was plenty of open space, rabbits and possums to hunt. When he needed to be chained, he had the shade of the plum trees.

On our visits, we would throw the green canning plums for him to chase. He liked to chase.

Mumblety-peg The pocketknife lands in the black Texas mud just beyond his foot. He stretches a leg out to the knife, pulls it from the ground and takes his throw.

Small Events: A Collection of Haibun

The first person to fall while stretching loses. This Yankee kid named Ed stretches out, loses his balance then falls, to the hoots and howls of my buddies. Keeping with tradition, I wipe my blade clean on his clothes. After a while, we get used to his northern accent. September sky hearing that a friend was in the first tower Others are humorous and ironic: On the first day, I see there is an element of danger.

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My immediate supervisor, Pete, gives me two bits of advice: Don't turn your back; and keep smiling. I watch him and he does just that. This man in his fifties has a permanent smile. Not a happy-face-sticker smile, but a genuine glad-to-be-alive one.

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The entire staff has this smile and one odd behavior: