The Song of the Lord

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Sacred music has a unique ability to engage both body and mind. It brings people together in expressing gratitude, praise, sorrow and even protest against injustice. More than three millennia after Miriam, singing continues to be a widely observed expression of thanksgiving and gratitude, whether or not couched in religious language or occurring in a sacred space.

Why religion needs sacred song

At the other end of the emotional spectrum, sacred music is the preferred medium for expressing mourning and lament. Indeed, the climactic final chapter of historian and civil rights activist W.

Many Hebrew psalms are classified as laments and have been sung by monastics and lay worshipers, Jewish and Christian, for 2, years. Just as the experiences of ecstasy and gratitude are heightened by giving vocal expression in collective singing, so the pain of injustice and uncertainty are relieved by vocal release through music. Sacred song is one of the most social aspects of religious practice. But it is also an intimate embodied experience. The singer draws meaning from her or his core being: She feels the sound being produced as she hears it.

This concept has been explored extensively by sociologist Randall Collins in his work on interaction ritual chains.

Song of the Lord

Personally, I have experienced this most intensely while singing shape-note music , which might be described as the heavy metal of American roots music with a Calvinist twist. Worth noting in the Miriam singing we began with is the way in which singing and dancing are conjoined. Disembodied music of the sort we take for granted through MP3s and earbuds, or even sitting passively in a concert hall, is a recent historical development.

The most intense experience of unity between body and music is called trance. It's a timeless resource identified in God's Word as a powerful part of the arsenal He has given for our triumph in spiritual conflict.


The breakthrough of the gospel into Europe in the first century began as the result of a Holy Spirit-inspired vision that led Paul and his party to move west instead of east in their evangelistic pursuits Acts As God's Word was preached and confirmed by His power, His followers gained their first European converts. The efforts of Paul and the others were assailed repeatedly by a demon-possessed woman, whose sorceries had gained influence over many in that area.

But Paul cast the demon from her, setting the woman free to follow Christ vv. Visit the Charisma Store to view all our specials. Help Charisma stay strong for years to come as we report on life in the Spirit.

20 Best "Jesus Songs" About Our Lord & Savior

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Our 20 Favorite Songs about Jesus

Do not question others' faith just because you disagree with them. It adds nothing to the discussion and only causes strife. We have another song of victory in the duet singing of Deborah and Barak concerning Jael and Sisera see the entire fifth chapter of Judges. Yes, the Bible is filled with songs and more songs. The book of Job declares that the morning stars were singing see Job Hezekiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel wrote about or recorded the actual words for several songs with themes ranging from salvation, rescue, protection and thanksgiving to mournful rejection see Isaiah Then of course we have all of the songs of David and his son, Solomon—a staggering number.

David wrote many of the psalms, and he appointed singers to lead the people in continual worship see 1 Chronicles As many as songs have been attributed to King Solomon, besides the entire book of the Bible that we know as the Song of Songs see 1 Kings 4: In the New Testament we have the song of the Messiah in the Church, taken from the words of Psalm We can read about singing men and women throughout the Bible. See, for example, Exodus We see male and female singers also in Nehemiah 7: Moving on into the New Testament time frame, the people of God were encouraged to keep on singing: We must not forget to mention the songs of the redeemed in the book of Revelation see the "new song" in Revelation 5: God seems to have created people to sing songs to and about Him!

We can only conclude, that the Word of God is full on the "song of the Lord. What is the goal of the prophetic song of the Lord? Prophetic declarations, whether spoken or sung, are invitations to repent of sin and lukewarm living, to change and improve our direction, and to grow in life-sustaining belief and obedience. The power of these declarations is amazing.

It is like going into a house where darkness prevails, but all you have to turn on the light switch. Darkness flees when the light shines. When you sing the "song of the Lord", darkness lifts and the glory of the Lord arises upon you, your house and your sphere of influence. In addition, you can also become what you are singing about; you can become part of the message of the song.

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If you are singing about holiness, you will want to be holy yourself. If you're going to sing about comfort, let it cause you to become a comforter who gives comfort to others. If your song is about encouragement, go ahead and give some real encouragement to somebody else.