The Wise Old Tortoise and the Monkey

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Hence Achilles can never catch the Tortoise, no matter how fast he runs, since the Tortoise will always be moving ahead. The only satisfactory refutation has been mathematical and since then the name of the fable has been applied to the function described in Zeno's paradox. In mathematics and computer science, the tortoise and the hare algorithm is an alternative name for Floyd's cycle-finding algorithm. There is a Greek version of the fable but no early Latin version.

For this reason it did not begin to appear in printed editions of Aesop's fables until the 16th century, one of the earliest being Bernard Salomon's Les Fables d'Esope Phrygien, mises en Ryme Francoise Among the many illustrations of the fable, that by the French caricaturist Jean Grandville is novel in portraying the tortoise as running upright. Auguste Delierre makes the judge a monkey in the edition of La Fontaine's fables that he illustrated. Outside of book production, there is an early 17th-century oil painting of the fable by the Flemish landscape artist Jan Wildens.

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In the following year a painted steel sculpture by Michael Browne and Stuart Smith was set up near the cross-country finish line at Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx. Many allusions to the fable in musical titles are of limited or no relevance, but two instrumental versions may be noted.

The one by Yellow Jackets jazz quartet was recorded on their Politics album in [30] The Anglo-Irish band Flook 's title is on their Haven album The many other variants of the story in oral folk tradition appear worldwide and are classed as Aarne-Thompson-Uther type Broadly this is of two types: Tales with a similar theme emphasizing doggedness have been recorded in Native American culture.

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Hummingbird and Crane agree to race from one ocean to the other. Though Hummingbird flies faster, he stops at night to sleep. Crane, however, flies overnight and is overtaken by Hummingbird later and later during the day, at length coming in first. The ultimate prize differs between versions and includes choice of habitat, the love of a girl, or the right to cut the other down to size. Her husband had died when the girl was still very young.

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    So some of the sky animals and some of the ground animals had a meeting, and as nobody could recall what they were fighting each other for, it was agreed that a truce should be called, and peace declared. A very long time ago, before man came along to upset the natural balance, all animals lived together peacefully. But in those days, none of the animals had heads of their own, except the elephant, who was the King of the animals. He had a large collection of heads in all shapes and sizes, which he kept stored in a large cave.