Tumours of the Mediastinum (Current Histopathology)

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Results obtained were as follows: But malignant tumor showed much higher frequency in male with the ratio of 4. Metastatic tumor was the most common in superior mediastinum.

Superior mediastinum had germ cell tumor and neurogenic tumor with about the equal number, and soft tissue tumor was also developed. Middle mediastinal tumor was less common in number compared to other portions of mediastinum but the majority of tumors developed was developmental cysts and metastatic tumors. And the majority of neurogenic tumors occured at the posterior mediastinum.


The pathology of mesenchymal tumors of the mediastinum

But the mass sized smaller than 2. And the malignant tumors have more larger size than benign tumors. In addition to above symptoms, patient with malignant tumor complained of systemic symptoms such as weight loss and fever.

Metastatic germ cell tumor: Epidemiology Usually men in 20s with elevated hCG and gynecomastia, impotence Prognostic factors Poor prognosis Case reports 13 year old boy with shortness of breath, chest pain, fever, irritable cough and weight loss Zhongguo Dang Dai Er Ke Za Zhi ; Epidemiology Usually males Gross description Invasive, highly necrotic Microscopic histologic description Poorly differentiated, pleomorphic cells with prominent nucleoli, often with eosinophilic intracellular globules or primitive lumina; variable geographic necrosis No nuclear blebs Microscopic histologic images Images hosted on other servers: Germ cell tumor - mixed.

Excised tumor with rib.

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