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Avoid any obstacles; they will only slow you down in your conquest to devour all of the villagers on the screen. There are 3 awards in Worm Food.

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Go here for more help. Share your favorite with your friends! Share your rating with your friends! Video Walkthrough Back to Game. We use OneSignal to send you the latest news in the world of Miniclip! If you see other insects crawling around in there, don't be worried. It's OK unless there are a lot of flies hanging around. If you have a lid on your worm bin and bury your food well, you should not have to worry about flies or maggots. These other insects are helping the process, making sure that you can compost even more of your organic waste.

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After a while, you may also see tiny white sacks that may appear to be maggots. These are actually worm egg sacks -- or possibly even baby worms. Your worm population should double in size every three months or so. When this happens, you can build new worm bins and transfer some worms over if they get to be too much for one area. If you feel that you can't keep up with the feeding schedule, you have a few different options. Teach your neighbors how to compost and donate some worms to them, set your worms free -- although this is a waste of really good worms -- or go fishing.

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They make great bait. We've saved the best for last.

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Did you know that your worms can provide you with black gold? Read the next page to find out just how valuable it can be. The Len Foote Hike Inn is a hotel in the North Georgia mountains that has an extensive vermicomposting system in the basement. With the help of the guests, they compost 1, pounds When the hotel staff gets bored, they find new yet safe things to shred and feed to the worms.

How Vermicomposting Works

One famous story tells of a pair of corduroy pants left by a guest that were never claimed. The staff shredded them up, buried them, and never saw them again. When sifting one day, an employee came across a button and a zipper … the rest had been eaten!

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