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Philip Pullman , Dolors Gallart - translator Narrated by: Robert Bryndza, Santiago del Rey - translator Narrated by: Robert Bryndza , Santiago del Rey - translator Narrated by: Asesinos de series [Serial Killers] Written by: Fernando Rueda Narrated by: John Verdon, Santiago del Rey - translator Narrated by: John Verdon , Santiago del Rey - translator Narrated by: Las huellas en el desierto [The Footprints in the Desert] Written by: Maha Akhtar, Enrique Alda - translator Narrated by: Maha Akhtar , Enrique Alda - translator Narrated by: La daga [The Subtle Knife] Written by: Una sombra en la oscuridad [A Shadow in the Dark] Written by: La bodega [The Winery] Written by: La lengua de los secretos [The Language of Secrets] Written by: John Verdon, Javier Guerrero - translator Narrated by: John Verdon , Javier Guerrero - translator Narrated by: Maestra Spanish edition Written by: So I began to use those things in "The Spirit," which is why probably people credit "The Spirit" with being cinematic.

Frank Miller I think the influence of Orson Welles on him is undeniable. He was doing it with drawings. Scott McCloud author, "Understanding Comics" There was much more going on, like the pacing, the way that he used time, the way that he introduced cinematic techniques, the idea of the camera angles. All of these things I think were that first gateway that Will offered us into how comics could evolve and change. I mean, Will drew women like I don't think any other cartoonist drew them. He admits that some of them were inspired by movie stars at the time. They had skirts that were slit to the thigh.

He did stuff in the '40s that was pretty damn sexy. There's P'Gell, exotic murderess madly in love with the Spirit. There's Sand Saref, the love of his life. Trina Robbins They're great. They're these wonderful, strong women. With the exception of Ellen Dolan they've also been around the block a little.

They have shady pasts. But it's made them stronger, you know. And they all of course have a soft spot for the Spirit, and who can blame them? He was vulnerable to the women around him and he was vulnerable to the villains that would slug him and took a lot more punishment than somebody from Krypton who was pretty clueless about what's happening on Earth for example in some ways. Kurt Vonnegut author What Eisner did which was so radical was to introduce genuine agony.

If the funny papers had been genuinely funny and unthreatening, as "Mutt and Jeff" and "Maggie and Jiggs" and "Krazy Kat. And Eisner showed pain, real pain. And I was much more interested in civil rights. In order to do the work that I was hired to do and wanted to do and craved to do, I had to put some of my feelings on hold, and did.

And I had great affection for Will, and I had great affection for "The Spirit," and so I was not going to think too deeply about what I thought of this stereotype or whether it was racist. I don't think it was racist. I just thought it was kind of dumb. Will Eisner So I had by then found my way out of the segregationist mode. I never treated Ebony any other way but as a warm and human character.

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I never apologized for Ebony. I never felt that I had violated my own underlying liberal principles. Art Spiegelman What's interesting to me is that more and more as the strip went on in time, the Spirit became almost a walk-on to allow one to see the lives of people in the city.

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This is the story of the little man who always knew he could fly. And he got fired one day and he's out of work, so he went to the top of a building and he flew. And as he was flying, a couple of crooks were trying to kill the Spirit and they fire a bullet at him and the bullet misses the Spirit and ricochets off the wall and kills Gerhard Shnobble who flutters to earth.

And the point is that nobody knew that Gerhard Shnobble had flown that day. It was really one of the first philosophical stories I attempted in "The Spirit," Really was done to satisfy my need to move out into stories that had more of an adult theme to it. This is a story about people who go through life, do great things and are never mentioned. People have moments of glory that other people never know anything about.

I pressed the red button. Give me an idea, when did you start? Tried to get work with Joe Simon at Archie Comics. I didn't have enough money to go to college and I knew I had to make it coming out of high school, so I got pretty good pretty early. When I started, people discouraged people from going into the comic business. For the five years preceding '59 and the five years after '59, maybe more, nobody got into the field. Will Eisner That's interesting to me, because during that time I was busy running a publishing company.

I had absolutely nothing to do or was not involved in any way with what I call comic books or the comic book market. Neal Adams It was a dead time and it was reflected in— She then disguises her crime by dragging his body into a bullpen where his corpse is mangled and gored. They read them overseas. They stuck them in their backpacks. It was portable entertainment for them. And they came back not knowing they weren't kids anymore and weren't supposed to be reading comics anymore, and so the market adjusted itself to them.

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That's why there's this explosion of genres that aren't kidstuff. So were horror comics. It was a time of massive expansion of genre in comics. But a pop psychiatrist whose name isn't even worth mentioning wrote a really stupid book that blamed comic books for what they then called juvenile delinquency.

Also they had a real problem on their hands which was that the best publisher comics had ever seen, William Gaines, was outselling them handily with a small line of books. Comics I was the first publisher in these United States to publish horror comics.

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I thought of them. Some may not like them. That's a matter of personal taste. It would be just as difficult to explain the harmless thrill of a horror story to a Dr. Werthem as it would be to explain the sublimity of love to a frigid old maid. Joe Kubert The Kefauver hearings, the Senate hearings, that was really a killer. I think that came as close to killing this business as anything I know.

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Gerard Jones author So the industry at this point, feeling they're in mortal jeopardy from this, instituted the Comics Code which imposed a very kind of eight-year-old friendly aesthetic on the whole field. Drove a few publishers out of the business entirely and drove almost all readers, say, over the age of 12 out and really changed the texture of the business.

In fact the only—we were like—you know the Raft of the Medusa? Okay, that's what comics was like. The raft was DC, and all the people swimming around it were survivors from all the companies that had washed out. Werthem was attacking comics. And he wasn't really in the comic book industry per se at that time.

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So I took stories that I could have had in Central City and put them on the moon or whatever the hell they were. By this time I was just doing a job, and I was on my way out of there as "The Spirit" was on its way out of there. And certainly Will had lost interest by that time. He was on to other things. He had been doing this for a long time. Will Eisner I gave up "The Spirit" late in '51 because the cost of newsprint had been skyrocketing after the war.

So I could see where the comic book insert was beginning to lose some of its commercial value, and we would soon have to charge a price that was totally impossible for local newspapers. My main thing is innovation. I enjoyed solving problems and doing new things. I didn't realize what a little guy he was. Ann Eisner He was small. Will Eisner There's my father dancing with you. She was terrified that I'd wind up an old bachelor. She was glad that I married this nice girl from a good family.

Sort of went my own way. I grew up with stodgy, stodgy people. They did what was prescribed for a lady and a gentleman. They went into the right business such as a lawyer or a doctor or a businessman. I mean, they were boring.

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I met Will, and he was anything but boring. We got engaged April 1, and we were married in June of My father was a stock broker, and after we were married he wanted Will to quit what he was doing and go into the brokerage business. He was very sweet, very kind. But I can't say very romantic, though every birthday or Valentine's Day he would make me a card.

And that was sweet. I didn't know anything about his work. I knew what he did. He certainly didn't make it a secret. But I never read comics. That's how he made his living. When we moved to Westchester we had children. I think Will was a wonderful father. Distracted once in a while. Involved in his work. I was the disciplinarian. Alice had wanted a new pair of boots, and I would say, "You don't need those boots. We lived a typical suburban bourgeois life. Will would take the train into New York every day to commute, and I would be the mom at home.

PTA and all that kind of stuff. Yeah, this is Will at his educational period which I have no interest in at all because I hated Classics Illustrated. I thought didacticism in comics should never have anything to do with one another. We disagreed strongly on that. But this is your evening, so please go ahead with this boring stuff. Will Eisner Thank you very much.


You sound just like you did back in the studio. As a matter of fact I went ahead in spite of whatever Fieffer said in the shop. Of course, I was the boss. No, during World War 2, we showed you a picture of Joe Dope, and I introduced the use of comics, or sequential art as I call it now, as a teaching tool which I felt was very effective and was very, very successful in the military. It's basically a small digest comic book, and it still does the same thing today it did 50 years ago, which is it tells soldiers how to fix things, how to take them apart and put them back together, employing cartoon characters.

Ann Eisner It always amazed me that Will, who couldn't really repair anything himself, could take this highly technical material and make it readable and understandable for GIs. Joe Kubert artist, writer I think the magazine itself has proven over and over again since Will started that it saved many, many lives. This worthwhile advisor will assist you to strengthen the basic talents required to set up PostgreSQL so that it will successfully deal with your databases.

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