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Over here, you have that close to, roughly degree, degree angle between each of the constituents that are bonding to the carbon. Now, I've drawn the different hydrogens that are coming off of these carbons in different colors, and I've done it for a purpose. The ones that are going straight up or straight down, we call those axial hydrogens.

And the ones I drew in orange that are kind of going to the side in some level, we call these equatorial. These are equatorial hydrogens. And the reason why it's useful to know that name is when we talk about the different configurations, the different chair and boats, whether something is equatorial or axial can change if this were to flip up, or vice versa, and things like that.

And we'll talk more about that in the next video. And the reason why they're called equatorial is if you think about it, and it's sometimes hard to visualize, this bond right here is parallel to this bond right over there. And this bond right over here is parallel to that. It's parallel, the equatorial bonds are parallel, to some part of the ring.


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So that one is parallel to that right over there. Actually I should even, I could even color-code that. This, well, I don't want to use that same color. This is parallel to this and this is parallel to that. And we could do it for all the equatorial bonds.

Chair and boat shapes for cyclohexane (video) | Khan Academy

So for example, I don't want to-- I'm running out of colors here. So this right here is parallel to this, and this, and that over there. So we could keep doing it for all of them. I could do it for the other set right here. This guy right here is parallel to that guy over there. I didn't quite draw it like that, but hopefully it makes the idea clear. And I'll do one more of these just to show what's parallel to what.

This bond is parallel to that. So the ones that are parallel to some part of the ring we're calling equatorial. And the ones that kind of jump out of the ring, that aren't parallel to any other part of the ring, we're calling those axial. And the way I've drawn it here, the axials are the ones that point up and point straight up and point straight down. We can do the same thing on a boat configuration. Now, one question you might ask is, well, there's these two configurations.

Both of these would result in tetrahedral type shapes at each of the carbons. In fact, let me draw it for you. So this axial hydrogen is pointing straight down, this one is pointing straight down. Here, this hydrogen is actually going to point straight down because we flipped it up.

And then over here you would have a hydrogen point straight up, and then one that's kind of pointing down. This gives a tripod there. To have the tripod over here, you'll have to have a hydrogen that points a little bit like that, one that's pointing a little bit like that, along, well, you can kind of view it along the same plane as this guy would be parallel. It's hard to see it in this, but he would actually parallel to that. This guy would be out like this, and then this guy would have an axial hydrogen, and then he would have one equatorial one just like that. So you could draw the tripod shapes in either the chair or boat configuration.

But one question is, well, what's more stable? That's actually one of the main points of being able to visually think about the three dimensional structure of any of these hydrocarbons, or in this case cyclohexane. So in this situation, we know from past videos, that all of these carbons with their hydrogens around them, these bonds, these have electron clouds around them. The electron clouds are negative, and so they want to get as far away from each other as possible.

In this chair configuration, you have this carbon up here, the ch2 we could consider it, has two hydrogens and is connected to the rest of the ring. It's as far as possible from this ch2 as possible. So in that situation, we have a lower potential energy, or it is a more stable shape. Or more stable configuration.

Chair and boat shapes for cyclohexane

In the boat configuration, this ch2 up here is much closer to this ch2, I mean, that's really the main difference between the two. And they want to get away from each other. They want to repel ech other. So this one will have higher potential energy, or it will be less stable.

4th Power are absolute perfection - 6 Chair Challenge - The X Factor UK 2015

So this is just a starting point of how to visualize cyclic hydrocarbons and we'll use this information in the next video to think a little bit more about, maybe, the different chair configurations that a molecule could have, and what could be more stable. In this situation, in the case of just cyclohexane, the two chair configurations are equally stable.

And let me just touch on that a second. So you have, well, I don't have to-- actually, let me see. I won't copy and paste. I'll just redraw the other chair configuration for this guy.

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Actually let me just do it separately over here because I've made the colors here so confusing. Let me draw two, the same cyclohexane, but in two different chair configurations that it could be equilibrium in. So you could have this one, you could have this one, so this could be one chair configuration, and I'll draw it like this. And then the same hydrocarbon could be in-- or the same cyclohexane could be in equilibrium with the this other chair configuration that looks like this.

Let me have a little more space here. So it looks like this. Let me do the pink. It goes up like that, like that. Let me make sure I'm-- no, I want to do it actually. This pink guy goes like this. And then the blue guy is going to be just like this. So notice, in this situation this carbon appears kind of at the top of the chair, and this carbon is at the bottom, and then they've flipped. But these are equally stable configurations. But one way to think about is all of the axial guys on this carbon here turned into equatorial on this carbon and vice versa on the two.

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