Binocular Astronomy (The Patrick Moore Practical Astronomy Series)

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Colby rated it really liked it Feb 03, Philip rated it liked it Jul 07, Robert Sborofsky rated it it was amazing Jan 03, Nate rated it did not like it Jun 25, James rated it really liked it Sep 24, Roberto Pesce rated it really liked it Jul 28, William rated it it was ok Feb 15, Karen Hedges rated it it was amazing Jul 11, Ruthanne Robertson rated it really liked it Jul 29, Joe rated it it was amazing Oct 04, Meggie added it Oct 21, John Wallace added it Dec 20, Jim Christian added it Jan 04, BookDB marked it as to-read Oct 03, Niki marked it as to-read Dec 09, Nakul marked it as to-read Feb 14, Adam Hakeemi marked it as to-read May 14, Ben marked it as to-read Nov 19, PixInsight has taken the astro-imaging world by storm.

As the first comprehensive postprocessing platform to be created by astro-imagers for astro-imagers, it has for many replaced other generic graphics editors as the software of choice. Immediate Media Company, We begin with the simplest sight of the Tycho Crater on the Moon, through a repeat of Galileo's observations of Jupiter's moons, and then move out towards the nebulae, stars, and galaxies. Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy Series Deep-Sky Video Astronomy is a concise guide to using modern video cameras for deep-sky viewing and imaging with the kinds of modest telescopes available commercially to amateur astronomers.

It is not a beginner's book, but it does include an introduction and brief history of the technology, camera types, Many lights and other objects in the sky go unrecognised, or at least are little understood by those observing them. Such things range from the commonplace like rainbows and meteors, to the distinctly unusual like the green flash and ball lightning. And there is still a residuum of objects that remain unidentified by the watcher — classed generally This book demystifies the jargon of webcams and computer processing, and provides detailed hints and tips for imaging the Sun, Moon and planets with a webcam.

It demonstrates how inexpensive tools are revolutionizing imaging in amateur astronomy.

Anyone with a modest telescope and a webcam can now obtain jaw-dropping lunar and planetary images to Most amateur astronomers yearn to observe more frequently. Many of them, however, live in urban and highly developed suburban areas that are heavily light polluted. Due to this light pollution, they are under the impression that deep sky objects—nebulae, galaxies, star clusters—are either invisible or not worth viewing from home.

Computer-controlled "go-to" telescopes are inexpensive. CCD and webcam imaging make intensive use of the technology for capturing and processing images Practical Astronomy Astronomy is still one of the very few sciences in which the amateur can play a valuable role. Indeed, amateur work is warmly welcomed by professional astronomers.

7 Best Astronomy Binoculars 2017

During the past few decades the whole situation has changed; whereas the average amateur used to own a modest telescope and concentrate only upon various In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. There are days in each year in a Leap Year! What I aim to do, in this book, is to go through a complete Not only do these changes include commercially available astronomical telescopes and software, but also what we know and understand about the universe.

There are many new photographs Amateur astronomers are always contemplating the "next telescope up" and this It documents the past market and its evolution, right up to the present day.

Binocular Astronomy

In addition to appealing to practical astronomers - and potentially saving them money - it This book is based around the author's beautiful and sometimes awe-inspiring color images and mosaics of deep-sky objects. The book describes how similar "Hubble class" images can be created by amateur astronomers in their back garden. Contents How did I The images were used as the basis of a public exhibition held at the University of Southampton Summer , attended by the press, local radio and TV interviewers as well as the public.

The book describes how similar This book fills a gap left by earlier works of general practical advice, most of which are either out of date or long out of print. Although the volume distills years of practical experience working with astronomical equipment and accessories, it It also provides a comprehensive guide to using Autostar TM , the computerized "Goto" handset.

There is already a large The Night Sky Companion takes a look at astronomy every day over the course of the year — offering an overview of general history, soft science, astronomical trivia, and observing guides and motivation. Designed to appeal to readers at all skill levels and involvement, it provides a digest for sky watchers interested in all-in-one-place information The Night Sky Companion takes a look at astronomy every day over the course of the year offering general history, soft science, trivia, observing guidance and motivation. This book is much more than an observing guide, it's a way of learning your way round the night sky.

It is written in an easy-going style ideal for 'dipping in' on the With the right tools, time, and location, some of the often talked about but seldom seen and heard gems in our skies can finally be observed. This book introduces readers to the rare and ephemeral happenings The book will, in jargon-free blow-by-blow terms, describe how to create the best astronomical images you can with the digital camera equipment at your disposal. It will explain the steps we go through to extract results from the raw-and-dirty original imagery, and then transform them into high quality pictures that you could hang on your wall Each entry contains position and The photographs show how the objects appear through a mm Maksutov and other instruments, The Sun provides amateur astronomers with one of the few opportunities for daytime astronomy.

In order to see the major features of our nearest star, special telescopes that have a very narrow visible bandwidth are essential. Amateur astronomers have to start somewhere. Most begin by buying a modest astronomical telescope and getting to know the night sky. After a while, many want to move on to the next stage, but this can be problematic. Series description Springer list 73 titles in this series. The description from the Springer Publishing web site: This series of books is written for serious newcomers to amateur astronomy, for undergraduate students who are studying astronomy - but not as a first subject - and for interested general readers who want to study astronomy in more depth than is provided by the general run of "popular" astronomy book that is found in the general trade bookshops.

All the books in the series are as far as possible non- mathematical. They require only a modest background knowledge of science on the part of the reader, but provide material that goes into the various topics in considerable depth and detail. Practical Astronomy thus bridges the gap between the many introductory books and specialised technical publications. How do series work? Helpers AnnaClaire 43 , misericordia 40 , marchesani 7 , SimoneA 4 , dajashby 1 , xaagmabag 1 , TheoClarke 1 , europhile 1 , surly 1. The Best Targets for Astrophotography: An Annotated Catalogue by Ted Aranda.

Binocular Astronomy by Stephen F. Tonkin

The Amateur Astronomer by Patrick Moore. Amateur Telescope Making by Stephen Tonkin.

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Amateur Telescope Making in the Internet Age: Astronomical Equipment for Amateurs by Martin Mobberley. Astronomical Spectroscopy for Amateurs by Ken M. Astronomy of the Milky Way: Astronomy with a Home Computer by Neale Monks. Astronomy with Small Telescopes: Up to 5-inch, mm by Stephen F.

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Binocular Astronomy by Stephen Tonkin. Building a Roll-Off Roof Observatory: Care of Astronomical Telescopes and Accessories: Choosing and Using a Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope: The Astronomical Tourist by Steve R.

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