Cauchemar à Staten Island (Thriller / Gore / Horreur) (Coogan t. 1) (French Edition)

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But what could be the connection between his death and that of a young female German house servant in the neighborhood? The case is too much for the local police force, and Flecker is called in to assist. Much of what follows is tedious police work. Lots of questions, lots of answers, not all of which agree which each other, lots of notes taken on the backs of envelopes, lots of conferring with Detective-Sergeant Browning, who is working with Flecker on the case. There is something of a Midsomer Murders feel to the investigation, except that Inspector Barnaby is happily married, while Flecker has regrets.

The case is, one must admit, rather routine, consisting largely of the breaking down of alibis. As an author, Pullein-Thompson seems more adept at describing the local countryside in a fashion that caught my attention more than did the case itself. I had to look back and check to see, but yes, the clues were all there. Besides the three Flecker mysteries, Josephine Pullein-Thompson was far better known in England for her pony books written primary for girls. Joanna Cannan, by the way, was also a mystery writer, with some thirteen works of crime and detective fiction included in Hubin.

Premières Impressions

I trust no Hammerhead will mind if I begin with these. Two questions surrounding the series caught my attention as I was fiddling with the column.

First, was there a Hammer pilot episode and if so which was it? For my money, that was the pilot. The second question also involves Frank Kane. Back in the late Forties he wrote around 45 scripts for that classic radio series The Shadow , and for several years there have been rumors that at least one of his Hammer scripts was a rewrite of one of his Shadow scripts.

As neither Mike Hammer nor The Shadow would ever dream of saying: Death has claimed two actors who were well known for having played TV detectives. He died on May 2 at age 95, reportedly while mowing the lawn of his house in the horse-ranching community of Solvang, California.

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People of my generation first got to know Zimbalist on the Warner Bros. When I met him — very briefly, at a film festival in Memphis — he was over 80 and still looked great. Judging from the photos of him I found on the Web, he still looked great in his 90s. May we all be so lucky. The other recently deceased tele-icon was James Garner, who at age 86 was found dead in his Los Angeles home on July Like Zimbalist he was best known for two long-running TV series but his were in different genres.

His earliest claim to fame was as star of the Warner Bros. Western series Maverick but his interest for us stems from his years playing an un-macho PI in The Rockford Files In his autobiography The Garner Files he claimed that Bret Maverick and Jim Rockford were basically the same character, but he never said and probably never knew that the character from which both were sort of spun off was an icon of U.

He first came to attention, however, as a mystery novelist. Huggins adds nothing to the established hardboiled formula but does an unusually able job within its possibly overfamiliar frame. The latter may not have read The Double Take himself but he clearly found out about it and, as witness his letter to fellow pulp veteran Cleve F. Adams September 4, , he was not amused. I understand there was some rewriting, but cannot vouch for any of this. Frank MacShane , pp. Writing to spy novelist and later Watergate conspirator E.

Howard Hunt on November 16, , he says:. Exactly nine months later, on September 16, , writing to a master at his alma mater Dulwich College, he adds a bit more detail to the story. These quotations come respectively from pp. By the time Chandler died, in , Huggins had created Maverick and 77 Sunset Strip and both series were prime-time hits, but the creator of Philip Marlowe watched very little TV and may never have known that a sardonic prophecy he had made in his letter to Cleve Adams had come true:.

Lucky for me that my files are full of the stuff. In my salad days, beginning more than half a century ago, I got into the habit of writing for-my-eyes-only reviews not only of the full-length whodunits I read but also of the shorter works variously called short novels, novelettes, novellas and novellos, the last term coined by my beloved Harry Stephen Keeler, who probably pronounced the word with the accent on the first syllable.

Of all the characters who appeared frequently in novellos during the Golden Age, the two who stand tallest are Nero Wolfe and Simon Templar. When Charteris launched his career, by far the most popular English mystery writer was Edgar Wallace , who produced novels, novellos and short stories faster than a rabbit can produce baby rabbits. The parlormaid of Mr. Our sleuth connects these and other items with reasoning that runs the gamut from sketchy to non-existent, but Wallace scores with his dry wit, tantalizing plot, swift economy of movement, and loving depiction of English working-class mores.

Baynard Kendrick created more than one series sleuth but his signature character was the blind detective Captain Duncan Maclain.

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George ferry terminal to the end of the line at Tottenville to visit his dying mother. Brisk pace, shrewd plotting, an honest if not startling solution, and minimal self-conscious toughness prompted me a few generations ago to give this one very high marks. Now we tackle a work actually written not too long before I began to set down some of these scribbles.

The last living actor to portray Ellery Queen in any national medium died on March 12, a few weeks short of his th birthday. Anthony Boucher, who at that time was collaborating on the weekly scripts with EQ co-creator Manfred B. May we all live so long and well. From The Telegraph UK:. La Traque Bin Laden: Only a few of these have been translated into English. Hubin which is inclusive only through the year UGC, , as S. Gerard De Villiers; dir: Ace, paperback, no date []. John Holbrook Vance is one of a handful of writers who have won major awards in two different genres.

Vance has published a dozen mysteries, most of the formal variety. A smallish agricultural county south of San Jose, San Rodrigo is loosely modeled on the one in which Vance spent his childhood. People and places are so strikingly depicted, and county history, social problems, and politics so well integrated into the narrative, that San Rodrigo inhabitants seem utterly real. In The Fox Valley Murders , Bain — a wild youth who has settled down to become a very good lawman — has been appointed acting sheriff after the recent death of old Ernest Cucchinello, the incumbent for many years and a man not above a little corruption.

The county elections are not far off. Now out of San Quentin on parole and back home, Wyett has written the same letter to eachof the five men whose testimony sent him to prison, asking: And if not, then who is? And, just as important, how? How do you make a man die of a heart attack in front of a witness Bain himself? How do you cause a man who has been picking mushrooms all his life to eat a poisonous toadstool?

How do yon make someone fall off a ladder and break his neck in full view of his wife, with no one else around? Jack Vance died last May at the grand old age of He was far better known for his works of fantasy and science fiction. Personally I have been reading his novels and short stories since I was in my teens, and I hope to for many more years. It is his wonderful, often playful use of words and the English language that I will remember the most.

Please share this with anyone on your Mystery blog in case anyone lives in the area and would like to attend. Please note that I was told that Bob had no living family members to inform the press and that may be why there was no local announcement about his passing in the papers. Below is the information that I received today about the services:. Briney will be held in the MLK room Anyone who wishes to speak at the memorial should get in touch with the Computer Department Chairperson, Joe Kasprzk. Here is the official announcement of the memorial service for Bob Briney, as forwarded to me by Patricia V.

Markunas, Chairperson of the Department of Psychology:. Briney, mention was made of a memorial service being planned by the members of the Computer Science Department, of which Dr. Briney was the founding chair. The commemorative event is now scheduled to be held Tuesday, February 7th beginning at All members of the university community are welcome. As a novice widower I find myself thinking of three other mystery writers who lost wives to Mister Death. The first name that springs to mind in this connection is Raymond Chandler , who was so devastated by the death of his wife Cissie that he tried to shoot himself in his bathroom.

Being blind drunk at the time, he missed his target. Anything else I did was just the fire for her to warm her hands at. Next comes Harry Stephen Keeler , whom I never met but have been associated with for most of my life. He married the former Hazel Goodwin in and they were together until she died of cancer in May He called them polychromatic or multitinctorial cartularies since each page was printed on paper of a different color. We who have lived into the computer age recognize them as the functional equivalent of a blog. I have originals or photocopies of of these, which a few years ago I organized and offered to a panting public as The Keeler Keyhole Companion I now feel closer to that genuine mad genius than ever before.

The third author in whose moccasins I now walk became a widower not once but twice. She died of cancer on July 4, , leaving Fred with two small children to raise. In he married the former Hilda Wiesenthal, who was ten or eleven years younger than he and was the daughter of a cousin of Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal. She died in , also of cancer. By that time I had come to know Fred well and he had become the closest thing to a grandfather I had ever known.


I went through this awful period of his life with him. Will I luck out in my final years as they did? Bob Briney was something of a universal genius. He earned a Ph. His ability to keep prodigious masses of data in perfectly organized form would have shamed many a computer. He wrote prolifically and with dry wit about books and authors, assiduously collected works in the genres he loved — every room in his large house including the bathroom was a library first and foremost — and corresponded with Sax Rohmer, P.

Wodehouse, John Creasey and countless other authors. It was pure pleasure to read his commentary or listen to his conversation.

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We started corresponding in the late Sixties, thanks mainly to Al Hubin and The Armchair Detective , and met for the first time in when I took a bus from New Jersey to a science fiction convention in Manhattan that he was attending. Bob developed diabetes and in the fall of , when I was a visiting professor in New Jersey, had to have some of his toes amputated.

Unable to climb the stairs of his own house, he was sleeping in a hospital bed installed on the ground floor. I traveled to Salem by Amtrak and spent a long weekend playing housekeeper: Until a few years ago we would rendezvous every summer at the Pulpcon in Dayton, Ohio. Then unaccountably this shy but gregarious man dropped out of sight. Almost no one heard a word from him or knew anything about his health.

He had no immediate family. All I know is that he was one of the most brilliant and memorable people in my life. Photo taken by Ellen Nehr. Does the name T. Stribling ring any bells? He lived from until , and in the early FDR years he was considered one of the foremost authors of the American South. Later, when I began collecting back issues of EQMM , I found that Fred Dannay had reprinted a Poggioli story in Volume 1 Number 1 Fall and had bought fifteen new stories about the character that appeared in the magazine between and Then I discovered that in his last years Stribling had corresponded regularly with that certified mad genius of 20th-century literature, Harry Stephen Keeler Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography.

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