Harpsichord Pieces, Book 1, Suite 2, No.13: Fanfare pour la Suitte de la Diane

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Line-cut of the Antwerp, edition. Line-cut of the London, edition, in French tablature. Line-cut of the London, Opera quarta e sexta. Line-cut of Roger edition, Amsterdam, []. Line-cut of the Roger edition, Amsterdam, , possibly engraved by Finger himself. Divided into four grouping of three pieces by their scoring: Introduction in It by Giovanni Battista Columbro. Wrappers, in decorative paper, in matching portfolio. Viole de Gambe, II. Dedicated to Madame Henriette de France. Bass and viol parts in score.

Edited by Margarita Mazo. Facsimile Edited by Simon Wynberg. Oblong, 29 x 21 cm, 17 pp. The second 6 of a set of 12 sonatas. The second sonata is for violoncello or viol. Canone a due violoncelli. Sonate per violoncello e basso continuo. Prefazione e apparato critico di Marc Vanscheeuwijck.

Oblong, 31 x 21 cm, 9, 56 pp. Line-cut of two important mss containing the complete works for cello solo 7 ricercari , cello and bc 2 sonatas and two cellos 1 canon by Gabrielli. Preface in It, with summaries in Fr-Eng. Musique de Chambre, 8. Line-cut of the Walsh edition, London, []. Oblong, 22 x 16 cm, 48 pp. Laid paper with handsome binding in linen. Oblong, 22 x 16 cm, 71 pp. Oblong, 23 x 16 cm, 2 partbooks: Consists of 67 textless duos derived for the most part from masses by a representative selection of composers.

Oblong, 21 x 16 cm, 18, 3 partbooks, c. Includes 2 Regina celi by Willaert and Rore and instrumental trios in strict contrapuntal style. Introduction in Flem-Eng by Ignace Bossuyt. Line-cut of The Hage, edition. Oblong, 22 x 17 cm, pp.

Gerle introduces students to the rudiments of playing the renaissance lute, the viol and rebec, including the way they were tuned, held, and played. Musicologists have called it the first viol tutor. Hardbound with decorative paper boards. Apt for Viols and Voyces. Early Cello Series, 7. Herausgegeben von Bernhard Billeter.

With an Introduction by Albert Clement. Exempla Musica Zelandica, 2. Line-cut of the Suenonius Madelgreen edition, Middelburg, []. Line-cut of the Giacomo Monti edition, Bologna, , in mixed tablature. Line-cut of the score plus new critical edition of the parts. Scored for vdg solo, vln I-II, vla, bass. Color facsimile of the viola da gamba part, together with new performing edition score and solo VdG. Line-cut of the autograph parts.

Songes of Sundrie Kindes Edited by Sarah Freiberg. With critical apparatus listing all errors and inconsistencies. Facsimile of the Manuscript in the Augburg Staats- und Stadtbibliothek. French tablature with Baroque tuning. Staff notation for bowed instruments. Con due violini e violoncello di concertino obligati e due altri violini viola e basso di concerto grosso. British Library Manuscript R. Handel's great outdoor piece for strings and wind band.

Halftone of the autograph score, composed for the celebration of the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle. The manuscript also bears evidence of arguments over scoring that went on with the civil servants organizing the spectacle. Line-cut of the original Walsh printed parts, London, []. Ayres to be Sunge to the Lute [ca. Line-cut of manuscript R. Ayres for solo voice, lute and bass viol, in table book format. Staff notation and French tablature.

Line-cut of the Artaria edition, Vienna, Preface by Peter Holman. Faksimile-Edition Viola da Gambe, 8. Oblong, 22 x 18 cm, 19 pp. Viol-digambe oder Posaunen gesetzt. Line-cut of the Thorn, edition. Canzon for 8 instruments in mensural notation. Livres I et II. Line-cut of the Leipzig, c. It is the largest surviving collection of its kind, most of the pieces are of the pavan-galliard combination. Handsome bibliophile edition produced with vellum-paper boards, with matching slipcase.

Line-cut of the 2nd edition, London, Oblong, 31 x 22 cm, 2 vols, xviii, pp. Oblong, 31 x 22 cm, 13, 18 pp. Line-cut of Paris, edition. Oblong, 25 x 18 cm, 3 vols, , 23 pp.

Line-cut of the Vienna, c. Hardbound in decorative paper, with handsome slipcase. Four suites including pictorial pieces. With an Introduction by Frank Traficante. For voice with instrumental accompaniment, and instruments alone in various combinations. London, British Library, Ms. Contains 9 duets, 2 fantasias and 6 ayres. In addition, there are two anonymous fantasias and works of John Ward Introduction by Piet Stryckers.

Oblong, 31 x 22 cm, 64 pp. Line-cut of the Prag, edition.


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Faksimile-Edition Canto e Continuo, 5. Line-cut of the Strasbourg, partbooks cantus, altus, tenor, bassus, bassus ad organum. Over 60 monodies among the 3 publications, the first and third from engraved plates, the second in movable type. Italian lute tablature occurs only the arias of book I, otherwise staff notation has been employed. Introduction in It by Orlando Cristoforetti. Wrappers and slip cover in decorative paper. Wrappers in decorative paper with slip case.

Line-cut of the Munich, c. Hardbound in decorative paper, with slipcase. Zwei Teile in einem Band. Faksimile-Edition Kammermusik des Barock, 7 Stuttgart, Hardboard in beautiful decorative paper with matching slip case. Stuttgart, Paul Treu Wrappers, with slipcase covered in marbled paper.

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Pieces for the Viol Lesson. Halftone of a contemporary ms copy, together with modern edition. Line-cut of the Kassel, edition. Oblong, 21 x 15 cm, xi, pp. Line-cut of the Lodovico Britannico edition, Brescia, Introduction in It by Giuseppe Massera. Line-cut of the Johannes Laet edition, Antwerp, Contains 18 motets, some of which were undoubtedly written in Italy, but clearly rewritten in Antwerp.

Oblong, 31 x 22 cm, 38 pp. Line-cut of the Bologna, 18th-c. Collection of 12 sonatas. Examination and inventory of the Lawes manuscript British Library, Add. MS , together with a selection of halftone plates with autograph examples and music of his contemporaries. Line-cut of the Paris, edition, containing 12 sonatas. Line-cut of the Paris, [] edition, containing 12 sonatas.

Line-cut of the Paris, edition, containing 6 sonatas which, according to the title page, can also be played on 2 violes. On peut jouer ces sonates a deux violes. Line-cut of the Paris, edition, containing 6 sonatas. Line-cut of the Paris, [] edition, containing 6 sonatas.

Libro terzo, opera ottava. Xerographic reprint of the Giacomo Monti edition, Bologna, Faksimile-Edition Schermar-Bibliothek Ulm, Oblong, 13 x 9 cm, 5 partbooks, c. Line-cut of the Pierre Ballard edition, Paris, Wrappers, with handsome slipcase in marbled paper. Early Cello Series, 1.

Dialogo quarto di musica [dove si ragiona sotto un piacevole discorso sulle cose pertinenti per intavolare le opere di musica et esercitarle con la viola a mano over liuto con sue tavole ordinate per diversi gradi alti e bassi]. A cura di Patrizio Barbieri. Sources and Materials for the History and Theory of Music, Short treatise explaining how to transcribe any contrapuntal score into tabulature for viola a mano or lute.

Includes 14 tables showing the gamut, clefs, staves, accidentals, and the corresponding signs for Italian lute tablature. Xerographic reprint of the Jeanne Roger edition, Amsterdam, []. Reprint of the Amsterdam Edition. Introduction by Paul van Reijen. Line-cut of the violin solo and basso continuo parts. These orchestral parts supplement the violin solo and basso parts previously published by Saul B.

Dedicate al molto illustre signore il signor Abraham Croock. In Two Several Varieties: The First 20 are for Two Trebles and a Basse. Oblong, 24 x 19 cm, 3 parts, 36 pp. Line-cut of the London, partbook edition, in staff notation. Line-cut of a contemporary ms copy, a unique source for this sonata. Kommentar von Martin Kirnbauer. Faksimile-Edition Theoretica, 7 Suttgart, Oblong, 20 x 16 cm, , xvi pp. Line-cut of the Strasbourg, edition. Besides the Virdung redux it also provides a treatise on mensural notation and polyphonic composition. Hardbound in decorative paper. Early Cello Series, Describes many aspects of performance, including ornaments; includes fingerings and trill fingerings.

Oblong, 21 x 15 cm, pp. Halftone of the Nuremberg, edition second, vastly reset edition of Museum Musicum. Fascinating treatment of music theory, including 10 woodcuts of instruments and a glossary of musical terms taken from Greek, Latin, Italian and French. Oblong, 30 x 20 cm, 2 partbooks, , iv pp. Oblong, 32 x 23 cm, 2 partbooks, xvi, , pp. Line-cut of the Paris, editions. Oblong, 30 x 20 cm, 2 partbooks, , vi pp. Oblong, 32 x 23 cm, 2 partbooks, 10, pp. Livre pour la viole. Livre pour la basse continue, Oblong, 30 x 20 cm, 2 partbooks: Oblong, 32 x 23 cm, 2 partbooks, xv, pp. Oblong, 30 x 20 cm, , iv pp.

Oblong, 32 x 23 cm, 2 partbooks, 16, pp. Edited by John Hsu. Oblong, 21 x 13 cm, 3 partbooks, xiv, pp. Viole de Gambe, XIV. A suite of dances, mostly minuets. Introduction on how to play the two instruments. Concerti [da Eterio Stinfalico. Oblong, 38 x 28 cm, 6 partbooks, 72 pp. Line-cut of the Augsburg, c. Line-cut of the Amsterdam, c. Introduction de Vittorio Ghielmi. Monumenta Brixiensia, Fototypice Expressa, 8. Line-cut of the Gardano edition, Venice, Line-cut of 7 autograph manuscripts in possession of the Fondazione Pagliara, together with new critical editions: Capriccio per pianoforte op.

Line-cut of Paris, c. Ridotti ad intavolatura a due violini e viola. Line-cut of the Milan, edition. Mattei, pupil of Martini and professor of counterpoint at the Liceo from its foundation in , was the teacher of Rossini, Donizetti and many others. Bassi numerati consists of lovely musical miniatures: Contains 29 fantasias for viola da gamba by Lupo, Gibbons, Coprario and Daman. Instrumental pieces for bass viol and lute. With an Introduction by Jon Newsom. Composed when Mendelssohn was 16 years old, this work was the first of its type in the literature.

Although it is an extremely clean copy, it contains a number of markings and passages that were ultimately removed for the first edition. Quarter linen and decorative paper with signature of the composer in gold on the cover. Oblong, 33 x 24 cm, vii, 16 Line-cut of the Paris, c. In quibus agitur de sonorum natura, causis, et effectibus: Complements the Harmonie universelle.

Der Prophet Meyerbeer , op. Flute Violin , Viola, and Guitar. Edited by Brian Torosian. Line-cut of the Jos. Aibl edition, Munich, , together with preface and new practical edition. According to composer these pieces are suitable for dancing. Also contains 9 instrumental fantasies. Le petit boucquet, de frise orientale, contenant quelques chansonnettes musicales pour toucher du luth join deux violes de gambas parmy les vois: Contains French chansons for soprano, bass and lute French tablature , 1 Dutch polyphonic song and pavanes for descant and bass viol with lute accompaniment.

Faksimile des von F. Peters als Verlagsnummer 1 einbrachte. Fine line-cut of the Vienna, edition. This work, especially the fugue section, has a clear connection to the music of Bach, introduced to him in It is a transcription for strings of his Fugue in C minor for two pianos, K. This beautiful facsimile attempts to recreate the look of an 18th print, showing the impression of the printing plates on the paper and utilizing fine paper the exact size of the original with irregular deckel edges.

Peters the facsimile is a tribute to both composer one of few works published within his lifetime and the publisher. With green silk string securing the four bifolios together. Manuscrit autographe de Line-cut of the autograph score and first edition published by J. Oblong, 34 x 25 cm, 14, 40 pp. Halftone of the autograph score dated 16 October The instrumental force called for here—cembalo fortepiano , violin, viola, and violoncello—was practically a novelty at that time. The manuscript shows a visible alteration in the viola part from a treble clef to an alto clef at the beginning of the first, second and third movements, suggesting that Mozart first thought of scoring the work with two violins.

In any case the viola voice adds a wonderful sonorous element that Mozart exploits. Handsome binding with green laid paper boards and embossed label. Edizione in facsimile a cura di Giacomo Fornari. Oblong, 34 x 24 cm, 45, pp. Hardbound, with coverboards that duplicate the original binding. Oblong, 25 x 20 cm, 24, vi pp. Beautiful 3-color halftone of the autograph score. Bibliophile editon in laid paper; handsome brown laid paper boards with pasted label. Composti e dedicati al Signor Giuseppe Haydn.

Line-cut of the Vienna, edition. Serenade in G-Dur KV Faksimile der autographen Partitur. Arthur Wilhelm Collection, Switzerland]. Oblong, 33 x 25 cm, xiii, 14 pp. Collotype of the autograph score completed August 10, This celebrated serenade or "party music" in four movements originally had a fifth movement—two minuets and their trio are now lost.

The autograph calls for 2 violins, viola, violoncello and bass string quintet but it is often performed by a larger orchestra. It is now in private hands in Basel. Handsome binding in linen with red and gold title stamp. Oblong, 33 x 25 cm, 14, 5 pp. Halftone, with new introduction in Ger-Eng-Fr. Oblong, 34 x 25 cm, 14, 24 pp. New color facsimile of the autograph score in its original loose bifolio and folio format. Limited bibliophile edition with beautiful clam shell case covered in moire fabric.

Line-cut of the London, edition no autograph is known. Clementi] Sinfonia in sol minore K Adattamento per 4 strumenti di Muzio Clementi. Oblong, 33 x 27 cm, xxxiii, 23, 77 pp. This is a fascinating document showing the tradition common at the turn of the 18th century of arranging symphonic works for smaller chamber groups.

Together with a new printed edition of the score and introduction in It-Eng. Oblong, 32 x 24 cm, 26 pp. Fine monochrome collotype of the autograph score. Beautiful deckle-edged paper, with original marbled coverboards water stains on cover. Together with performing edition and parts completed by Franz Beyer. Virtually every sketch and draft that has survived— pages—has been assembled and collated in chronological order for this superb facsimile edition reproduced in full color.

Like Band 44 of the Bachgesellschaft edition which contained only reproductions of Bach manuscripts, this publication marks the culmination of the Neue Mozart Edition. The facsimiles are accompanied by careful transcriptions and critical commentary Ger , making them accessible to both layman and specialist. Deluxe edition with clamshell case covered in burgundy linen and titles in gold lettering. An indispensable resource for any Mozart enthusiast. Hautbois ou violon 1 — Hautbois ou violon 2, alto viola — basse continue. Line-cut of the Ulm, edition. Halftone of the Amsterdam, edition.

Afterword in Du-Eng by Reine Verhagen. Oblong, 24 x 17 cm, vi, pp. Rules on ornamentation with examples in mensural notation. Divided into two books, part I for the performer of consort music for viols; part II presents several different kinds of compositions for one viol and cimbalo. Total of 29 works. Introduction by Marco Di Pasquale. Nova arte de viola que ensina a tocalla com fundamento sem mestre, dividida em duas partes, huma especulativa, e outra practica. Com estampas das posturas, ou pontos naturaes, e acidentaes; e com alguns minuettes, e modinhas por musica, e por cifra.

Line-cut of the Coimbra, edition. Scored for vln I, vln II, vc, bc. Wrappers with portfolio in marbled paper. Line-cut of the A. Vincenti edition, Venice, Les luthiers et la facture instrumentale. Treats French musical instrument makers, covering the period from the 15th to the 19th century. Opera prima e seconda, Bologna Together with a reproduction of a ms that transmits the violin part for sonatas a 3.

Oblong, 30 x 21 cm, 96 pp. Line-cut of the autograph fair copy score , dated 3 December Oblong, 33 x 24 cm, 26, 54 pp. Line-cut of a contemporary ms copy containing 12 sonatas. Oblong, 22 x 17 cm, 86 pp. Line-cut of the first edition, London, Hardbound with marbled paper boards. Line-cut of the second edition, London, Line-cut of the London, edition, in the original partbook format. Band II, De Organographia. Faksimile-Nachdruck herausgegeben von Wilibald Gurlitt.

Kassel, 17 x 24 cm, , iv pp. This volume, in German, describes the instruments known to the author and includes beautiful woodcut illustrations of them. Reprint der Originalausgaben von und Herausgeben von Arno Forchert. Livre premier; Livre second [Music Library Sweden]. Line-cut of the E. Roger edition, Amsterdam, c. The Dutch plagiarized version of A Collection of Ayres. Fortunately Roger had access to the errata sheet printed with the publication as the worst errors in the original printing are avoided.

Two Viollins and Basse: Line-cut of the score. Both methods treat bowing, fingering, ornaments and cadenzas. Corrette emphasizes the superiority of the instrument for the execution of throughbass. Line-cut of the William Adams edition, London, Line-cut of the William Stanley edition, London, Line-cut of the William Barley edition, London, Herausgegeben von Stefan Fuchs.

Facsimile of the of Paris, edition, together with modern edition.

harpsichord pieces book 4 suite 22 no 2 premier air pour la suite de trophee Manual

Line-cut of the Paris, edition, along with material in manuscript. Oblong, 17 x 13 cm, i, 68 pp. Foreword by Ottmar Schreiber. Wrappers, with beautiful presentation folder. Line-cut of the J. Bland edition, London, [? Oblong, 21 x 15 cm, 4 partbooks, pp. Line-cut of the Wittemberg, edition. Major collection of polyphonic settings of Latin hymns for voices.

The preface is dedicated to the mayor and council of Joachimstal, and credits Mathesius as having proposed and encouraged the work. Thomas Stoltzer is represent by 39 works. Oblong, 19 x 15 cm, 4 partbooks, pp. Hardbound in decorative paper, with matching slipcase. Oblong, 21 x 15 cm, 3 partbooks, pp. Contains 90 three-part motets and secular pieces by many different composers.

Texts are in Latin, French, German and Dutch. Quartets in the key of C major, E minor and A minor. Line-cut of a contemporary ms copy both score and parts , copied c. Oblong, 22 x 16 cm, pp. Gravement, sans lenteur 4. Tres vivement et marque 2. Pesamment, sans lenteur 2.

Enjouemens bachiques — Tendresses bachiques — Fureurs bachiques 6. Majestuetisement, sans lenteur 5. Legerement et flate 1. Legerement, sans vitesse 2. Gracieusement — Seconde Partie: Un peu plus vivement 3. Gracieusement, sans lenteur — Seconde Partie 4. Gracieusement, sans lenteur 3. Mesure, lent — Mesure, moins lent 2. Gracieusement et coule 2. Tres lie, sans lenteur — Seconde Partie 3.

Sans lenteur — Seconde Partie 3. Legerement et marque 2. Gravement — Vivement 2. Legerement et tres lie 1. Nonchalamment — Seconde Partie 3. Mesure, sans lenteur — Seconde Partie 3. Imperieusement et anime 2. Tendrement, sans lenteur 2. Legerement et lie 2. Legerement et coule 1. Gayement —- Seconde Partie 2. Vif et releve 2. Affecttieusement, sans lenteur 2. Mouvement de courante 2. Nai'vement, sans lenteur 2.

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Tendrement, sans lenteur 1. Moderement et uniment 3. Tendrement, sans lenteur 3. Agreablement, sans lenteur 3. Gracieusement — I ,a Pudeur sous le domino couleur de roze: Gayement — La Fidelite sous le domino couleur de roze: Affectueusement — La Perseverance sous le domino gris de lin: Tendrement, sans lenteur — La Langeur sous le domino violet: Egalement -— La Coqueterie sous diferens dominos: Gayement — Les Vieux galans et les tresorieres suranees sous les dominos pourpres el feuilles mortes: Gravement — Les Coucous benevoles sous les dominos jaunes — La Jalousie taciturne sous le domino gris de maure: Lentement et tres tendrement, quoy que mesure — Double du Rossignol 5.

Noblement, sans lenteur 4. Stir le mouvement des berceuses — Seconde Partie: Tendrement — Seconde Partie: Legerement — Seconde Partie: Learn more about archive hierarchies. Books, manuscripts and archives in Special Collections are usually grouped together in collections. Catalogue records for individual objects link to a collection record, which show the object's context, and associated material. You can see the full hierarchy under 'In this collection'.

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