Lessons Learned: Along Lifes River

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How things affect us depends on how we feel about them. How we feel about them depends on what we believe they mean. Our mind is our home.


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Its where we live. However, our world is an unpredictable jungle of chaotic events scrambling our home like uninvited wild animals. The only real control we have in this ever-changing world is in our home ; what we permit in, where we put it, and how we use the meanings we give it to tame it. Nothing exists without nothingness; especially life. We are like dogs on a leash, tied to a running chariot. Like life, the chariot may turn and we must turn with it.

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Even though some bends in a river might look the same, the character of that curve is different. Some have gentle currents that would let you leisurely float on by. Others have raging rapids that provide an unequaled visual experience when you see them. What these curved rivers can teach us is that by taking some extra time to enjoy the journey we have in life, we can see some amazing sights that would be missed if we just focus on speed and efficiency.

Why do rivers have curves in them?

Water takes the easiest path possible to get to its destination. What does this mean? Even though it might seem like a straight line from Point A to Point B is the fastest way to go, it might not be.

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A straight river would simply flood with any added volume. A curved river can handle more stress because there is more overall length to the journey.

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The same could be said for each person too — when the journey is flexible, the ability to adapt to changing circumstances is much easier. When stress or anxiety comes their way, it becomes an overwhelming flood very quickly.

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  • A curved river might seem like it is inefficient, but it is the most efficient route there is. It will always find a way to come home. Soon, unless I was heading into a rapid, I started to relax and let people enjoy the ride.

    Lessons From a River

    In guiding as in life, sometimes I needed to cede a little control and be confident enough in my own skills to know things would work out. I asked a lot of questions during my whitewater guide training. I learned plenty about piloting a boat down the river, but I also learned a lot about my fellow rookies, and the senior guides. So after training was over, I kept asking questions: Where are you from?

    Premiata Forneria Marconi "River Of Life"

    How do you all know each other? What kind of work do you do? Have you been rafting before?