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Luigi Boccherini: Minuetto (classical)

Music for the Nation: Around Lully's time it became a common practice to score this middle section for a trio such as two oboes and a bassoon , as is common in Lully. As a result, this middle section came to be called the minuet's trio , even when no trace of such an orchestration remains.

"menuett" in English

A livelier form of the minuet simultaneously developed into the scherzo which was generally also coupled with a trio. This term came into existence approximately from Beethoven onwards, but the form itself can be traced back to Haydn. The minuet and trio eventually became the standard third movement in the four-movement classical symphony , Johann Stamitz being the first to employ it thus with regularity.

An example of the true form of the minuet is to be found in Don Giovanni.

Menuett-Album (Various)

A famous example of a more recent instrumental work in minuet form is Ignacy Jan Paderewski 's Minuet in G. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For other uses, see Minuet disambiguation. Danish folk music Icelandic folk music Norwegian folk music Swedish folk music. Atrocity Tapes EP by Yokonono.

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