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May 07, Laura rated it really liked it. There was a sex club, voyeurism, and a threesome But, the way that the story is constructed keeps it from feeling rushed or forced. And, as it is a story that takes place between 2 people with a history, the instant connection between the 2 of them works and is believable.

The writing is excellent and you believe the actions of the characters. There is a not a strong developed plot, but this is not something you expect. The story is about a woman who visits a sex club with the intention of fulfilling her fantasies, and you get the story of her experiences. This the 2nd book I have read within the Scorched line, and I am looking forward to the others. May 07, Maria Rose rated it it was amazing Shelves: Entangled Publishing has released a new imprint called Scorched.

It promises to have all the heat level of their Brazen line, but with fewer boundaries sexually speaking. Rion is a co-owner of the club, a former mem Entangled Publishing has released a new imprint called Scorched. Rion is a co-owner of the club, a former member of the Irish mob who fought to get free of his obligations there, but still has some ties to his former life. Still, plenty of kink to go around with your usual BDSM play. Will Rion give her the fantasy night of her life? This is a novella length novel but packs a whole lot of heat into a second chance romance.

Only for a Night

But there is also a really sweet romance, as Rion comes to terms with the fact that his feelings for Harper have never waned despite their distance. This review appears as a blog post at: Jun 25, Jen rated it really liked it Shelves: Only for a Night is the first book and a novella in Naima Simone's new Lick series.

Naima is new to me as an author, but I really liked this book. I was first drawn to the book because of the cover. Yes, yes, I judged this book by the cover and knew I had to read it. After reading the blurb, I knew I had not made a mistake. See, I was sold right away. Rion Ward is the son of a member of the Irish Mob. He grew up in that lifestyle, but one day in high school he met this girl, Harper Shaw. She changed his world completely. She made him see that there was more in the world than just the mob life and that he was worthy enough to have more.

She encouraged the inner artist in him, but most of all she became his friend. As these two grew up together, feelings began to develop. Harper wants to be with Rion, but still being involved with the mob, he doesn't want to bring her into that world. It would kill him if anything every happened to her because of that.

He's planning on getting out of the mob, but it's going to take time. So what does he do?


He pushes her away. Harper begins dating someone else, a "good" guy, but she never forgets about Rion. When the new guy proposes she goes to tell Rion, but he just tells her to marry the guy. He never really thinks he'll see her again, but five years later he's taken back when he's told that she's turned up at his club asking for him. Rion, Sasha and Killian are co-owners of one of Boston's most exclusive sex clubs, Lick. I love the name of this club.

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I think it gives the idea of the kinky types of things that go on behind closed doors. He tries to get her to leave, but she's not having it. She was married to a guy who thought that sex in any position other than missionary was dirty and hedonistic. And Harper is dying to have her sexual needs met and she knows who she wants to meet them with.

I need you for sex. He's finally going to get to be with the woman who's always held his heart, but it comes with a stipulation. It's only for a night.

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  • After that they are supposed to go back to their regular lives. But after all is said and done will one night be enough? This book was so good for a novella. It was freaking HOT! Rion took Harper through different rooms in the sex club and it only stoked the fire that was smoldering between them. I'm so glad that I was approved by NetGalley to receive a copy of this book.

    Seeing a little, well not so little, bit of Sasha in this book has me looking forward to his book with lots of anticipation. I can't wait to see what Naima Simone gives us next with this series. ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. View all 11 comments. Jun 28, Selene rated it liked it Shelves: Scorching hot quick read! Five years since they last saw each other, the female lead seeks out the male lead in hopes of satisfying an urgent carnal desire.

    See a Problem?

    With some reluctance, he agrees, establishes the terms, and this story takes off at lightning speed. He corrupts her and satisfies her fantasies, confesses his feelings for her, the end. I expected this to be a smutty book, but it really wasn't. There is a story amongst the steamy times and this is a great fantasy-oriented read. First time re Scorching hot quick read! First time reading this author's work and I really liked the writing style, definitely looking forward to reading more of her work.

    May 07, Stacy Reid rated it it was amazing Shelves: Love Rion and Harper. They were so sweet, sexy and hawt together. I really loved this novella. So sweet and hot and sexy wrapped up in one beautiful package. Rion and Harper tugged at my heart strings, and I really felt for them. The emotions and history that bound them together leapt off the pages and I was eager to see how they resolved coming together. Overall this was a very sexy and emotional read and I am dying, just dying to read Killian and Sascha's book! The Cover Made me want to read this book as soon as I possibly could get my hands on it and Its Naima Simone book so I know it was going to be fantastic so it comes as no shock that I absolutely loved Only For A Night!.

    In this book we follow Rion and Harper and I loved these two together!!!. Its so much fun following characters who have past in books because you have all this back s From the minute I saw the cover of Only For A Night I didn't even know what it was about, but I knew two things. Its so much fun following characters who have past in books because you have all this back story that you are just dying to find out.

    I read the blurb and I thought to my self why is she the Good Girl from his past I need to know!! Naima really did create very interesting character with Rion and Harper they have both been through hard times in there lives, honestly when you find more about them I found my self wanted to give both of them the biggest hugs ever, seeing them reconnect made me so happy.

    Lick of Fire Series by Kim Faulks

    Now lets talk about the The Club it self Lick ,just reading the description of this club , what was going on in this club , what Rion and Harper were doing in this club lol made me think you this book should come with a warning that says This book is really hot we are not joking please stay near to a fan for your own health lol this book was flaming hot!. It was Sexy , Smoking Hot and at the same time gave Rion and Harper a ending that was absolutely perfect for there story. I cant wait to see what happens in the next book in The Lick Series is it too early to ask for it now? If you love all these things in you books I suggest you get your copy when this book comes out on May 30, Jul 21, Beanimous rated it it was ok.

    This is not a NA book, the hero and heroine in the book are matured adults, but it read like a NA book. By the Chapter 2, the angst meter is reaching my tolerance limit. Why I do not like it? Over the top reaction to simple requests. Heroine ask hero for sex, and without answering hero stormed off to his office and wanted to punch a hole on his wall. This sound like temper tantrum and not grown adult reaction to requests for sex. What trigger this dramatic reaction from the hero? Because bec This is not a NA book, the hero and heroine in the book are matured adults, but it read like a NA book.

    Because because "Damn her for reminding him what he had foolishly want and hope for Despite the hero's need to punch the wall, he rather quickly relent and gave the heroine all the kinky orgasms she requested. He got over his drama so fast? Plot is cliche, I remember reading several books with similar plots.

    I don't think, even given my limited experience. No girl would show up unexpectedly to her ex's place of work, after not having contact with him for several years and point blank ask for dirty kinky sex. I don't see it happening The whole scenario felt rushed, the first time hero and heroine had sex, it was a menage, two guys and a girl I don't know, it felt borderline abusive and risky to me, heroine have not have any contact with the hero for years and the first time they have sex is with the addition of another guy she hardly know.

    And the guy are rather rough with her during their sexual encounters, I frowned and cringe several times, it read like one of those borderline abusive rough porn you see sometimes on the internet. Not sexy, not hot, not steamy Oh, and the heroine scream her head off every time they had sex. I think the heroine was faking it, I think, all that none-stop screaming Ok, Ok, I am going to stop.

    I am starting to sound like a crirical, complaining prudish old aunt. Sorry this book isn't for me. I have read books from this author I liked, so will remain hopeful May 23, Karen's Bookshelf rated it really liked it. Harper saw beyond the bad boy exterior Rion carried so well and found the fiercely loyal, protective, and honorable man he hid so well. To bad Rion didn't seem to know that about himself, and that's why he sent Harper away, straight into the arms of another man. Now, several years later Harper show's up to ask a favor of him, one that would only cost him one night.

    But Harper and Rion quickly realize that one night is not nearly enough. If you're looking for a quick read with some steamy sex scenes, than this book is for you. Now, if you're looking for a lot of romance thrown in with the steamy sex scenes, this may not be the book for you. With that being said, I really did enjoy this book. I loved how Harper stepped out of her comfort zone and realized what she had been missing in her life. Also, applause for Harper for taking control of her life after living so many years for others. The passion between Rion and Harper definitely jumps from the pages at you, and you can feel the struggle these two have had by staying away form each other for so long.

    Harper and Rion's story is a great read, I just wish it was a little longer so that I could have gotten to know them better. Overall though, If you're looking for a quick sexy read I think you'll like Only for a Night, and I give it 3. Only for a Night, one of the first books to be published by Entangled's Scorched imprint so delivered on everything I was promised.

    This book was all types of steamy and then some. But at the same time the book was more than just one sex scene after another. Naima Simone delivered an all around great story. I became really invested in Harper and Rion's story and loved reading about them and the romance that sparks between them when she enters his club and enters into a one-night arrangement with Only for a Night, one of the first books to be published by Entangled's Scorched imprint so delivered on everything I was promised.

    I became really invested in Harper and Rion's story and loved reading about them and the romance that sparks between them when she enters his club and enters into a one-night arrangement with him. My only complaint when it came to this book was that it ended way too soon. As much as I loved the way Naima concluded the story, at the end I still wanted so much more of Harper and Rion.

    Out of all of the stories I've read by Naima Simone, Harper and Rion were the couple I was must upset to say goodbye to. Thankfully, there are still a couple more books left in this series, so hopefully we'll get some small glimpses of this hot couple in the future. I enjoyed this one. Old friends turn into lovers for one night only. He owns a sex club, she's a widow that did not have a very satisfying marriage, so she asks an old friend for a favor.

    A favor that he turns down at first, but the temptation is just too much for him. So begins their one night. And boy what a night.. Make no mistake this is a smutty read, but sometimes you just want some good hot sex to read and not something too complicated. This was the perfect fix. Looking for a HOT rea I enjoyed this one.

    Lick & Play

    Looking for a HOT read May 16, Sonya rated it it was amazing. Oh my this is a super HOT story, but more than that it's a great love story. Harper and Rion have known each other since they were kids but they came from different sides of the "tracks". Years later Harper goes looking for Rion in his "club" what happens that night opens up old feelings and reviles their inter most hopes and desires, but will they have the courage to grab hold or will the past hold them back?

    Although short it deals with a lot more than just hot sex, which I loved. Oct 15, Lubnaa rated it really liked it Shelves: Even when she'd tried to put him from her mind and heart, he'd just burrowed deeper. Only for a Night is a second c "She'd loved Rion with all the angsty passion of a teen and later with the hungry desire of a woman. Only for a Night is a second chance romance between an ex-mob hero and his high school best friend.

    This story works really well as a novella because Rion and Harper were essentially best friends in high school and thus knew each other really well. There is an established relationship here that's really well-written: Rion and Harper loved each other, but things were not easy for Rion who was still part of the mob at the time.

    Harper ended up marrying someone else, but Rion was always her first love. Two years after her husband passes away, Harper is ready to own her sexuality. She goes to Rion's club and convinces Rion to be her partner in participating in the illicit activities that take place in a section of his club.

    There is a bit of awkwardness at first, but their natural companionship eventually emerges and you just know that these two were in fact really close in the past even though their past relationship is not overly described. I don't know about you, but I think that's an incredible thing for an author to accomplish in a novella! I really enjoyed the short journey to a HEA.

    These two clearly still loved each other, but Rion's past demons were preventing him from taking a risk and starting a relationship with Harper. As for Harper, her bad marriage experience really had quite an adverse effect on her self-esteem and while Rion gives her the chance to be free, she's also quite broken and is scared of being broken to the point of no return.

    But each sex scene is integral to Harper's process of owning her sexuality and building herself back up. And because there's so much angst and love between these two, emotions inevitably form part of their one night bargain, regardless of how much they wanted zero emotional attachments. The second love scene especially hit me hard - it was raw and sexy, but ended on such a quietly emotional and sweet note.

    Anyway, you get the gist of it. I don't want to keep rambling. If you're looking for a deeply satisfying novella, both on the steam level and the emotional level, then this is the one for you! Jun 11, Mollien Fote Osterman rated it really liked it Shelves: Only For A Nigh Series: The Lick Series Author: May 30, Genre s: One night to introduce her to a passion that makes both doubt if it will be enough Review: This is a fast paced story about a woman trying to get her confidence back.

    I enjoyed reading this short book filled with emotion, longing, lust and some BDSM. The plot is about Harper Shaw. She has lost her husband 2 years ago and her daughter that died during her 7th month of pregnancy. Now a widow with low self esteem, she reaches out to the boy that she has loved since high school. Rion went to school with Harper.

    She was the only one who was ever happy to see him, but she was pure, sweet and innocent. He could never drag her into the world of the Irish mob that he was headed. Years later she turns up at his successful sex club asking him to do things to her that her husband considered dirty. One night, that is all he is willing to give her, but he may never be able to let her go.

    Sizzling chemistry fills this page story. Naima Simone, pulled me into this quick story from the very first pages. It had a great HEA ending. I loved how the author was able to intertwine the past with the present so effortlessly. Well worth reading this book. I will look for the rest of this series. Scorched for an honest Review. Dec 21, Sandy S rated it liked it. The first step to f 3. Five years earlier Rion Ward walked away from the only woman that he loved pushing Harper Shaw into the arms of another man. Fast forward to present day wherein the now widowed Harper returns asking Rion for a night of sexual pleasure knowing that her heart still belonged to the man in question.

    The second chance relationship between Rion and Harper covers but a day or two in the life. Their highly sexual rekindling is the major focus on the story line premise without any outside interference or conflict. The premise is fueled by want and need; the romance is hot; the characters are passionate. Own a copy www. Rion and Harper play out their second-chance sex-drunk romance mostly in bed and in a variety of positions. My scepticism about following an author into the bowels of sex-fuelled tales nonetheless remains.

    If I loved Ms.