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In fact, the more he took from the baskets, the more they seemed to hold.


Why Is a Baker’s Dozen 13?

Then Nicholas handed a gift to Van Amsterdam. Van Amsterdam looked up to thank him, but it was no longer Saint Nicholas standing there.

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Van Amsterdam awoke with a start. Moonlight shone through the half-closed shutters as he lay there, thinking. But why not give more? The next morning, Saint Nicholas Day, the baker rose early. He mixed his gingerbread dough and rolled it out. He molded the shapes and baked them. He iced them in red and white to look just like Saint Nicholas.

baker's dozen

And the cookies were as fine as any he had made. Van Amsterdam had just finished, when the door flew open. In walked the old woman with the long black shawl. She paid for the cookies and started out.

The Baker’s Dozen – Phish

He thought he glimpsed the tail end of a long red cloak. As the old woman foretold, Van Amsterdam was rewarded. So basically, in terms of bread, setting the relationship between the price of wheat and what the subsequent price of a loaf of bread from a certain quantity of wheat should be. Even though this statute was enacted at the request of bakers, it still posed a problem for them.

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This practice eventually made its way into the Worshipful Company of Bakers London guild code. This guild was actually started in the 12th century and had a large part in formulating the rules on the Assize of Bread and Ale statute. So in this case, vendors were being given a sort of wholesale price, but without breaking the laws outlined in the Assize of Bread and Ale which had no exceptions for allowing a cheaper price to vendors. This theory has some holes in it, but is quite plausible on the whole. Yet another theory is that it was simply a product of the way bakers bake bread.

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Baking trays tend to have a 3: It was important to avoid the corners because the corners of a baking tray will heat up and cool off faster than the edges and the interior, which would result in not cooking anything on the corner evenly with the rest. Wow, thanks for an interesting piece of info!

I liked the theory about baking trays, I think it has a lot of sense for this very issue. Where and the heck to do you find all of this stuff? I wonder about things like this too, but am constantly amazed at what you are able dig up, especially some of the more obscure posts.

Or the baker is probably being held hostage. Forced to bake terrible things. I mean leaving the extra one in the dozen is probably their only way of calling out for help from where ever they are being held. I can think of another possible reason, though I dont know how plausible it is.

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