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Asf, Asie ; Tag, Tage. Matis, Mduse ; Be- sorgnis, Besorgnisse. Kalh, A'all'er ; Jahr, Jahre.

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The characteristic sign of the Weak Declension is -;rin the plural, for which reason it is also called the Con- sonant or N-Declension. Only masculine and feminine nouns now belong to the Weak Declension: The Mixed Declension contains substantives which are inflected according to the Strong Declension in the singular, and according to the Weak in the plural. I To the Mixed Declension belong masculine and neuter nouns: This old form is retained in Modern German in some expres- sions, particularly in poetry, proverbs, and compound nouns. Boskin aitf der Heiden. Es ist niclits so fein gesponnen, es kommt endlich an die Sonnetu Av.

Lindenbaum ; Ilar- Je7ito7i ; Son7ienschein ; Lampenschirm. Many nouns which now follow the Strong Declen- sion were formerly weak, as we see from the following examples: Eine Abieilnng von fiinfJiundert Mann. Zti dett Hdupten dat. Notes on the Pronoun. The original forms of address were du for the singular and ihr for the plural. The " plural of majesty " of the first person employed by early kings and emperors was gradually transferred to.

In the seventeenth century the third person singular er and sie came into use for the polite form, representing the titles Herr and Fran. Since about the middle of the eighteenth century the third person plural has been customary as the polite form of address. As in the older stages of the language, we dis- tinguish in New High German between the Strong and the Weak Conjugation. The characteristics of the Strong Conjugation are: Taking the Strong Verb 7iehmen O.

Note the absence of Brechiing in schaffen, rufcn, hauen, koinmen, and some others. It is not before late M.

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Afterwards these verbs formed new weak preterites, infinitives, and past participles, but the old strong form of the past participle has been retained for use when the past participle comes to stand after an infinitive ; for instance: I'ch habe gckonnf, but ich habe gchen konnen. The conjugation of konnen and wissen was — Prcs. Sing, kan — kanst — kan. Sing, weiz — weist— weiz. Indie, wissa, later wuste. Weak Verbs retain the stem vowel through all forms, except in brennen, kennen, rennefi, nennen, senden, and 7venden, which have a instead of e in the pret. The study of Etymology — in so far as it shows us the processes by which, from given roots or primitives, new and distinct words are formed — is not only an excellent mental discipline, but is also of great practical utility in the learning of a language, for it helps us to acquire a thorough grasp of the exact meaning of words, and so to use them with intelligence and accuracy.

More especially is this the case with a language like German, which, by its remarkable facility for deriving and composing words, has a greater plastic power than any other modern language. There are three main principles by which German words are derived from other words indigenous to the language: Mut , lonely, pleasant, Un-ver-2ja.

This is the most frequent process of derivation. Verbs are formed by means of derivative ter- minations. The force of the suffix -eln, as we see from the above examples, is frequentative, diminutive, and derogatory. The suffix -er7i has causative and frequentative force: Verbs are formed by means of prefixes. These originally had an independent function as particles with a distinct meaning, which is now often much obscured. The prefixes which require explanation are the insepa- rable be-, e? Compare the force of er- and ver- in the foUow'ing verbs: In many cases it is difficult to determine the force of ver-.

Verbs are formed by means of Composition. Observe in this connection the force of hiri and her in compounds. Nouns are derived either by internal vowel change or by means of prefixes and suffixes. Nouns which show no trace of either form of derivation are regarded as primitive nouns — for example: The following are prefixes by means of which new nouns not derived from verbs are formed: It denotes origin or primitiveness: Saal, hall, "sharing a room with" , companion, der Geflihrte "travelling with " , dcr Gespielc, der Cenosse.

Concrete nouns are formed chiefly by the following sufifixes: Sometimes -el- is inserted, as in , The nouns formed by the following suffixes are chiefly abstract or semi-abstract: Sometimes it is with derogatory force: The latter words are formed by the suffix -e7-ei.

Traurigkeit, Hojlickkeit, Fruchtbarkeit, Einsamkeit, Heiterkeit. From adjectives or verbal stems it forms masc. Anotlier sufifix which originally was a noun is -rich O. It is chiefly used to form proper nouns: Friedrich " prince of peace " , Hemrich "prince at home" , Dietrich "ruler of the people ": Formation of Compound Nouns. In compound nouns s is used as a sign of the genitive even in fern, nouns: Compounds with originally weak fem. C- — Derivation of Adjectives. Most derivative adjectives are formed by means of suffixes, the principal of which are the following: In new formations with -ig, which are veiy numerous, we often find i 'vilaut present or absent in the same word: Similarly Mensch is derived from the O.

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These are either formed from verbs which have become obsolete or are used with a meaning different from that of the verbs to which they belong. Adjectives formed by means of Prefixes. The prefixes which are used to form nouns cp. An adjective or participle as the second com- ponent part may be compounded with any part of speech as the first part, thus: Comparatively few adverbs are primitive like ah, an, ausscn, innen, ja. For the most part they are case forms of nouns and adjectives.

As adverbs are formed most frequently from the genitive case, s as the sign of the genitive has become an adverbial ending. Adverbs which are case forms of nouns: Frequently case forms of nouns form adverbs when they are qualified by another word, but not when they stand alone ; for example: The last word is an example of Volks-Etymologie, which has connected it with der ktzte, whilst according to Weigand it comes from M. Adverbs derived from adjectives. Adverbs derived from verbs: Adverbs derived by suffixes from adjectives, nouns, and prepositions: Many prepositions, like the adverbs, are cases of nouns and adjectives, thus: I fon Rechts wegen.

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Many conjunctions are, like the adverbs, case forms of nouns and adjectives, e. Only those words are given which reqjiire special explanation, cp. Cognate equivalent words are indicated hy small capitals. Observe the force of ab in the following: The gift used to be bound on the neclv or arm of the recipient. This word is a good example of popular etymology. It has nothing to do with either Arm or Brnst, but is an adaptation of the L. For similar examples of pop. Beanite r , m. German Bci- ivacht ; cj. Thursday, day of Donar, god of thunder. Eck, n, Ecke,yi corner, edge.

Etymology of the latter part doubtful. Mhg drozze, throat modern Kehle,f. Erl eii k6nig, L. Erz-, chief-, arch- ; fr.

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P Our Mission: Antonio Machado y Alvarez, Francisco. This is a reproduction of a book published before Atlas edition, in Spanish - 2. Get Textbooks on Google Play. Rent and save from the world's largest eBookstore. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. Cantos Populares Espa Oles,. Download Der verruchte Spion: Der verruchte Spion - buchoffizin. Roman auf Ihrem Kindle beginnen. Sie haben noch keinen Kindle? Hier kaufen Oder fangen Der verruchte Spion: Blanvalet Verlag eBook, Originaltitel: Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

Der verruchte Spion [Celeste Bradley] on Amazon. Fine cloth copy in a very good. Remains particularly and surprisingly well-preserved; tight. Includes bibliographical references p. Career Paradigms and Critical Frameworks 2: The Making of a Dutch Painter-Poet 3: Self-Making and Self-Representation 4: The Perspective Box 6: The Academy of Painting and the Visible World. Samuel van Hoogstraten was a talented pupil and early critic of Rembrandt. Celeste Brusati looks at the art.

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Analyzing van Hoogstraten's painting treatise. Brusati reveals the crucial role these endeavours played in the forging of van Hoogstraten's professional and social identity. Samuel van - Criticism and interpretation. Samuel van - Inleyding tot de hooge schoole der schilderkonst.