Die Fertigkeit Sprechen im Fremdsprachenunterricht (German Edition)

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Introduction German is regarded as a basic language for various disciplines such as the humanities, social sciences, law, and medicine. As a highly regarded language in academia, it is the second most used language in the publishing industry. In addition, German is not only a language which people learn the most as a second language in the world, followed by English, Spanish and French, but also the mother tongue of the most number of people in the European Union.

Since ancient times, Germany has become a backdrop for western philosophy, art, and basic sciences and has been considerably influential. Also, as the Europe's leading economic power, Germany has strongly influenced in Europe and the rest of the world. Therefore, learning German is highly practical. Learning German and the many literary works rooted in it will lead students to learn a vast range of German cultural heritage. This department focuses on developing practical German language skills by providing students with lectures, conversation instruction, and writing instruction.

Highlights German for beginners Department of German Language and Literature at Hanyang University focuses on learning practical German by offering a wide range of German and German language studies, linguistics, foreign language professors' conversation instruction, writing instruction, and language practice. Therefore, students can learn the language from the very basics through this curriculum.

German language and culture students can directly experience through the local semester program The best way to learn a language is to directly see, listen, speak, and feel. Various activities The German Language and Literature Department at Hanyang University offers students opportunities to read literary works in conjunction with theater plays in the department.

Students not only can get academic credit but also can participate in plays in the German language. Outlook Outlook Corporations Foreign companies, automobile fields, manufacturing and service industries, airlines, financial institutions, trading companies, hotels, insurance companies and travel agencies, German cultural centers, etc. Com Public and government agencies Government agencies such as central and local governments, German embassy, and public institutions such as KOTRA, etc. Educational fields German literature or German language instructors, middle and high school teachers, university professors, etc.

Culture and Tourism Planners in various cultural fields , culture critics, distributors, tourist interpretation and travel industries, aircraft crews, etc. Others Diplomats, translators, interpreters, etc. This lecture purpose to extend the writing skills and expressions through various examples.

Avoid the cramming education and concentrate on raising abilities of creative thinking , reasonable criticism. Develop the program of reading poetry and prose etc for student to train the writing skills with creative and logical thinking. How do you talk about a certain issue?

The course help students acquire an understanding of text and composition. To do this, the course offers a survey of some important theoretical results recently obtained in science and technology studies. We will carefully examime a number of concrete case-studies, ranging from the electrification of America, quantum revolution to the introduction of western science to traditional Korea. We will then discuss the intrinsic nature of modern science and technology as well as its socio-cultural aspects in the context of modern society.

Students who take the course shall appreciate how modern science and technology from the nineteenth century has come to manifest a number of unique characteristics, which can be clearly distinguished from the science and technology of even, the eighteenth century. We will discuss in the class the significance of this difference. The course will also highlights the importance of dialogue between experts with different background and encourage more interactions between humanities and natural sciences, so that we can make well-informed and reasonable decisions concerning complicated issues which are so common in our multi-layered society.

It aims at developing general communicative skills in german. Through intensive dialogue practice, students will learn to properly use basic expressions in everyday like situation. This course is composed of 3 parts, "pride in Hanyang", "core values in global society" and "life planning". In "pride in Hanyang" students will review the history, values and vision of Hanyang University. In "core values in global society" students will study 6 core values and case study on the core values of global companys. In "life planning" students will reflect on their history and present and develop the vision and mission statement.

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Employment working in the industry of major interest to seniors invited to hear the information about the industry to prepare for what you need to learn knowhow. In addition, students who already have a job that aim to visit seniors plan their careers and the skills necessary to equip determined to develop a career that any plan. The lecture will discuss studying skill including taking notes, taking exams, time management and subject enrollment in order to guide students to achieve an ideal studying pattern and further to set up a career path. It will also deal with basic information about diverse study areas, domestic and international social issues and career development.

It enables the students to develop various forms of multimedia such as text, sound, graphic, video, animation, and so forth. For this purpose, the students learn to use practical german language well. That is, the course will guide the students to see the various subjects with a new and round perspectives.


Comic im Deutschunterricht? Aber klar. - Majstersztyk

We'll stick to the principles of the performative humanities - that is, to merge culture and technology in order to perform inter-disciplinary study. In addition to the individual tutoring, we also exercise the logical writing on the diverse subjects on the humanities. This course is composed of 3 parts, "pride in Hanyang", "core values in global society" and "life planning. In "core values in global society", students will study 6 core values and cases on the core values of global companies. In "life planning", students will reflect on their past and present and develop their vision and mission statement.

It is focused on helping them establish characters and values. By enhancing their humanistic sensitivities and knowledge they learn core values and leadership. Students discover themselves through HELP1 and are able to decide what kind of person they want to be. HELP1 helps students establish their values and prepare them to be balanced leaders who can adjust to new environments. The rationale for the program is basically to provide students with a sound opportunity to develop the 4 language skills: The proposed program combines spoken and reading components in a single class format with clear emphasis on spoken English; it utilizes a communicative approach, targeting spoken language skills in conjunction with reading skills, and reserving writing for homework although minimal writing will b done in class.

The 4 language skills will be integrated witin a well-conceived spoken English program which emphasizes speaking time in class. While understanding characteristics of art in accordance with its cultural differences, we will interpret social functions and cultural meanings of art.

Ratgeber für ehrenamtliche Helfer: Tipp 9 "Produktive Fertigkeiten: sprechen und schreiben"

In addition, by learning the basics of German culture and history, it will make students understand German more effectively. Today humankind is in changing relationships with science and technology on the one hand, and with politico-economy and society on the other. Through fashioning performative ethics and producing praxis knowledge, the course tries to suggest some sense of direction for the human subject to deal with the changes.

The course consists of lectures and tutorial, providing students with some opportunities for widening their perspective on the basics of humanities and their applications. This class is divided by 2 parts explaining writing and thoughts, speech and culture. Writing and thoughts contains association training, structures of writing, description, compare and contrast and writing logical sentences.

Speech and culture criticizes culture and literature. Both parts contains many programs that enables students to participate. That should make the class interesting and also valuable. Comprising the westernmost peninsula of Eurasia, Europe is generally divided from Asia to its east by the water divide of the Ural Mountains, the Ural River, the Caspian Sea, and by the Caucasus Mountains to the southeast. Europe is washed upon to the north by the Arctic Ocean, to the west by the Atlantic Ocean, to the south by the Mediterranean Sea, and to the southeast by the Black Sea and the waterways connecting it to the Mediterranean.

Yet, the borders for Europe concept dating back to classical antiquity are somewhat arbitrary, as the term continent can refer to a cultural and political distinction or a physiographic one. The term "Europe" has multiple uses. Its principal ones are geographical and political. Then Students will study physical geography of europe related the culture of europe. In addition, students can participate in lectures and presentations, a discussion of the end of class for free and a variety of writing and the correct writing of the progress and lessons will be conducted.

Subjective reason ability and come in a variety of situations, each student through this class so that you can be a true and accurate communication, speaking and writing skills will be able to exert. We will carefully examine a number of concrete case studies studied by scholars from philosophy of science and technology, sociology of science and technology, and history of science and technology.

The students taking the course shall learn various aspects of modern science and technology in the context of modern society. They shall appreciate how modern science and technology from the nineteenth century has come to manifest a number of its unique features, which can be clearly distinguished from the science and technology of even, the eighteenth century. We will discuss in the class the significance of differences for proper understanding of science and technology of our time. The course will also encourage more interactions between humanities and natural sciences so that we can make well-informed and reasonable decisions concerning complicated issues which are so common in our multi-layered society.

The contents of the course will be stylized each term, considering the student';s needs and backgrounds. By inducing students to discuss freely and have question and answer sessions briskly about questions coming to mind during developing computer programs in practice, students will acquire computer programming understandings. Then the purpose of this course is to develop their ability to produce creative ideas in fusion technique for their major area in highly information-oriented society.

Through a deeper understanding of German cultural and political history, it will help students to also understand contemporary German culture and politics. Also in grammar, a good idea is realized in its good form. The aim of this seminar is to offer an introduction to dynamic functional grammar and the essence of grammar, as basis the of harmonious conversation not an static grammar, in other words, as grammar for grammar.

Students will have the opportunity to acquire and enlarge their grammatical knowledge, which starts from achieving core grammar, and applying it in the syntactic analysis of simple German sentences. Therefore the trend of literary thought has special characteristics as well as university that every literature has.

This lecture is an introduction to the theories of literature and the trend of literary thoughts of German 2 1 GER Screen German Core Major This course is designed to teach basic German through the use video, computers and visual aids. Students learn the basics of general German, thtough training in listening to the German Language in movies and through understanding German Life and Culture.

In the 21st century, we are moving into a global soceity where all countries are interconnected. Everything is changing at the speed of light. Digital Convergence is occurring. Global leaders are the key to success for all organizations. In a global soceity, you can prepare for your future through HELP2. The purpose of HELP is to prepare students to be global leaders for the next generation.

Hanyang university students will be global leaders through HELP2. Also classifies important German vocabulary into its distinctive categories to study how it was formed or how it is being used. Also to learn the culture and manner in Germany. Methods of composition, description, and writing letters in German and mastery of basic German sentence structure. In der Tat ist das Maerchen leichter als andere literarische Texte zu verstehen. Insofern ist es ein gutes Unterrichtsmaterial fuer diejenigen, die das Deutsch nocht nicht so gut beherrschen koennen.

Ausserdem werden Kenntnisse darueber, was ein Maerchen ist, wie es zu interpretieren ist, den Studenten vermittelt. Im allgemein ist das Maerchen als ein Genre fuer die Kinder und zwar als ein Medium bekannt, mit dem ihnen eine gewisse Moral gegeben wird. Wie es funktioniert, und was dahinter gesteckt ist, auch darueber wird im Unterricht behandelt.

Die Fertigkeit Sprechen Im Fremdsprachenunterricht by Ada Gorskih (Paperback / softback, 2010)

The emphasis will be on several related matters; on the thematic connection with myths of various cultures, on the criticism of contemporary life and thought. Certain works of speculative argument will also be introduced into discussion. From this point, students learn german and european culture. This course examines the German role in the European Union. Therefore this course will increase adequate German conversation skills, which are used in actual everyday life activities by acquiring sentence patterns or structures and by using phrases that are frequently used in everyday life for basic learners.

Using various kinds of multi-media, basic learners will be able to gain interest for themselves and be able to follow easily, as they do they will eventually use basic expressions that are used in everyday life very naturally. And also they will be able to acquire elegant international senses and views by effective and adequate use of language conversation. The course aims to help students develop the competencies that are required in their future studies and career: The course requires the students to develop creative problem solving skills.

For this, the students perform various tasks by investigating and analyzing engineering topics as well as developing solutions. The expected course outcome is that students are able to write academic reports, participate in discussions and make oral presentations in English on their major topics. Throughout the course, the students are encouraged to explore various major-related topics, to conduct systematic problem analyses, and to collaborate for creative problem solutions.

Classroom activities mainly focus on the oral presentation and writing skills, and the preparatory activities of the essay writing. The course requires the students to make three oral presentations and write three essays in English on their major-related topics. Students are required to make a portfolio of their work, to be submitted and assessed.

This will be discussed in class. The students study the distinctive characteristics of its structures. Using various kinds of multi-media, learners will be able to gain interest for themselves and be able to follow easily, as they do they will eventually use basic expressions that are used in everyday life very naturally. In the 21st century, we are moving into a global society where all countries are interconnected. Digital convergence is occurring. In the global society, you can prepare for your future through HELP2.

Instruction will focus on the concepts and strategies needed in order to both organize and deliver a presentation, along with informal and formal opportunities to practice them. What this course purposes, ist that we speak of a dramatic movement in Germany from Lessing to Brecht.

German dramas and dramatic theories, from Lessing on, have far more in common with one another than they have severally with the various literary movements to which they are normally assigned. This epoch of German drama is thus a true movement. Its cohesiveness arises from deep common intellectual concerns. Its intellectual concerns are entwined with technical questions concerning drama as a genre.

Especially with new published textbook , and accompanied interesting movies, the hearing competence will be remarkable progess in german conversation. The course focuses on the construction of German texts, component parts of a German text and German text types. This cultural movement was asked to break from the past and seeking new ones. The creation of a new culture and a new era is commensurate with the spirit.

Modernism is currently losing its strength since the midth century. But Modernism is still an important cultural ideals that are influential in modern society and art. The value of vision of the ideal society is still valid. Readings of texts will enable students to acquire a reasonable level of reading comprehension of the major works of German Literature. It deals also with practical problems and issues arising in the description and analysis of modern German.

Learning how to solve problems in linguistics will be a secondary component of this seminar. Furthermore, important trends in modern German linguistics are generally introduced. This introductory course does not presuppose any knowledge of linguistics from students. Through pair and group activity, students will deepen their vocabulary and expressions necessary for everyday conversation.

Nordrhein-Westfalen: AfD gegen Englisch in Grundschulen – „Mehr Deutsch und Mathe“

Literary background of opera or Lied and literature with musical motive are treated. This Study will help comprehension of students to use various visual and auditory medium. The aim of this course is to study on concept defining and a prospect of such essays through reading. Considering this point, this course will focus on the studies of German language instruction methodology. In this course students will study on various instruction methodologies and further more while applying these various methodologies to actual text will also analyze accruing merits and demerits so as to build concepts necessary for textual developments.

For deep understanding contemporary German novels, it will require a lot of reading and intensive discussion. The goals of this course are to understand the concepts and characters of this german classic literature and to approach their intellectual and cultural contexts in historical times. B The following text is a summary of an internet article about new bodyscanners.

People in Britain have doubts because of their personal rights. Activists mean that the new bodyscanners hurt the law. The text informs us about an airport in Manchester where the bodyscanners are tested but only for people who are older than 18 years old. The text tells us theat bodyscanners are not official in Britain and Germany. The government explained that they wait for the second generation of bodyscanners. Perhaps they protect more the privacy of people. The protector of data Peter Schaar criticizes that the police decides about the personal rights in context to the development of bodyscanners.

On the airport in Amsterdam nobody noticed him. C The text is about the dispute of personal rights. The reason for this dispute are the new bodyscanners preparing to be used on airports. Activists are arguing that these bodyscanners might break laws, e. He demands, that the bodyscanners have to get better developed in a technical manner.

But there are not only critics against the use of bodyscanners. Klaus-Heiner Lehne for example supplies the use of bodyscanners.