Doctor Margarets Sea Chest: Book 1 of The Azadi Series

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In Crimea, they have to not only face hardships of battles, but also endure other conflicts. The surprise ending of Book I, leaves Margaret in a quandary, whether to seek vengeance or to continue on with her journey to India. In the end, she believes she has made the right decision. This author has repeatedly harassed, belittled, and criticized me for the contents of my review in email, despite my insistence that this is my opinion. The synopsis on the back of Sharif is approached by hospital staff to return an old sea chest that has been left abandoned for over one Waheed and his wife, Alexandra, are now settled on the shores of Lake Ontario in the historic town of Grimsby.

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Doctor Margaret's Sea Chest Free Audiobook

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. This book is really two stories that take place over years apart. Be sure to look at the date at the beginning of each chapter to know whether you are in the current story or reading Dr. There are twists in both stories to keep you absorbed in the book. Book 1 covers just the first two volumes of her journal so you will need to buy book 2 to finish the story.

It's an interesting read. One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. Although this well-written book is easy to read, an inordinate amount of information requires a reader's undivided attention to absorb all the inner intricacies of this epic historical novel. Indian born American doctor Wallidad Walli Sharif is on contract with a Delhi hospital for one year and is given the task of returning a sea chest, well-over years old and left at the hospital, to the owner's rightful relatives.

The owner is believed to be an American woman doctor, Margaret Wallace. Sharif, no one knows who or where the relatives live. When he eventually returns to his home in Grimsby, Ontario, Walli Sharif and his wife locate the relatives and are given permission to open the chest. Margaret's diary is found.

Expecting to read a day-by-day account of life's pleasantries, instead a complicated plot unfolds. The reader is transported from the present to the past; with over a year span, starting with Delhi during India's struggle for freedom from the British Raj, then back to Canada to Elizabeth, New Jersey Margaret's home town to Central Asia, Turkey, Russia and Afghanistan. Famous battles such as The Charge of the Light Brigade during the Crimean War, and the transporting of slaves to freedom in Canada are echoes of freedom from their colonial masters', rings throughout the story.

However, this book is mainly about Margaret, a strong, compassionate woman who from early childhood dreams of becoming a medical doctor, unheard of in the middle 19th century.

Doctor Margaret's Sea Chest: The Azadi Series Book 1

Against strong objections from her parents, she enrolls in a medical college for women, and upon graduation she begins her journey in life, starting with love, marriage, children to wars, mystery and intrigue in countries far away. The characters in this novel are well-developed, and although the plot is complicated the story is believable.

It is obvious the author, Waheed Rabbani, did his research. Rabbani's understanding of women's struggle for equality and the strong character of Margaret Wallace.

Doctor Margaret's Sea Chest (The Azadi Series #1)

I look forward to his next story in this trilogy. Rabbani is a master storyteller. Pauline Hager, author of Giorgi's Greek Tragedy. One of life's most wonderful pleasures is to read a masterfully written literary treasure that transcends your world while inspiring you to enrich your own life. Rabbaini's story of Dr. Margaret will stay with me for the rest of my life. The art of good historical fiction writing requires a careful blend of accurate, useful, and meaningful information that is relevant to society and readers today that must be carefully utilized by an author in order to guide the writer's plot and subplots.

Failure at any level can easily take a good and interesting story, and remove its meaning and importance quickly should a writer fail to implement facts that will impact or connect with a reader.

Doctor Margaret's Sea Chest: The Azadi Series Book 1 by MR Waheed Ghulam Rabbani

When executed effectively, it is my personal opinion that historical fiction writing offers the best the literary world has to offer. As both an avid reader and novelist, I am exceptionally conscious of this issue.

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Joyfully - and with great purpose I use the word 'Joyfully' because great literature is indeed 'joyful' - Mr. The novel begins in with the exciting discovery of a year old sea chest that belongs to the daughter of an American Presbyterian missionary, Doctor Margaret, in the storage room located in a hospital located in Delhi.

From there, we are whisked into an incredible journey that transcends the life of Dr. Margaret, but shares of the Indian Sepoys' Rebellion of , and the historical events that surround the plights for freedom and liberty, as shared in the magic - the stories - contained in the sea chest.

The story is filled with many important facts and points that it is critical that the reader pay attention to the detail of Mr. Rabbaini's writing, for it is here that the story transcends from very good historical fiction to a timeless masterpiece. It is a story that spoke deeply to me, and somehow, I know my life is that much the better for it. It is historical fiction writing at its best as it is highly entertaining, deeply informative, and unquestionably inspiring. Thoroughly enjoyed this book and am looking forward to reading the next in the series. See all 31 reviews. Most recent customer reviews.

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