Fractured Crystal: Sapphires and Submission (The Crystal Fragments Trilogy Book 1)

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Refresh and try again. Laci Paige Goodreads Author. Sabrina York Goodreads Author. Doris O'Connor Goodreads Author. Gemma James Goodreads Author. Galia Ryan Goodreads Author. Michelle Hughes Goodreads Author. Jennifer Hayden Goodreads Author.

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Fractured Crystal: Sapphires and Submission

Josie Leigh Goodreads Author. Diana Castle Goodreads Author. January Valentine Goodreads Author. Azure Boone Goodreads Author. Kimberly Stedronsky Adams Goodreads Author. Ava Claire Goodreads Author. Ella Dominguez Goodreads Author. Kayla Stonor Goodreads Author. Ava Lore Goodreads Author. Cecilia Tan Goodreads Author. Jealousy is a dangerous addiction. After the torrid beginning of their affair, Kris Avelar has achieved a degree of freedom that will allow her not merely to withstand the demands of her lover, Daniel Stone, but also rise up to the challenges that he places upon her body and soul.

If he is her demon lover—a troubled, wealthy The second part of the Crystal Fragments trilogy. If he is her demon lover—a troubled, wealthy man with his own dark secrets—then she is an artist who can transform those secrets into something brilliant, shining and beautiful. Yet if Kris is the most perfect lover that Daniel has known since the death of his wife, she is not the first.

And so when she encounters the lawyer, Maria Gosselin, she understands just how all-consuming her jealousy can be, especially when when Maria makes it clear that she believes there is unfinished business between her and the rich founder of Stone Enterprises. It comes as a shock to her, then, to discover that her own attraction to this strong, clever rival threatens to overwhelm her own senses—and that Maria is more than happy to use this to get everything that she wants, even if it means destroying whatever fragile happiness Kris and Daniel have achieved.

Kindle Edition , pages.

The Crystal Fragments Trilogy 2. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Fragile Crystal , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. The Crystal Fragments, Book complete series. What a debut by M. The Crystal Fragments Trilogy - you can either purchase the three books separately or the most recently released Omnibus. Lawless is an amazing story teller! This book has it all — hotter than hot alpha male Hero, love, intrigue, suspense and of course scorching sex scenes some BDSM.

Daniel is more mature and secure which partly can be attributed to his age, but it did not in any way detract from his appeal. His demons mainly stem from being an orphan and from tragically losing his wife. In this love story he found a purpose again; he was able to sort out his demons, but he also had to face huge challenges with his business empire. Both Daniel and Kris are very complex characters.

It just threw me off, but I wrote it off as an editing glitch. I promise it did not deduct an iota of a point away from the story itself. I truly love this series and I am so happy I stumbled across it. I love Daniel -so alpha, but with a mature twist. He was so loyal, sweet and composed, but still all dominant and sexy.

Kris annoyed me at times, like the heroines oftentimes do when paired with alpha males , but she matured, found her footing and in the end she was faced with the challenge of… hmm you are just going to have to find out for yourself. This is an incredible read!

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This is a definite keeper and a book that can be re-read. I recommend that you get your copy today, turn off the phone, light some candles, cozy up on the couch and get prepared for a love story of epic proportions. Would I re-read this book: I know this book was going to be amazing, but I wasn't prepared for such a depth! First off, I want to say how much more I fell for Daniel. His dominantly powerful, calculated and mysterious persona was a turn on from the get go. I loved his sense of control and the way in which he disciplined.

He always sparked that electricity deep within me, making me shudder in delight: How more fucking hot can that get? D Daniel was so sickeningly sweet it really gave true meaning to stupidly in love.

And with a body like his - the way he simply is, I found it refreshing that lil old Kris caused that. He's reserved yes, but when the walls start to chip away you see that he's worth it all. And all the hardship, his short comings won't matter because in the in, it's what make him who he is.

The Crystal Fragments Trilogy by M.J. Lawless

And we all love that. D Just to throw in what I didn't like ; -I didn't like the lack of independence she had that's just me, but I cant see myself dependent on a man completely -Also didn't like how to some extent, Kris was overly angry with Daniel for how he went on - granted he was an ass -but he was hurt D Moving on to the big wtf moment in this installment? I can honestly say I.

I had my suspician but I was so fixed on something more And even when they signs became evident I still had faith that But boy, was I ever wrong?! When it happened I was like: I was speechless as I read it, but a small part deep within me was happy oh fuck, am twisted - deal with it!

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I like that for once - it wasn't who I expected it to be and I was happy But then the truth came to light and my heart literally hurt. Like a thousand times over. I felt like a pathetic fool, but this book affected me deeply. I was able to feel every emotions - and where i thought all would be with delight, the pain of the betrayal, the hurt expressed just The storm had to come and go, right?

I love the explanations with the whole submissive thing. It was subtle but it was there and I found that kind of approve to be refreshing. Most books dive in with the clear written thought of such a thing lately, so the oblivious feeling with not being oblivious all the same was good to read. Which is why, I can understand why it wouldn't have worked out between Daniel and Maria. Both of them were dominants - they would clash too much and Kris was a natural - the act of submitting, of giving herself completely to the pain and pleasure was what fuel the emotions and that was something Daniel loved omg I getting glazed eye just remembering how he punished her x3 Also just to put it out there.

She was written amazingly and she was messed up so good, so methodically with the right amount of control.

See a Problem?

Damn, I couldn't find any fault in her evilness and that alone made me love her right up to the very end. This book is truly good. View all 12 comments. Nov 05, Saunders rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I devoured book 2 straight after book 1. Kris resembles his wife who was killed in a car crash whilst she was 6 months pregnant. Daniel blames himself for her death.

But jealousy is a dangerous addiction and Kris wonders if Daniel is only attracted to her because she resembles his dead wife. Is she jealous of a dead woman? Kris has found a degree of freedom. Sh I devoured book 2 straight after book 1. She was now painting and experiencing happiness, desire, discipline, and order in her life. Daniel Stone is the source of this and it reflected in her images and painting.

Dominant in height, physical and sexual prowess and in financial and worldly muscle. But soon the serpent enters the room in the form of Maria Gosselin - Daniel's lawyer.