Letting Go: #1 (Road House)

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I really enjoyed going on this road trip together with Lilah, Cece and Ezra to discover the truth about Thomas's disappearance. There is a cute romance, some great and realistic characters we get to know, a road trip and a bit of mystery what happened with Thomas.

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I really liked the bit of mystery and reveal of what happened to Thomas came as a surprise to me. And the journey to that point was great to read about, I liked how they followed these clues, but also how the characters changed along the way. It deals with topics like loss and mental illness, but overall the book has a light and optimistic feel. I thought Lilah was a very realistic character, although I didn't like her as much as first, it was great seeing her change over the course of the book. The romance was cute and a fun addition to the book.

And I liked getting to know Cece as well along the way. All in all I enjoyed reading this book and definitely plan to read more from this author. Oct 21, Jules. Bookverse rated it liked it Shelves: When I read the blurb for the first time I was quite interested in the story, but also not sure how the mental disease will be described and if it's too much for me. I've never read anything with mental diseases or diseases in general before. I always felt that it would be too much for me and kind of really turn my emotions downward. But I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and discover new genr First of all thank you to the author, Amy Sparling, for sending me an ARC to give an honest review!

But I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and discover new genres. For me personally, it's always been a bit hard to adjust to new things or being new at a place. As I'm constantly challenging myself to break out of my shell and 'live a little' by discovering new things, even if I get anxious first, I felt I should do the same with my reading habits! As I said before I have never read any stories with bipolar characters and also haven't known any people who are bipolar.

I mean you know a bit about certain thing from articles or when someone mentions them, but I never really looked further into it. This book has been perfect in explaining how a bipolar person acts and is mostly misunderstood by the people around them. Sparling did make CeCe's character absolutely brilliant by showing both of her 'sides' and how people see her from the outside. This though doesn't have to be the reality. Sparling made it throughout the novel very clear what's really behind a bipolar person and that they shouldn't be judged just by their disease.

I mean they are still humans and grow up like everybody else. All they want to do is 'live a little' just as all the other people. On the other hand, it deals with the problems of the main character, Lilah. Even when you think someone is all perfect from the outside that doesn't mean they don't have problems or the never let loose. I guess some people are just better at hiding their emotions and keep to themselves.

Therefore I could relate to the main character, Lilah. Ezra is a real gentleman and the perfect third person for this crazy road trip story!! I gave this story 3 stars because I really liked the topics and how the serious things were explained in a nice, not too stiff way. The characters were interesting, although I liked how CeCe, the bipolar character, was described the most. But it was also a book I didn't feel I had to read in one sitting. Until the last few chapters it seemed to be okay to stop here and read again later. I have to admit that the last few chapters let me always change between how I wanted it to end.

But trust me, this ending I would have never guessed!! D It was a really nice twist at the end. Although you don't have to worry it is not a completely open end, so you can enjoy it till the end without worrying too much that you will never find out major details.

This book would be perfect for you guys as it encourages you to go ahead a live your life to the fullest - or better get a nice start at it! This book will be released on December 19, !! Also, go and check out Amy's Instagram writeamysparling where you can see some beautiful merchandise for this book!! Jan 06, Deirdre rated it it was amazing Shelves: Author Amy Sparling handled the tough family dynamics with such grace, while also being convincing and realistic. I wanted to hug Lilah and CeCe so tight. What they've been through and continue to go through is hard , but I don't know anyone who's had it truly easy.

Also, Ezra is my new Book Boyfriend. Let's just say the romantic tension was dialed way up. I'm a big fan of that in novels: Aside from that, this book has mystery elements, which kep Author Amy Sparling handled the tough family dynamics with such grace, while also being convincing and realistic. Aside from that, this book has mystery elements, which kept me turning pages.

My head is still spinning from this book from beginning to end. It's a great read that sheds light on some of the difficulties people face both in their personal lives, mental health, and how family ties into it. I received the ARC in e-book format in return of my honest review. This is my first read by Amy Sparling. And it was such a light and easy read.

When the story starts we are introduced to Lilah a normal high school kid and her cousin Cece who's bipolar. Everything seems to be under control until Lilah's parents decide to leave both Cece and her at home for a week during the summer break as they had to be out of town. Things between th Disclaimer: Things between the cousins take an interesting turn when Cece has a strong hunch that he brother, Thomas isn't dead, and forces Lilah to follow her on a road trip to track down Thomas with his best friend Ezra.

During the road trip, Lilah learns more about herself and how she's been absent from Cece's life despite living under the same roof after the death of Cece's parents. And the spark of attraction between Ezra and Lilah was a nice distraction. He made her see things that she was oblivious to. Ezra reminded Lilah of the relationship she shared with Cece prior to the deaths of Cece's parents followed by Thomas' death six months after that.

In my honest opinion, Ezra showed Lilah the kind of human she was becoming by shutting Cece away just coz she's bipolar and goes manic at times. What I really loved about this book is the way Sparling had taken the subject of bipolar and made the condition more understandable. We are often afraid of people who are bipolar because we are ignorant of how they feel. We are terrified of their highs and their lows and often forget that they too are humans and are trying to cope with their situation as best as they can.

It's not like they asked to be bipolar, it is something out of their control. Amy Sparling has taken the themes of family ties, the loss of family members and mental illness, and have combed them with sophistication. When I read the blurb I was apprehensive, thinking it's going to be a depressing and heart wrenching read, but I was wrong.


Hard to Let Go (Haven's Cove #1) by Jaclyn Quinn

This is such a easy read which is light and heart warming. In the journey to find Thomas, Lilah and Cece find themselves. Lilah especially realises her faults and tries her best to make it up to Cece. They rekindle what ever they've lost and found out although they pretty much have their own lives but, deep down they've missed each other. This books is so heart warming and easy to read.

I was hooked from the very first page and I'm writing this review the moment I finished it. It sheds light on what a bipolar person might be thinking and how do they actually feel. If you're looking for a light and easy read but with something that could open your eyes, The Truth Of Letting go should be on top of your TBR list. Dec 19, Spiryt Mc rated it really liked it. It definitely surprised me! The writing was so much fun and the story was so enthralling!

I felt so much for these characters, especially relating to Lilah so much! The mystery was so well written and so full of surprises! Jan 22, Jenny Beuerman rated it it was amazing. My favorite Amy Sparling book yet! I loved this book! It started out kinda slow and sad, but by page I couldn't put it down!

The characters are interesting and their adventure is fun. Amy Sparling has a style that draws you in and has you wanting to finish the book and has you wishing it would never end. Apr 02, Roger rated it it was amazing. The only thing wrong with it was that I'd had it for a while and not gotten around to reading it. I've found a great new author and have to get more of her books to read.

Dec 05, Stephanie Hatfield rated it it was amazing Shelves: I was not expecting the ending to happen but omg I loved it. Thank you Amy for sending it to me! Amber rated it really liked it Dec 05, Dongyeol Lee rated it it was amazing Dec 19, Beth rated it really liked it Oct 20, As adults the bully and his victim meet again. The author seem to understand being bullied often leaves a victim with emotional scars and pent up anger and lets the main character, Owen, express such feelings in the first meetings between the protagonists.

Next they fall in incontrollable lust with each other. Somewhere here the character's actions begin to make less and less sense to me. From the first intimate scene and onwards the victim is barraged by relatives, his ex, even friends of the bully to FORGIVE his childhood abuser. All while Owen is unsure of what he feels for Brody, the bully. What is not FAIR is all of the focus is on the bully's wellbeing! Nobody's seems interested in the state of Owen's heart, ask about his tears or what he needs to heal.

Seeing a victim pushed into the arms of his tormentor this way is what killed the romance in this story for me. View all 7 comments. Feb 16, Tanja Kezmic rated it it was amazing Shelves: This story is like the light at the end of a tunnel. I think this book just might be one of my favorite love stories to date. Owen has come a long way since his days when he was bullied in High school.

He lives his life out in the open with the support of this family. Brody was one of the bullies that made his life hell as a young boy. He also wants to apologize to Owen the way he treated him and to explain why he was like that back then. Of course, you always had to pay to start over again, but what victory comes without sacrifice? Little by little Owen begins to see another side to the man that has returned into his life and is making him fall hard in love. Brody is still struggling with the years lost with his mother and his past which makes Owen do whatever it takes to help him heal.

I have a feeling it will be even better than this one. Since this is a debut book by Jaclyn Quinn all i can say is: View all 3 comments. Feb 14, Cadiva rated it really liked it. I loved this book about small towns, second chances, old school enemies reconnecting and how the actions of our younger days can go on to define us through into adulthood. I believe this is Jaclyn's debut book, if so, it's superbly well done with a narrative which is well paced and flows easily between past remembrances and current happenings. It's hard to get the tone right when you have two characters who were antagonistic in their past but this was played to perfection.

When Owen bumped into Br I loved this book about small towns, second chances, old school enemies reconnecting and how the actions of our younger days can go on to define us through into adulthood. When Owen bumped into Brody - literally - all the feelings he'd buried away from the torment he'd suffered were brought back to the surface and, while the set up of them meeting again was clearly telegraphed, it still worked. There are also brilliantly strong female characters in this, Owen's mum, aunt and cousin, Brody's aunt and his mum, there to provide positive and loving influences.

There's a great bunch of secondary characters in this book too and the world building was great, evoking the small town feel of a place where everyone knows what they "think" is your business but not always having the full truth. Both Owen and Brody have hurdles to overcome. This isn't a straight forward fall into love, there are deep rooted fears and pains which get in the way at times. But they have a real connection, one which neither of them can put aside. I loved how their friends Owen's ex Jonah - please tell me we're going to get his story as well and Gabe who is awesome and, I hope, the subject of a book 2!

The sex is beyond hot, it's emotional and passionate, but also settles into supportive and loving as their relationship develops. I loved that there was no misunderstandings or a lack of communication about what was going on and their feelings. There was anger and hurt, understandably so on Owen's part, but he wasn't just stubbornly refusing to try sort it out. There were conversations and painful truths revealed which just made the whole romance even more understandable.

ARC kindly supplied by the author in return for an honest and unbiased review. Feb 24, Janja rated it really liked it.

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I am a big fan of the MM genre and get a good book has become quite a bit of a problem. I found this story from a friend who was impressed by her and I tried.. The story itself is nothing new; hate to lovers , but this is one of the few stories where almost all the players present are so convincing and beautifully completed that you just want to learn more about them and that is the main reason that pulls you to wait for the next one..

Feb 14, Dani Hodge rated it it was amazing Shelves: Her writing, and storyline were so perfect! I would not have guessed this is her first published book! The chemistry between these two are off the charts! The developments in characters are great. I seriously hope this is the beginning of an amazing small town series, because Gabe has me so intrigued with his obsession with Nate, and I need to know why Nate keeps running away from Gabe! He truly deserves it. Such a great start to hopefully an amazing series! Feb 19, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews rated it really liked it.

Hard to Let Go by Jaclyn Quinn was a well written story about a small town, prejudice, and how actions during childhood can affect you well into your adult years. Written with a maturity not often seen in fi Hard to Let Go by Jaclyn Quinn was a well written story about a small town, prejudice, and how actions during childhood can affect you well into your adult years. Written with a maturity not often seen in first time authors, Hard to Let Go was a spectacular debut novel.

So when he literally bumps into Brody, one of his high school tormentors he is furious and on edge. They must move past some big obstacles to become friendly and eventually more and even then trust is an issue. The spend time getting to know one another now, sharing their lives after high school, and accepting that they both have changed. They both have a best friend that is there for them through the ups and downs and there are some very strong women characters in this book that support them both, something not often found in gay romance so I appreciated that uniqueness.

With a compelling cast of both primary and secondary characters, an intricate plot, steamy sexual encounters, and rich dialog, Hard To Let Go was a joy to read and an exceptional romance. Mar 21, Ele rated it liked it. Feb 22, AGandyGirl rated it it was amazing Shelves: Honestly, if I had been handed this book and known nothing about this author which I honestly know very little I would never have guessed that this was her first book.

This was so fantastic. The kissing was scorching hot and honestly the entire relationship developed amazingly well. While I started out feeling this had similarities to another recent book I have read, this steered quickly into Impressive. While I started out feeling this had similarities to another recent book I have read, this steered quickly into new territory and the story grew quite beautifully. But the love and devotion that transpired tapped into the feels something hard.

I was a mess. This had such a strong sense of family. These moments were simply beautiful.

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I have heard more is to come from this author and eagerly await more on Jonah. He was a quiet force but so compassionate and strong. I am so in love with this character. His style, his wit and his love for Brody was written perfectly. In addition, the banter with Leslie was just so well done and genuine. Every scene felt real. I adored the aunts, the mothers and even sweet and confused Nate. Cannot wait to see more from this guy as well.

Overall, I adored every moment of this book and cannot find one thing to complain about. Mar 15, Denise H. Owen, 33, baker, and Jonah's romance is over, but they are still roommates. Brody, 33, high school bully, is back after 15 years to see his dying mother. We see his sad back story of abuse and shame, and he desperately wants to apologize to Owen.

We love Brody's best friend, flamboyant Gabe, and Owen's best gal friend, cousin Leslie , they are fun. Owen won't talk to Brody, so he doesn't know the secret, or the attempted apology. Jonah hires Brody to remodel their kitchen, without knowing the story. Eventually, the men talk a bit and later more heavy talks. Conversations between several people work to sort it out. Owen and Brody are then having hot sexy times. Brody's Mom's condition gets worse. This lovely tale is sexy, serious, funny, and also makes us cry; so heartbreaking, and heartwarming. I loved the cast of characters and we get a marvelous epilogue.

A new author for me: Mar 29, Eleeze rated it liked it Shelves: I reread this book preparing myself for the second one! The thing that changed my mind the most is Owen. I really dislike him. I still like the story but the mc spoils things. I think it's the author's debut and it's really a good book, well written and the plot well developed.

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It has some angst, but meanwhile is sweet and full of hope. The characters are well developed and each of them bring so much to the story. Owen is frustrated from a bad past experience and his current relationship with Jonah is not going well. Jonah knows things are not good but neither of them are dealing with the elephant in the room.

Owen's high school bully is back in town and you know how small towns are everyone knows everyone and everything. But to Owen's surprise he finds himself curios about Brody and Brody well just finds Own downright sexy. With both of them curious and unsure of themselves due to their past personal lives it is a story that keeps you enthralled as you find out if they can get past the issues and fins true love.

There is a cast if characters on the side including Jonah but the one that brings you to tears of laughter is Gabe. Gabe will have you in stitches as this story unfolds. This author did a fabulous job writing it and left me looking for more from her. Great job on her debut!!! Feb 19, DTM rated it really liked it. Hard to Let Go, Jaclyn Quinn's debut novel, is wonderful!! I read in to the wee hours of the morning because there was no way I was going to bed without finishing it.

The writing was top notch! I blame her for my puffy, red eyes and stuffy nose!! It's a beautifully written enemies to lovers story that had me laughing and crying, happy and gut-wrenching sad tears , with fantastic supporting characters whom I can't wait to read about in future books, not to menti Hard to Let Go, Jaclyn Quinn's debut novel, is wonderful!!

It's a beautifully written enemies to lovers story that had me laughing and crying, happy and gut-wrenching sad tears , with fantastic supporting characters whom I can't wait to read about in future books, not to mention some hot, angry sex!! Who doesn't love hot, angry sex??

Feb 23, Nerea added it. But here we have one of the Mcs in a relationship I feel bad for Jonah, we dont know his feelings and there is his boyfriends drooling for another guy. Feb 21, Theresa rated it did not like it. Good portion of the story involved doormat Owen and his dead relationship with his insensitive passivist boyfriend Jonah. Mar 04, Carra rated it it was amazing.

For a debut book, this author one hundred percent blew me away. From the characters to the writing to the storyline, I loved everything about this story and have this author on my watch list going forward. I was a bit unsure at first when the story opened with Owen and Jonah, but quickly came to understand For a debut book, this author one hundred percent blew me away. I was a bit unsure at first when the story opened with Owen and Jonah, but quickly came to understand their situation.

One of the best things about this story is how well every single character is written. They all have excellent depth, and every single one of them plays an important part in moving the story along. Well, maybe I do…unselfish, supportive, kind, understanding, an emotional rock for Owen, and just a remarkable friend.

Be prepared for some heartbreaking emotions keep some tissues handy , along with genuine love as both Owen and Brody help each other heal from the past. Mar 06, Debbie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. Jumping straight in, cos this is gonna be hard to write, so bare with me, okay??

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And if THIS class of writing is what a first time author can produce, I so very much want to be on the end of the next book! Because, let me tell ya, there I was, merrily plodding along, reading away, thinking 4 stars, balancing across between 4 and 5, back to 4. Great book, extremely well written from both Owen and Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. Great book, extremely well written from both Owen and Brody's point of view. Some sexy parts, some emotional parts, even a few funny ones, with Owen's female family members.

A good book, just not quite hitting THAT spot yet, you know?? Am I making sense?? Probably not, but I read the words, and then shit got real. And I was faced with a sledgehammer upside the head and I sobbed my bloody socks off. Because I've been there, where Brody was, that dark place, waiting, waiting. You know what's coming, there ain't nothing you can do to stop that freight train, but Lord you wish you could. Just one more day, one more hug.

Letting Go

Just one MORE, you know? I've read two, very different, emotionally heavy books that connected to me on a very personal level. I had two very fluffy romance books before them, and stoopid me wrote the fluffy reviews before tackling these two heavier ones. So I've spent most of this afternoon in tears! So, when you've read a book that you CANNOT fault, a book that grabs your heart, chews it up, and spits it out again, a book that does that to its characters too.

A book that lays out, very nicely, thank you very much, a view of the second book: A book such as that can only get