Organic Light-Emitting Devices: A Survey

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9780387953434 - Organic Light-Emitting Devices by Joseph Shinar

By following authors Mohamad Saleh AlSalhi. One email with all search results. One email for each search. Mohamad Saleh AlSalhi 1,2. King Abdullah Institute for Nanotechnology, P. This article belongs to the Special Issue Conjugated Polymers. Abstract A recent advance in the field of light emitting polymers has been the discovery of electroluminescent conjugated polymers, that is, kind of fluorescent polymers that emit light when excited by the flow of an electric current.

These new generation fluorescent materials may now challenge the domination by inorganic semiconductor materials of the commercial market in light-emitting devices such as light-emitting diodes LED and polymer laser devices. This review provides information on unique properties of conjugated polymers and how they have been optimized to generate these properties.

The review is organized in three sections focusing on the major advances in light emitting materials, recent literature survey and understanding the desirable properties as well as modern solid state lighting and displays.

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  6. Table of Contents: Organic light-emitting devices :.

Recently, developed conjugated polymers are also functioning as roll-up displays for computers and mobile phones, flexible solar panels for power portable equipment as well as organic light emitting diodes in displays, in which television screens, luminous traffic, information signs, and light-emitting wallpaper in homes are also expected to broaden the use of conjugated polymers as light emitting polymers. The purpose of this review paper is to examine conjugated polymers in light emitting diodes LEDs in addition to organic solid state laser.

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Recent Advances in Conjugated Polymers for Light Emitting Devices

Author links open overlay panel D. Abstract Numerous experimental set-ups for organic light emitting devices including novel elaborate materials have been proposed during the last years. Recommended articles Citing articles 0.