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Her personality is quite cold in the beginning because that's how she was raised by her grandmother. But soon, she realizes that those who she thought were on her side are not. In RHSC picking a side is a lot more difficult than you think. I also have to mention Giguhl and Adam and Vinca. Giguhl is a hilarious demon w I read this book so fast even when I tried to pace myself.

Giguhl is a hilarious demon who can easily steal the show with his insightful comments. Adam, the hot and mysterious mage also has that sense of humor that makes him more irresistable. Vinca, the nymph is so cute! I wish she was my best friend. They are all so awesome! The characters are all so well-written. I think Jaye is my new favourite author. She is so witty and smart. I also love the idea Lilith and Cain and the forbidden fruit.

Red-Headed Stepchild is one hell of a book. Since this was a group read and I was the only one who loved it this much I guess my review will be totally subjective. My mood was perfect for it so I got lucky, I guess. First of all I shall pick on the cover! Cool lady, love the hair, nice gun and all. The neck is too thick and the angle on her face is just wrong. Lady, seriously, avoid that angle.

Iz no good for you! The story is nice.

Red-Headed Stepchild

I found it really fun. The whole vamps have red hair was an interesting concept. Sabina being an assassin was another plus. I have a thing for assassins. Killing her friend like that takes guts. Or lack of feelings. Too bad she was slow to see she was being used.

But I see this as being influenced by the love she has for her grandmother.

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I totally understand her behavior. I guess this is my Barrons syndrome. Sabina and Adam together are so much fun. Their chemistry was good but nothing off the charts. When he turned into a talking cat I was on the floor laughing. Wish my cat could do that. The cloaked dude is me, the angry demon chick is Cleo my cat and the monsters are just… Monsters. Target practice or something. I wonder where she finds all these delinquents. Drug dealers, rapists, stalkers. I know on short term you can get lucky with this but what about on long term? Is the city really that dangerous?

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Does she have a secret map in her lair where she circles the areas where she can find her dinner prey? Do these guys take vitamins, or something, in order to handle all these "mosquito bites"? This book is a nice introduction to a story that has potential.

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We stayed busy torturing the souls of the damned and playing hide the hot poker. You know, the usual. Gotta say the words. Even if the problem was a friend. Lilith was known as a night demon. When infants died in their sleep, Lilith was to blame. She appears in a lot of the literature written at the time of the Bible. When Jaye Wells used Lilith as an explanation for the vampire race, I thought it was a very clever idea. The darker the red, the older the vampire.

Our heroine Sabina Kane had red and black hair signifying her mixed heritage: This book is a little heavy on the politics. Basically, the vampires do not get along with the mages. Being half vampire and half mage is not the ideal condition since interracial relations were not approved. This is another cool aspect of the book where the author adds a religious dimension to vampirism. She is one likable, kickass heroine and a pretty effective assassin, too.

Part of what makes this book so enjoyable is the nice touches of humor. Yup, got to laugh at that one. There are other comedic moments in the book. Gighul the demon is sent to assassinate Sabina but ends up inadvertently as her minion. Unable to return home, he hangs out at her apartment watching Jerry Springer and ordering all sorts of stuff from the Home Shopping Network. Sabina learns a lot about herself in this book and a few family secrets are revealed.

Review posted on Badass Book Reviews. View all 10 comments. I can't seem to find a decent UF book these days.

Either I've read all the good ones, or I'm simply tired of the genre altogether. If it's the former, I'm in deep trouble and I have to wait for next installments of all the series I'm already attached to. If it's the latter, I'm in even deeper trouble since I don't seem to enjoy much else. But let's get back to the reason I'm this depressed. As a linguist, I tend to lose myself in poor stylistic choices and not notice the plot at all. But here I have no choice.

And idiot could have written this book. The sentences are short and in no way linked together, especially in various descriptions. You could almost shuffle them all without making a bit of difference. The sign for the store hung from an archway between to buildings. The tunnel led to an ivy-draped filled with statuary, small stone benches, and a bubbling fountain.

Small twinkling lights draped over more ivy, which hung over the open front door. The sign hung, and ivy hung, and everything hung from something, and there was ivy, and some more ivy, and come on!!! If you used do be an editor and then decided to write a book, at least do it properly. I have to admit there were some funny parts.

The demon, Gighul, was hilarious at times, but as such, he was not used enough. I opened one eye to look at the arrow. Blood bloomed from the site of impact, just over my left breast. I wonder if I should stake you just to be sure. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

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To view it, click here. Vampires are the living decedents of Lilith and Cain as oppose to being the evil undead , and as a result all vampires are gingers. Sabina is a mixblood assassin for the Dominae, the counsel her Grandmother heads which rules the Vamps with an iron fist. You're thinking sweet deal right? Well that ain't the case. Sabina has a complete disconnect from her mage heritage and is just as racist as the average vampire.

Well, V Vampires are the living decedents of Lilith and Cain as oppose to being the evil undead , and as a result all vampires are gingers. Well, Vamps and Mages loathe each other, like the opposing street dance crews. While her Grandmother did raise her after the death of her parents, she did so in the apathetic commanding way she does everything; so no warm fuzzies.

On the up side she does get to kill things, but any hesitation, refusal, or questioning their choice will render her equally dead. So despite her prolific vamp bloodline and her pest control contribution; she's never fully been accepted among the Vampire community and will continue to suffer for the sins of her parents.

All that leaves us, a Bad Ass killer with epic little girl issues; determined to prove herself worthy, no matter the cost. Which drives her to accept a dangerous mission infiltrating a cult that is threatening the Dominae's power base. It's all very Anita Blake meets alias. Nothing is as it seems and everyone has ulterior motives; survival will require reexamining: Who she's fighting with? Sabina's a funny, lethal, and flawed heroine; just how I like em.

The world building was decent, but there were occasional gaps. For Example Sabina sleeps in the day and wakes at night, but no mention is made of how vamps react to sunlight. Are her sleeping habits just cultural or would she sizzle like bacon at noon? The colorful cast of side characters were amusing, as was the dialogue. Sabina's issues give credibility to some of her actions, more than it detracts in a whiny sense. I even like the sidekick she acquires, but the jump from foes to friends was too instantaneous for my tastes.

My other grumble is, Sabina was agreeable to illogical degrees when dealing with the enemy. I get that she needed to infiltrate the rival organization, but c'mon. Any assassin that you approach with a vague job offer, that agrees to be led somewhere unknown to meet, by your henchmen I assume hunting vampires would take umpteenth cognitive reasoning and awareness skills, so why is Sabina in many aspects so naive? Did the positives outweigh the flaws? Do I look forward to the next novel?

Will I pimp it to the legion Urban Fantasy fans? Yes, yes, and yes. Wells, you've done good. Feb 20, Sassapphras rated it did not like it Shelves: I'm only a few chapters into this book, and I can already say I don't like it. There is a lot to be desired as far as dialogue goes. It feels childish--seriously like jr. And as for the characters--I sincerely dislike them all. That, in itself, wouldn't be a "broke the camel's back" issue if I at least liked the main character.

But being unable to respect her makes that an unlikelihood. For a century-old assassin, she is about the dumbest person I've e I'm only a few chapters into this book, and I can already say I don't like it. For a century-old assassin, she is about the dumbest person I've ever "met". There is no sharp intelligence and quick instincts. She's amateurish and naive in every aspect of her life. I didn't sign up to read about a teenager who thinks they know it all. I wanted an adult who exudes patience, confidence, intellect, and instinct--with a touch of self humility and controlled fear--who won't take shit lying down.

I wanted a badass, and instead got a wimp who thinks she's a badass. How her vampires managed to survive with idiots like her as their elite is beyond me. I would like to note again that I did not read the entire novel. There is always the possibility that it would have gotten better. But only if the writing improved, and I just couldn't foresee that happening. Life is too short to waste on something that has me rolling my eyes in disgust every few pages.

All my DNFs get 1 star. I know it's a major point of contention and is seen as a reviewer faux pas for a lot of people, but I don't care. My review, my rules. Peer pressure can suck itself. May 23, Cathy rated it liked it Shelves: It has all of the right urban fantasy elements, almost a checklist. Tough chick, tough decisions, wacky friends, hot guy she starts out hating but starts to fall for, betrayal, etc. But I jus didn't have the zip or energy it needs to be a 4. I like Sabina and the story, I am looking forward to the next book, but I do like her different take on vamps, mages, elves and demons.

She uses the tried and true Lilith myth, but in a new way. The supporting charact Really a 3. The supporting characters were also good. The bad guys were trite and unoriginal, no surprises on that front. View all 5 comments. Jan 10, Sarah rated it really liked it Shelves: Abandoned by the mage side of her family as a baby she was raised by her grandmother, a member of the Dominae the ruling council of the vampires.

Sabina has never been able to fully live up to her grandmother's expectations of her, and the vampires are able to find fault in pretty much everything she does but they are the only family she has ever known and she is completely loyal to them. Although Sabina usually works as an assassin her latest task is much more dangerous and it's not going to be an easy one to pull off.

Sabina Kane series

Sabina must convince the entire supernatural community that she has broken ties with the Dominae and go undercover with the enemy to try and uncover his plans. That would be hard enough if she wasn't being stalked by a mage who wants to train her to use her magic and introduce her to the other side of her family but Adam adds a whole new set of complications. Sabina has been raised to hate mages and she doesn't find it easy to trust but the more she uncovers about her past the more she starts to realise that the Dominae, and her grandmother, have been keeping a few too many secrets from her.

She is forced to question everything she's ever been told but how can she decide which path she should take from now onwards? I've seen mixed reviews for Red-Headed Stepchild but I thought it was a great introduction to the Sabina Kane series and it definitely left me wanting to know more. Sabina isn't always the easiest character to get along with, she's spent years being brainwashed by the vampires and even when certain things are staring her in the face she is very quick to try and justify her grandmother's actions.

I can't say I blame her for that though, the vampires are the only family she has ever had and no matter how badly they treat her they are still the only ones who have ever been there for her. She may be stubborn but she's not stupid and even though it takes a while she does start to put all the pieces together later on in the story. Once she's made a decision about the right thing to do she is determined to see things through no matter what it costs her.

Although I liked Sabina I have to admit it was the side characters who really stole the show in this book. My favourite was her demon sidekick Giguhl who added a lot of humour to the story and constantly made me laugh while I was reading. I also really liked Adam, the mage who has come searching for Sabina.

It took me a while to decide he could be trusted but I liked the chemistry between him and Sabina and I hope we get to see a lot more of them working alongside each other. The world building was done well and I enjoyed finding out about the history of vampires and mages, I still have a few questions but I'm sure it'll all come clear as the series continues.

We have a good mix of supernatural characters, alongside the vamps and mages you also have demons, faeries and nymphs but I wouldn't be surprised if there are more species yet to be introduced. Yes this is a fairly standard urban fantasy world but I think the characters are strong enough to pull it through and I'm hooked enough to want to continue reading.

Red-Headed Stepchild (Sabina Kane, #1) ~ D0wnLoad PDF & Audio Book

Sabina is an outcast in her world. She doesn't belong to either side of her blood line, she's an unwanted woman with a special set of gifts that tends to get her into trouble. This girls a hardass with a heart, even though she likes to deny it. Her latest assignment might just be her undoing though. Red-Headed Stepchild is my go to Urban Fantasy read. This book is gritty with a female lead that really lives on the edge of her society. When people see Sabina Kane they either run, laugh or attack. She never gets that warm welcome but being a mixed heritage assassin tends to merit that type of reaction.

Sabina was raised by her momma's mom, but never received the love or acceptance you'd think a grandmother would provide. Instead, she was trained to be an assassin, to become a usable tool that would carry out any and all orders the vampires needed done. Vampires in this book have their own set of rules and government system.

It's actually led by three women known as the Dominae who occasionally take advice from a larger council. The fact this is a matriarchal society is pretty awesome. What sets these vampires apart is the unusual modern mixed with mythology feel, they have a foot firmly planted in todays world but still worship old gods. Vampires in this book also need to be born, there is no such thing as biting a human to turn them.

Vampires happen to be at odds with mages and other magical creatures in this world which sets the stage for this series. There are a ton of different magical creatures mentioned throughout the book, but vampires and mages remain the big baddies. Also, humans aren't aware of these creatures that go bump in the night, and those that do, don't remain around very long.

Here's the thing about this book, it's not flowery or delicate in it's phrasing. It's a very gritty and forward read, Sabina has a serious attitude and talks a bit like a guy. She doesn't try for tact but outright says things that some probably would view as crude. Normally, this type of heroine would probably annoy me, specially since this girls got some serious people issues, but I was instantly caught up in this world, so it just made sense to me.

I always recommend this book to anyone looking for a darker Urban fantasy read. View all 9 comments. Dec 18, Nafiza rated it did not like it. I read a lot of the genre so I am fairly cognizant of what I like and what works from the perspective of a reader. Now it might be that I started this immediately after finishing a Karen Chance novel but I found myself unable to continue this story till the end.

I don't want to be totally mean because this is her first book and the writing itself isn't horrible. What totally annoyed me were her characters. Sabina is supposed to be some hot shot vampire assassin; she has powers which set her apart I read a lot of the genre so I am fairly cognizant of what I like and what works from the perspective of a reader. Sabina is supposed to be some hot shot vampire assassin; she has powers which set her apart from the others, even in her own vampire community and yet - this really annoyed me - she was brought down to the point of almost being raped by a couple of thugs thus initiating damsel in distress phase which of course required that mage fellow to come and rescue her.

What is up with that? What does it say about your assassin that she needs someone to rescue her - and wait, this just takes the cake. Does that make sense to you? Katie MacAlister's already done it, honey. You might have read it? I need detail, a gradual progression of their relationship; something that will render it believable.

This is the first time I've had such a strong dislike to a fictional character. Let me rephrase, a fictional character who I am supposed to like. There's nothing about her that I like. But it is not to say that the series itself doesn't have promise. June New Releases. Enter your email to subscribe:.

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November 10, at November 12, at 1: November 15, at 1: November 18, at 6: November 29, at 6: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Join the Club Enter your email to subscribe: Top 10 Books of the Year. That is until a mage named Adam Lazarus came into the picture and revealed that her grandmother had been keeping secrets about her past—and her possible future.

As war looms between mages and vampires, Sabina must navigate a treacherous path to her own destiny as The Chosen, who is prophesized to unite all the Dark Races. Sabina Kane Jaye Wells. In this world, all vampires have red hair, while mages magic users have various shades of brown or black hair.

Because Sabina has red-streaked black hair, the world knows that she is of mixed blood—a half-breed and, therefore, an outcast. Contributing to Sabina's isolation is the fact that her aristocratic vampire grandmother, Livinia, has raised Sabina to be a mage-hating slayer who hunts down and kills at the behest of the Vampire Council. There is a prophecy involved, too: This prophecy complicates Sabina's life because there are many among the dark races who want to get rid of Sabina so the unification can never occur.

Although humans are included in the series, they serve mostly as a backdrop to the supernatural happenings.

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  4. Some of the characters in that biblical story also play major roles in the later books of the series, including the villainous Cain. In addition to being the man who invented murder, Cain was also the psycho ex-boyfriend of the Great Mother. They'd created the vampire race together before Lilith kicked him to the curb to marry the demon Asmodeus and become the Queen of Irkalla [aka the Underworld]. Cain was convinced he and Lilith belonged together, and most of his plots revolved around getting her back.

    But according to the prophecies Cain's obsession would have been sad and desperate if succeeding didn't mean the destruction of all the dark races. Near the end of book 1, Adam unveils to Sabina the secrets of her mysterious birth and the mage family she never knew she had. In each book, Sabina and her friends fight against political and personal enemies in both the vampire and the mage world. Another group that causes problems for Sabina and her allies is the Caste of Nod, a secret society of humans who seem to hate most supernaturals.

    Raised by booksellers, she loved reading books from a very young ago. That gateway drug eventually led to a full-blown writing addiction. Jaye lives in Texas with her husband and son.