Right Thing Done The Wrong Way 2: Wrong Thing For the Right Reason

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If you know that you have the best way of doing something or that you have the most information, to say that you are wrong may be against your nature and let's face it, it feels terrible to say. Personally, I hate saying that I am wrong when I know I'm right, especially if I think the other person is being irrational or unreasonable. But sometimes, being right is not the most important thing. In fact, most of the time being right is NOT what's most important, but we are so invested in our own point of view that it feels like it is.

In these situations, saying we might be wrong feels like defeat. If it does, that means we are in an adversarial position; continuing to fight the battle is likely to result in a bigger war. That may be satisfying to win, but does not help improve a salvageable relationship. Option number three is useful in situations where continuing the relationship is not important.

If it is a client that you were getting ready to fire or a relationship that doesn't matter to you, option number three will save you a lot of headaches. In some ways, this is an "agree to disagree" type situation.

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It may be unsatisfying, and you may need to go and vent to a friendly set of ears, but if there is no way to create a peaceful outcome, this could be your best bet. Successful people know that number four is the hardest way to resolve the situation, but is often the most useful. Sometimes, to save a relationship, you have to admit that you were wrong - even when you know you're not.

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I hate doing this, and you probably do too. It feels frustrating and leaves you feeling agitated, but when this is called for, it is often the only possible solution that will salvage the relationship.


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The trick is to find a way to be authentic and speak truthfully while stepping away from the fight. This gives the other person two possible options. They can either back off from their insistence that they are right, or they can strut around with the assurance of having won. Obviously if they choose the latter, this will be even more frustrating for you. They may soften their stance in time, but this may indicate that it's not a relationship worth saving. In that situation, you have to determine what's most important: If however, your "opponent" feels you backing away from a combative position, they may feel safe to do the same.

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This is a good sign that you are both interested in saving the relationship. You don't have to lie this will usually make you feel worse in the long run , but if you can find some ground to cede to the other party, they will often be able to cede some ground to you.

Maybe all the other person needs is an apology. So many times even when I've felt I did nothing wrong , I have found that apologizing for somebody's hurt feelings is useful. He's a roaming eco-warrior dodging bullets from rhino poachers in Africa and pursuing illegal loggers in the Amazon. Whose job is more treacherous? Knight, who has decided to share them with us.

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Can our earnest heroine survive in the corporate jungle with her career -- and ideals -- intact? Follow her adventures below — and read her previous missives here. You always try to do the Right Thing, right? Doing as your mom taught you, always to do the Right Thing.

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Doing the Right Thing. But it went a bit pear-shaped yesterday when we were listening to a long diatribe by the CEO on the company history and ethical standards.

Doing Wrong for the Right Reason

I had this strong feeling of deja vu from a similar meeting in Mobile, Ala. I mean, the Chinese company is known for using child labor in Burma and the CEO is ex-military with strong links to the regime. I started to point out that the Right Thing slogan would be a bit problematical in the U.