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I am not a teacher! Nevertheless, I try to help you where I can. Each episodes covers new topics and she talks really slow ; I'm German and for me it is too slow xD but I think this is exactly what you would like!

F1 German GP Hockenheim 2001 - Rubens Barrichello Onboard Lap (50 FPS)

If someone knows something similar for spanish I would like to hear it. It is just a tip and no payed promotion of any kind! Many more tips are posted in the comments and I like it how the community gathers useful information: D I try to collect the tips here and update this post on an irregularly basis.

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  5. Slow German Podcast.

There is also these easy conversational German videos on youtube: I also have been a long time listener of the podcast, along with her other podcast for more advanced learners Schlaflos in Muenchen. She has an amazing voice that is so easy to listen to. Thanks for the tip.

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  • I need get the rust off my German and've been wondering about decent German podcasts, Really, my listening comprehension is fairly high, so if anyone around here has some favorite podcasts or a link to a place here at duolingo where this has already been discussed, I would appreciate it!

    The iTunes tip someone gave is good. But there is also an extensive podcast directory at podster.

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    But Im really enjoying the SWR2 Wissen science podcast, although I sometimes have to listen to an episode twice to make sense of it. Wanhoffs wunderbare Welt der Wissenschaft is good too. At the moment, I enjoy the raumzeit podcast. If you are interested in space flight, I can really recommend it: Another one I listened before was the soziopod http: Last but not least is chaos radio express http: Again, it is produced by Tim Pritlove, but topics are usually somewhat IT-related.

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    Another one that I found out about in an earlier discussion on Duolingo is Langsam gesprochene Nachrichten slowly spoken news by Deutsche Welle http: This is so helpful! Solid Wood, Wood Veneers5 spacious drawers with metal hardwareMolding trim along top accentuated by light nailhead trimConveniently hidd Solid Wood, Wood Veneers2 spacious drawers with metal hardwareMolding trim along top accentuated by light nailhead trimHidden felt-lined drawer w Solid Wood, Wood VeneersLow bed posts with intricate carvings to emphasize upwards curving ornamental headboard carvingsLuxurious four p Solid Wood, Wood Veneers6 spacious drawers with metal hardwareMolding trim along top accentuated by light nailhead trim2 hidden felt-lin Main products of our company: Every episode is short and slowly spoken — the topics include German culture, society and history.

    You can read along the text on the website or download it as a PDF. You can subscribe to the podcast via iTunes or any other podcatcher. If you are a Premium member you get even more Slow German: For every episode there is a PDF with learning materials: Vocab German-English, multiple-choice questions and comprehension questions as well as a text with blanks. You also get fairy tales and grammar lessons.

    I rewrote them in simpler language than the originals and recorded them slowly. In the premium section of the site, you get these fairy tales along with a faster spoken version. Der, die or das? How are German sentences constructed?


    English-German translation for "Ruben"

    Which tenses are there in the German language? I try to answer these and other questions in short grammar lessons. There are not many of them yet — but soon there are more to come. You want to listen to real Germans talk to each other? With Oliver and Hartmut I recorded different dialogues for you — slowly and faster.

    Slow German - der Podcast zum Deutschlernen mit Annik Rubens

    I am currently living in Munich, Germany, with my family. In I started podcasting — in I launched Slow German. My new passion for podcasting brought me three awards: Slow German is supposed to help you improve your German language skills — mainly through listening comprehension.