Supramolecular Polymers

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Abstract Supramolecular polymers can be random and entangled coils with the mechanical properties of plastics and elastomers, but with great capacity for processability, recycling, and self-healing due to their reversible monomer-to-polymer transitions. Thank you for your interest in spreading the word about Science. You are going to email the following Functional Supramolecular Polymers. Message Subject Your Name has forwarded a page to you from Science.

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Please log in to add an alert for this article. Likewise, supramolecular polymers assembles itself by means of combination of noncovalent interactions. Such formation manner endows supramolecular polymers with features, being more sensitive to external stimuli and able to render reversibly dynamic changes in structures and functions.

Being able to degrade in biological environment lowers potential toxicity of polymers to a great extent and therefore, enhances biocompatibility of supramolecular polymers. Three types self-healing materials are illustrated here: A bivalent poly isobutylene s PIBs with barbituric acid functionalized at head and tail.

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In this case, the snipped small PIBs-based disks can recover itself from mechanical damage after several-hour contact at room temperature. Chain-folding polyimide and pyrenyl-end-capped chains give rise to supramolecular networks. With the excellent nature in biodegradation and biocompatibility , supramolecular polymers show great potential on development of drug delivery , gene transfection and etc.

Multiple cellular stimuli could induce responses in supramolecular polymers.

Supramolecular polymers

On the basis of this property, supramolecular polymers are capable of being a drug carrier. Making use of hydrogen bonding between nucleobases to induce self-assemble into pH-sensitive spherical micelle s. Effective and low-toxic nonviral cationic vector s are highly desired in the field of gene therapy. In Cos-7 cells, this supramolecular polymersic vector can release enclosed DNA upon exposing to H2O2 and achieve gene transfection.

Rationally designed supramolecular polymers-based polymerss can simultaneously meet the requirements of aqueous compatibility, bio-degradability, biocompatibility, stimuli-responsiveness and other strict criterion. Other than applications mentioned above, other important and fascinating biomedical applications, like protein delivery, [22] [23] bio- imaging and diagnosis [24] [25] and tissue engineering , [26] [27] are also well developed.

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